Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KCWC Day 1 and 2

Over the week end I was so excited about the challenge that I actually did quite a lot of sketches and looked at fabric and such... these will be posted later. I also did make a skirt for MEC but more on this later....
Today lets talk about KCWC Day1:
I wish I could say that Monday night I was all giddy with excitement and raced to my overflowing dining room table sewing table. After a full day of work followed by the usual evening routine mayhem I wasn't super motivated. Nonetheless I did go grab two pants and transformed them on long shorts. One of the pair comes from the Childrens Place the other I made a while back. The first time I washed them I learned the hard way why it is always recommended to prewash the fabric. They lost about 2 inches in length

Since this project wasn't much of a challenge I decided to give the double needle a try

Since I didn't plan very well I had to do two hems. I do like the resulting look. MAC liked it a lot too

Day 2: Repurposing a pair of cords into longer shorts for MAC and repurposing a Naartje dress into a dress for MEC.
I was able to grab an old pattern I drafted to make MAC shorts. Of course since I plan really poorly I will have to be a bit creative with the bottom hem. But at least the shorts are cut and pinned. I just need to sew just a bit tomorrow since I was able to keep most of the existing hems.

No I wasn't wrapping present. I use old wrapping paper to draft my pattern. The rest of the evening was spent drafting and cutting the pieces for the dress. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the process but here is a sketch.

Bouquet of roses from my front yard are perfect to finish this post.

 Stay tuned for more projects...

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Directions.....

So I have been flailing around a little with this blog over the last few months. Honestly I don't have much free time and when I do I usually sew, then I forget to take pictures.
I decided that from now on I will focus this blog on cooking, diy and sewing. I will make an effort to slow down and take pictures but most of all I will make an effort to post those pictures.

For the first time, I will participate in the KCWC 2012. I'm not sure what will come out of it but I have a stack of things to sew for the kids so maybe we will get stuff that MEC actually wants to wear. She is getting so picky picky!
Stay tuned ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As you may have noticed I have a blogger's block. I'm just trying to figure out what exactly I should post. I think I would like the blog to be less about me and more about my projects. I would even like to put together a couple of sewing tutorials.... Yay great idea you may think.
However it would require some organization of some sort, taking pictures of the various steps of the project and actually having the camera plugged in to the computer so these pictures are uploaded and added to the post.
That hasn't happened yet and a sewing project is a bit dry without pictures booh sorry.

To my excuse because well I have to complain or brag about something right work has been insanely busy and now that it has calmed down a bit I have ramped up the craft projects. I can only do so much and so things around the house get neglected or should I say simply ignored. I mean if  I don't look at the pile of laundry you would think it should go away right!

These are the projects to come:
 - Tutorial my very first if I ever get there to make raglan fleece jackets
 - A bedroom reveal, yes bit by bit I have worked on MEC's bedroom. It is really good that the pair of kiddos are getting along really well and they are not screaming to be separated because well it is a slow process.... But I am in the process of making some roman shades yay but forgot to take pictures of the steps booh...
 - Working on the kids summer wardrobe
 - Working on a couple tops for myself.

Pfff maybe these will all be posted in a year or so.
Thanks for stopping by, dinner is here.