Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The bitter sweet moments of life

Yes Yes I finally did it. I finally picked up my rollers and started painting my bedroom. I started last week end while the kids were supposed to sleep! Yeah right the naps in our household have been lately wishful thinking. Even Maia decided that sleeping during the day was completely overrated. So here I am firmly decided that I will paint my first wall pretty interesting experience I have to say. It started very well, they both sat at the edge of the plastic covering the ground looking at me in awe ;) commenting on how the blue looked nice etc... Then they moved to the bed were they jumped and jumped. We had a few fights, a few tears played a few counting games and it was all done in about 1H30min.

Since in the evenings I am just not motivated enough to do anything else than read or watch a show. Saturday early afternoon, sunday early afternoon and sunday all evening was spent to paint and I completed most of my bedroomand the beginning of the bathroom. It looks awsome and I am super happy.
Other than that we went to Sears outlet bought a new high efficiency washer and a dishwasher, had a nice breakfast, cooked indian food, went to some friends house for a really nice bbq, went to Julian for lunch and a nice little walk and baked two huge aple crumbles for my uber boss's birthday celebration. I peeled 9lbs of aple ; )
That was a great week end!

Then tuesday came our new washer was delivered and installed. They started it to make sure that it worked well. I did try to reset the settings to not use too much hot water since it was a dry run and found it a little suspicious when I couldn't do it. Since I had to rush back to work I decided not to worry about it. Well at 10:30pm after loading up the washer with all my dark laundry I just couldn't choose the program that I wanted I felt defeated and mad and depressed.
Yes the brand new washer electronic doesn't work!!!! ARGGGGGH!!!!! The pain the frustration.... It lasted until today early afternoon ; )
It is amazing how quickly the feeling of accomplishment and happiness is replaced by utter frustration, depression and anger.
Someone will come between 8am and 12pm on friday hopefully something decent will come out of this ;) I love that they ask you which 4 hours of your day already crazy busy would you like to waste waiting for some service guy who is going to tell you that nothing can be done ;)
In the meantime my laundry is accumulating and I hope to have enough clothes until I have a working washer.
In the meantime I haven't exercized one bit since my last really painful run and will try to get out tomorrow evening.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday evening ramblings

I did it, I mustered the courage to go for a run this morning despite my lack of sleep, despite the fact that I had a piece of french toast an hour before and the heat starting to rise up. It was slow but nonetheless I ran my 3.5 miles with a little break at the end!
Besides that I was looking for a ticker since I think I'm committed in my head to run the Carlsbad half marathon. I still can't decide since I've been wanting to run a half marathon for the past 6 years without making it past the wishful thinking. Maybe this time since I'm surrounded by women who did run a half marathon I will actually be able to do it... Anyways as I was browsing the internet I stumbled on a praise to moms starting by before I was a mom .... I thought I would write a few lines about motherhood since it is a big part of my life having two wonderful children of 4 and almost 2....

So here it is
Before I was a mom I slept 10 hours straight...
Before I was a mom I only made round pancakes now they are race cars, boats, trains etc...
Before I was a mom my husband didn't make very yummy chocolate chip cookies
Before I was a mom I didn't have to sing (off key I might add) because my son demanded it every night for a few month
Before I was a mom I didn't have to leave work abruptly...
Before I was a mom we didn't have to bring the class pet rabbit home who is now running all over the house I can hear him running around and wonder if he is pooping all over the place... Hmmm I'll have to clean the floors tonight.

Since I am a mom I've still been able to shower every day, cook nice meal which turned out to be one of my creativity outlet eventhough I now start at most of the time after 8:30pm.

I love being mom eventhough it isn't always easy to juggle family, work, home and all the things I like to do.

It isn't always easy but it sure is rewarding and fun!

Now off to cooking my saussage risotto yum!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tragedy of shopping

So I went online to this website called, within seconds I found my style under the section haute mama. Hey why not I'm a mama maybe not a haute mama but who knows... I quickly narrow down my style: modern sophisticated in other word classic chic classic but not too boring or so I wish. Finally after a quick browsing I found:

the purse I've been looking for

a really cute dress

a nice pair of shoes....

Price tags 675$, 628$ and 425$! At that point I reluctantly closed the browser and went back to my code.
Unfortunately two daycare payments and a mortgage in beautiful San Diego are taking care of most of our spare change.
And then if any desire of splurging survived the financial dilemna the voice of reason starts its little serenade do you really need a 650$ purse you already have 3 that you hardly rotate, don't you need a pair of pants a jacket and a pair of shoes etc... So I think I will revisit this beautiful site and browse the trend and then go to the sale section of my other favorite sites JCrew, Banana Republic, Max Studio and try to get the same style at a more reasonnable price...

But darn that purse was beautiful and now the Marc by Marc Jacob purse at 430$ seems almost cheap in comparison ahahahah.
The tragedy of shopping!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A book is like a comfy sweater...

Hmmm a book is like a comfy sweater... It should feel good.
I love to curl up at night with something nice to read. It is true that lately I don't always have the energy to read intelectual stuff sadly but I do like to read, and reread...
I have favorites book that make me feel good that I've read sooo many times that I know them by heart.
I read fast and a lot I remember my dad quizzing me while I was devouring the "Player" from Dostoievsky when I was 16. He could not believe that I retained anything since I just read so fast.

I'm allways amused by the fact that when I find an author I like I have to read all his books one after the other. Growing up I had my periods Zola, Maupassant, George Sand, Tchekov, Dostoievsky, Tolstoi, Barjavel etc....

My bedroom had a big bookcase just around my desk and when I was procrastinating instead of doing my homework I would pick up a book and start reading. I don't read linearly either I start reading, then I skip to see how the story develop, I look at the end then back where I was etc.... Weird I know but I always finish a book.

That was then now a full time job and two kids later my taste are more thrillers and chick lit. Marian Keyes and Jane Green are my current favorites...

I know I wish I could say I read some super intelectual matter that will enlight me why the world is in such a sad state today but I prefer to regal myself with love stories and relationship....
On those words a new episode of NCSI is calling me....

Monday, May 5, 2008

Latest Birthday cakes ...

Here are the pictures of the latest birthday cakes I made and decorated for Miles 4th birthday celebration.
The theme as you will notice was space rockets.
This one was for the party at school

This one was for the party we had with his friends, and he wanted "rocket" from the Little Einsteins tv show he likes.

Next will be Maia's second birthday and I have to start thinking about a theme hmmm luckily I still have 2 months... and will probably start cooking about 2 hours before the party which usually leaves me with 15 minutes to decorate ;)