Friday, October 31, 2008


Soooo for everyone I know Halloween means fun and for me I just realized tonight it means stress for me. This is the 4th Halloween and I am always frazzled. Maybe it has to do with a change in the routine, the fact that I have to get home earlier to get the kids in their costume go trick or treating figure out dinner afterwards, meet friends and lots of other people.... I don't get it all this should be fun and I am a wreck.

Unfortunately tonight was no different. We didn't have big plans, actually our dinner plans got cancelled for cause of illness from our guest. We were just meeting friends to go trick or treat. For some other weird reasons fridays have been blaah days lately. Today was no different. I had a long day at work, I was frustrated by misplacing my new sunglasses which are still missing (I hate that) and finally my car decided to welcome me with a series of annoying alarms. I know I was running low on gas and windshield cleaner but did it have to yell at me for not buckling an already bucled seat belt... I think it was hypoglycemic with the lack of gas and was trying to tell me go to the gas station but instead was saying buckle your seat belt buckle your seat belt. Very very irritating. That made a very interesting ride home, between the car trying to talk to me in a weird linguo, Miles trying to tell me all kinds of story, Maia screaming for her baby, the music and the weather being so hot was probably not the best way to get me all calm and relaxed!
Anyways we went trick or treating, I did unwing after 10 minutes of walking and talking to my friends and I did have real pleasant time.
The kids got loads of goodies yum.
After that I got the dinner started since I didn't work out today I made homemade tomato soup from a williams sonoma recipe the best recipe ever. Bryan got me very nicely a glass of wine, the kids got a ton of fruits and a little cheese for dinner to balance out the sugar. Did some yoga moves with Mec and Mac too funny, some jumping jacks then in bed they went still high on sugar.
After that we had a nice quiet evening in front of a few episodes of CSI with our soup, some white wine.... Pretty much like any other nights me half asleep in front of the TV and Bryan playing his computer game.
Note to self go work out when you are free on friday at lunch much better for your!
You are getting forgetful but maybe it's because your brain reached its capacity of things to think about or maybe you are just getting old.
Tomorrow is another day playdate and bike ride... Will I be adventurous on my first ride or just conservative...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tired ...

The temperatures are still in the 80 during the day which makes it hard to motivate to go run outside at lunch. I mean it is Halloween end of october for crying outloud. I talked to my mom and they were thinking it was going to snow. I have trouble realizing that we are going to France in like a month in a half. At that rate we are going to go from tank top to down jackets. Last year the temperatures were in the 20....
I still ran 6 miles at lunch but on the treadmill. I always feel like I am a slacker when I run on the treadmill although when I see Carmen (in great shape!) it makes me feel a little better. So I ran 6 miles the first 3 miles at 9:40 min/miles but then I slowed down. At the end I wanted to be done sooo bad that I started sprinting ahahah the good joke I had to jog at 11 min/miles for a miles to recover my two sprints ahahaha. That'll teach me.
It was so hot in the gym that I was literally dripping... I feel sooo feminine when I run. To add to the complaints of all my female friends I have been working out pretty seriously for 12 weeks now, and I eat pretty well I would say. I lost a whole lb maybe. I haven't seen the scale lower than 117 for more than a few days in a long time.
Oops that is without taking into account my snacking on the kids food.
But on the bright side I've lost 3 lbs since last february! But hey muscle weighs more that fat right ahahaha! And lately to be honest I don't really care about my weight as much as how I feel and look. I still weigh myself every morning and pouts if I don't like what I see. Come on I'm still a woman.
Why every single woman I know skinny or not need to lose at least 5lbs!
To finish that post I am very proud since I ran 60.5 miles this month the most I ran in my whole entire life!!!! Yay! I just have to keep it up

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eventful day

Whaoa today was eventful... First of all I ditched swimming in favor of picking up my new bike. I am super happy I rode it around the block and it is super nice. The shift gear is not as smooth as Giovanna's bike but it may be due to the lower quality and the fact that the bike is brand new.
Work was good today we got praised for our hardwork and in the world of software in a non software company it is nice to hear.
Finally I picked my new glasses. It was time because each time I put my head down my old ones would fall of my nose which is highly irritating. I like my new glasses but they are not as slick as my old ones. I think I went back to the librarian look although pretty active one I may add since they are oakleys.

Finally I have to bitch a little about franklin covey. I love their stuff really especially the 2 page day wirebound planner but tell me why all the cool designs are only available as weekly planner! Now I can either have a cool looking planner or a useful one arghhhh so frustrating.
Along those lines why woman's line of stuff is cutsy, woman's bike are usually of pastel colors, helmet even for adults are pink, fleece from LLBean are declined in all shades of purple, pink, magenta cyan a palette that I aborr (except for the occasional pink)
But then again I am such an hypocrite since I am knitting a deep eggplant sweater for my daughter. But hey there are pink and pinks.
Tonight for dinner, homemade pizza yum yum yum

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I did it

OK I have been thinking how I can justify buying my bike all sunday. After a lot of discussions I decided to do it. I even decided to return the shoes to Nordstroms the shoes I bought last week I know weird.
So here it is I will pick it from the store later this week so I can ride it this week end.
I really wished that women's bike were not allways these weird pastels color. The only pastel color I like would be a light pink or salmon pink. Anyways let say this is more of a blue than a purple. Besides that I am really excited. Now I just need a helmet and a bike rack and I'm good to go!
Today I ran intervals on the treadmill and it was hot but I managed to run 4 miles.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Marathon saturday

What a day... We woke up at 7:30am were ready at 8:15 to all go for our 5-7 miles run which was nice although my knee started bugging me at mile 4 :( and so I had to stop at miles 5, which brings my monthly mileage at 50! Maybe I will reach 60 by the end of the month.
One thing for sure is that I need to start doing yoga at home once a week to strech my legs better.
After a quick shower we headed out for a play date while hubbie went surfing. After a few hours of playing, a few drama back to the house, the kids took nap while I ran to Tradder Joes for my weekly grocery outing to stock up on a bunch of goodies. On the way I stopped at a bike store to 1- buy some bike shorts 2- buy some more of the GU and 3- gawk at bikes.
Tada this is the object of my "convoitise" don't know the word in english on sale from 1200$ to 800$

It would have been cool if the actual bike was that color....
The big question now is am I a good girl and I wait until christmas like I said and ask Santa a bike for my christmas and my birthday, save money over until christmas and have the remainder of the bike as a christmas present or will I be a bad girl and jump on this deal. Anyways I am looking forward to my ride tomorrow, I think I will do the ride I wanted to do last week and who knows maybe I won't have to get off my bikes in the hills!!!!!

After the grocery shopping and my gawking we had a halloween party to go to. Gosh I hate crowds that I don't know. I always find myself sit in a corner wondering when I can leave.
It was really nice party.
In a little bit the kids will go to bed and we will have a nice quiet evening with some wine/beer and a nice episode of Bones. Ahhh I love those evenings at home.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dilemna dilemna dilemna

Ah the difficulty of being a somewhat reasonnable woman. So I need a very pretty dress for Bunny's wedding and today on Hautelook's BCBG sale I found that very pretty navy blue dress

I have always wanted a navy blue dress, it was at a very reasonnable price of 130$ and I had the approval of my husband. But yet I didn't purchased it... The size weren't quite right and I could not try it on... When deep down I really would like a bike, I just spend quite a lot on glasses and I am simply shopped out.

How can a woman be shopped out? Don't worry bunny I'll have a nice dress for your wedding.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday grumbles...

Today wasn't a great day... First of all I am sick still at the onset stage of a cold, scratchy throat, itchy nose and lips and sneezing every 10 minutes. This plus a very hot and dry weather steered me away from the gym and my 5 miles of interval and stress reliever.
A month and half ago as I was putting my glasses on the frame just fell apart and I had to tape it together. Hello I am a software engineer but it was really too much. I went to the place I bought the glasses from and they ordered me a new frame to replace this one under the warranty. It has been like 7 weeks and still nothing. I called and oh frustration of frustration, I learned that the frame is back ordered and that actually I can't benefit from the warranty cuz it's been more than 1 year.
I love this country, you can return a pair of worn shoes to Nordstroms because the stitches came apart after an intensive 11 month of wear and they will replace it but you only have a year warranty on a pair of glasses when you are eligible for a new pair every other year.
So frustrated, I made an appointment at another optometrist hoping that my vision would not have changed enough to need new prescription but of course no such luck and so 464$ poorer I will have a new pair of glasses in a week or so.
The last episode of an already long day was the dive that our daughter decided to take off the back of the couch onto the pergo floor. She landed on her forehead and now has an egg! ouch.

I hope to have a better day tomorrow at least it is friday!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me too me too...

Me too I had some accomplishments today just a small one really I finally swam 12 laps non stop in freestyle at the end of my 44 laps swim session... yeah yeah. When I started 8 weeks ago I was able to swim 1 lap free style 5 breastrokes, 2 free style etc... I still have to tackle the open water part of the triathlon challenge and I am delaying that one as long as possible.

On the other hand I am starting to get a cold, scratchy throat and itchy nose are a give away. I hope it won't affect me too much and I will still be able to run this week maybe not the 12 miles intended (in 2 sessions) but we will see.

Tonight I cooked Chocolate Chip Banana bread for the kids and us and I even took a picture that will be added a little bit later. The kids are in bed, for once the dinner is almost done instead of getting started, a 2nd glass of red wine is calling me and NCIS is waiting for us.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where it all started...

I didn't one day wake up and decided I am going to run and ran 40 miles the first month! Like everything else it is a slow and painful process. I am lucky in a way I like running maybe not the run itself but the feeling of accomplishment that I experienced afterwards. The runs are also more and more pleasant and satisfying.

You would have told me when I was 20 and weighed about 98lbs for my 5'2 frame that I would run 40 miles in a month I would have simply laughed at this ridiculous statement.

I didn't grow up in a competitive sport environment. Although my parents always saw the benefit of exercize on a regular basis (walking, hiking, biking, climbing 5 flights of stairs daily etc...) I never won any medals.

Then I moved to San Diego, yes you have couch potato but you also have people who get up every morning at 5:30am to exercize for 2 hours before going to work. I have a tendency to look at those people and start wondering.... Hmm could I do that (not the waking up at 5:30am part but the ability to run for long periods of time) so I started running since it was the easiest. I did join some gyms, rock climbed for a long while until my husband started surfing again, biked but hey Torrey Pines Hills sucks at 7:45am and even more at 8pm in the dark.

So here I am after 10 years running my 3 miles here and there sometimes more consistently than other but never doing much more than that and 8lbs weight gain in a year. I can even blame my babies for it ;(

Call it a mid-life crisis I know a little young at 33, call it a wake up call, maybe it has to do with finding a journal and realizing that 7 years have passed and I still have the same goal run a half marathon before I am 35.
One of my doctor also told me "Sophie you are the perfect Nike add, JUST DO IT!" so this is where I am, turning 34 in december and not wanting my first half marathon to be La Jolla. I am ambitious but I'd like a somewhat pleasant experience.
I also have my views on triathlons, I read that article about a 76 years old woman completing an Ironman that is so huge I mean the running portion is a full marathon not talking about the 180km bike ride that precedes it. I find it very inspiring and a little voice in my head is whispering hey maybe you could do that too you could be that athlete.
So I decided to try and workout as much as I can and I trained myself to go by myself so that I don't depend on anyone to go so I have no excuse to not go ;)
I rest of monday, run on tuesday, swim on wednesday, run on thursday, rest on friday, long run on Saturday usually with my husband who pushes the kids and stops at 5-6 miles, bike on sunday.
I have to say I have fun, it keeps me away from junk food, eating out too much at lunch, keeps me away from the UTC mall, keeps me obsessed with something else than clothes, keeps my mind away from my dark feelings. It makes me feel good about myself and I also want to eat healthier.
I never thought that this post would be that long. The bottom line is if I can do it you can too. I may a little more stubborn than most but I am not wonder woman. It took me a lot of will power and sweat which is why you still see my mileage.
As the NIKE add says just do it because in the end whether you walk, you run, you do the elliptical exercize is good for you, your mind and your health... Now I sound like the add for Kaiser permanente.
So I am glad to report that although Sunday morning run was really painful and a little discouraging todays run was really really satisfying and I am looking forward to tomorrows swim. So JV be sure that if you exercize consistently your 3 miles will turn to 4 and maybe 5 but into whatever it is that you want!
By the way for all of you I run slow... Bad day 11min/mile good day 9:30min/mile

Monday, October 20, 2008

Biking adventures

After my painful unrewarding almost humiliating 6.2 miles run on saturday I decided that I would have a long bike ride with my neighbor. I was planning on going for a good 1:30 to 2 hours bike ride. Of course 15 minutes into the rides my legs felt heavy and I decided to be a little more humble and go for a shorter ride.

My friend tells me so what do you want to do hills, easy, long.... We decided on going from Carmel Valley (Carmel Country Rd) to Rancho Santa Fe Farms to Rancho Santa Fe back through El Camino Real.

He warns me the the El Camino Real hills is going to remind me of the ride a couple days after it. Meaning I'm going to suffer, but that was my first ride and I didn't remember El Camino Real being that steep. Long and steady yes, steap not really.

But here was my mistake there is an Old Camino Real and new Camino Real pretty much like there is an Old Torrey Pines steep and a new Torrey Pines road much more steady climb.

It was painful but nice.... and yes I had to stop once in the Rancho Santa Fe hills and actually walk a little bit on the El Camino Real hills.
Need to buy bike capris!

Wedding flowers

As we are getting closer to Bunny's wedding we had another flower bouquet making session to finalize some of the designs.
We focused on the table centerpieces. Here is what we came up with. For once the color scheme and the flowers are right.

The last pieces of the puzzle that I have to work on are the corsage and the boutonnieres... and then to make everything perfectly and deliver it. I am very nervous, I really hope that everything turns out beautifully ; )

I will have a summary post with each piece of the flowers for the wedding. I think I will secretly practice each bouquet again with the right flowers and colors...

Saturday, October 18, 2008


OK this is the third time I'm trying to write this post. Since this shouldn't be what did Sophie do this week I decided to collect a few annecdotes of the week:

I know I need to be more in tune with my kids preschool life when the teacher asks me as I walked in their open-house did you bring the pictures for the scrapbook. Usually I can exclaim ooooh crap I forgot but no this time I had this blank look on my face what are you talking about! I had no idea.... Note to self be more attentive. Man juggling everything isn't always as easy as I'd like

While I played house mom for the day I decided to go shopping so since I gave myself a more than enough budget to splurge I could not find anything that I wanted. Finally I found a nice pair of shoes at Nordstroms. I asked a guy there to get me my size in that model they usually bring you several other shoes that you might like. Although I had flats on and was with a kids I looked fairly hip. But boy this guy totally surprised me by bringing this old grand ma shoe. I was so flustered and insulted and still cannot believe that this guy thought I would actually even consider those shoes.
Ah well I bought the other pair which are different from what I usually wear more funky.

Although I have been seriously working out for about 9 weeks now and that I really eat better my weight has barely budged. I started at 119lbs and I am now at the neighborhood of 117.6lbs. I want to go back to 113lb to be nice and 108lb to be real nice. I don't know if my body will cooperate.
On thursday morning the scale was at 116.6lb but I took care of this promptly by making cheese fondue that evening.... So yummy!!!! We made it from scratch since Von's didn't carry the already made stuff and it was so well worth it. At least I enjoyed it tremendously I'll just have to exercize more ;)

Anyways I dutyfully ran my 4.5miles and 3.2 miles on the treadmill as the temperature are in the 80 and this morning I ran 6.3 very painful miles at 11min/mile pace. I don't like running right out of bed. Eventhough I was planning on running 7 miles I shouldn't be depressed by 6.3 miles run but I am... Ah well I'll do better next time. I think my monthly mileage is my highest and I still have 2 weeks ;) Sorry Bunny 9 min/mile-9:30min/miles sound great and after running on the treadmill sounded doable but after this morning's run I have much humbler goals for the Komen 5K race... 10 min/mile would be nice! How in the world am I going to run a half marathon at 10min/mile pace!!!!! Even finishing it would be nice..... I wish sometimes I'd settle for smaller goals like running 5 miles and be happy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thoughts on food.

I love food but most of all I love good tasty food. Doesn't have to be rich, doesn't have to be junk doesn't have to be sweet. It can be a good homemade soup tomato, or even zuchini, can be a saussage risotto, simple pasta with roasted onion, porsciutto and a little cream and parmesan (my latest recipe and a big winner). I honestly don't remember the last time we had junk food without travel involved, because lets face it a big mac is much more appealing to me than airplane food ; )

I lucked out since I grew up with a mom who cooked every night more than just throwing something in the oven or the microwave and I love checking out new recipes.

Last week was our 9 year anniversary since it was on a thursday we had a nice dinner at home and the next day we went out to sushi our all time favorite.

For our dinner in I made some steak with a really really nice red wine sauce. I cooked the steaks then I sauteed some onion in some butter (usually I would have used olive oil) added some fresh thyme, deglaced the brown bits with some red wine and 1 teaspoon of veal demi glace. Let it boil a little bit then I thicken the sauce with butter. You gotta love french chefs, you either bind the sauce with butter or lighten it with creme fraiche. Anyways it was absolutely delicious I served it with some potato pancakes yummy. We had a really nice wine bottle with that.

On friday night we feasted on special sushi from the bar at Sushi Ota. I still haven't understood japanese food so different from occidental food and so delicious.

On saturday we went for a run (see previous post) with a very painful recovery and so I needed something good but easy for a late dinner. I decided to sauteed some onion in olive oil, sliced some prosciutto, and cooked for awhile. Meanwhile I boiled some water and cooked some pasta. I added the onion mixture to the pasta, a dash of cream and some parmesan.

On Sunday we had people over and I cooked a pork roast with lemon zest, thyme, rosemary, sage and white wine with mash potato, for dessert we had a simple chocolate mousse.

Tonight it is soup night and I think I will make a cauliflower soup/veloute with sauteed onion and prosciutto.

Sorry bunny no pictures. I know how much you love pictures of meals but I honestly really never think about it ; )
Hmmm now I am hungry... time for the kiddos to take a bath and go to bed and then we can feast on some cauliflower soup yum yum...

Lastly I know I am very opiniated and although I have about 10lbs to lose to get to my weight of 10 years ago 108lbs for 5foot 2. I am always amused by people who don't use butter or cream because it is "unhealthy" but yet drink soda, eat store bought pizza and all kinds of other food.

It seems that what works for me is rather small portion of good food which often involves a little cream and butter.

On that thought my glass of white wine is calling me, my kids need to be put to bed and my evening with my husband needs to get starting although he is singing Hey Julie from fountain of Wayne wait oh wait would he remember the whole song heheheh
Lets put Buzzlighter to bed!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm beat

OMG you would think that after running 8.5 miles last sunday a mere 5.5miles maybe even 6miles, hey I can dream can't I would be easy. Well the run wasn't that bad but the recovery is painful. Maybe it has to do with the anniversary celebration of last night with more alcohol sake than water and the light breakfast 2.3 piece of bread no lunch and a run at what 1:30pm.... Anyways besides that my exercize regimen is on track and I can say that I do feel stronger and faster than ever. Well thank you I'd be pissed otherwise. I run like 3 times week at least 3-4 miles, swim 1K once a week and bike 10 miles once a week.
Eventhough my fitness level is much better, my weight isn't budging much but hey I do feel better.

Other than that we just celebrated our 9 year anniversary. I can't believe that 9 years just went by. I know I am going to sound sooooo gagging romantic but it has been a great 9 years and I hope we have many more to come.

The kiddos are growing too fast. Maia is biking with little wheels and Miles is just zooming by. We just moved Maia from a crib to her twin bed and she almost clean at night.... Where did my babies go? Well maybe they turned into the cutest ever how did that happen the wonders of genetic ahahaha.

With everyone around me pregnant celebrating their 1-3 years anniversary getting married I do feel a little old for my 33 years. So my answer is to work out.
On this note I am going to try to recover from that stupid run where I gave up 100yards from the end! I mean come on how could I do that!!! the wind maybe or just my body saying huuuu can't we just go dring a glass wine instead.
Tonights program, glass of wine in front of BONES love that show along with CIS, CIS NY, NCSI, and so many more it is impressive how many shows we are watching lately with no TV/CABLE