Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ok so I wanted to lose a few pounds in a few days! But then I couldn't really get my workout groove back, and well I did stay away from junk food but ah well...
Anyways I don't think I lost the weight I wanted but I found my groove back and I have been cooking a bit more.

Tonight was 30min bike workout followed by a Tomato Blue Cheese Tart from Williamssonoma and Arugula salad.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A month since my last post... I almost shot down my blog but then B told me to just blog when I felt like it.
Sometimes my posts feel like a brag board, hey look at me I'm so cool I do all these things!

In 4 weeks, a lot has happened but yet a lot is the same. For starter I just weasled my way out of my bike workout again today. Except that this time it wasn't after a several weeks of hard training but after 3 weeks of vacation.

I did my first "almost" Olympic distance just before leaving on vacation. It was a really fun fun race! I finished 33 out of 57 which is of course not quite where I wanted what's new. However I was happy with my splits go figure! Putting the ego aside the course was really beautiful even the swim wasn't too bad!

Then I had to pack, get stuff ready for our trip to France, deliver my project and go!

Managed to do all the above, got up at 3:45am got on a plane then another one then we landed in hot Paris! It is funny how your mind is wired. We have been travelling to Europe mostly in the winter and thus I expected a cold breeze once I stepped out of the plane instead I was welcomed by a hot scorching breeze.

It was great to be home, having a few more set of eyes looking after the kids, lounging in the sun catching up on my reading.

I polished the millenium trilogy (the girl with the dragon tattoo etc...) I absolutely loved it. Now I'm waiting patiently for B to read them so that I can watch the movie!

Three weeks of vacation, lots of sleeping, lots of reading, lots of good food/wine, not much running (too hot and humid).
We got back to reality on wednesday night at 10pm and everyone was back at work/daycare the next day at 8am!

Here we are trying to lose 5lbs in the next several weeks, get back into training eat better well the whole nine yard! Well my first run workout left me with serious sore harmstrings and I just bailed out of my bike workout.

To finish a recipe... I tried Bunny curry chicken salad and I have had a craving since I got back. Of course I didn't have time to make it but today I was starving (salad and a nectarine even with chicken isn't enough!), I was tired and cranky so I decided to make something like the chicken salad but warm and voila:

Sautee some garlic, and onion
Add some curry powder (as much as you'd like)
Add chicken cut in small pieces
Add some chicken broth
Then when the juice has reduced enough
Add some snow peas or spinach or whatever greens you wish
Slice some scallions and some cilantro
A dash of cream serve it on a bed of rice!