Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Priceless moments

The look on our son's face when he realized he can read simple books.
Seeing our daughter walking with a 6lbs bowling ball then just dropping it and seeing that ball rolling rolling so slowly.
Seeing a dog skateboarding on the boardwalk of PB.

Anyways lately life has been more than hectic. We are all exhausted but yet are going to be sooo late. I took a whole week off of training including the week end. It is amazing how long a week end with no run/swim/bike to do! Instead some lounging in the bedroom reading while the kids are playing somewhat quietly in their bedroom. MEC playing with her stuffed animals and dolls, MAC building star ships/guns and the like.
Yesterday was my first run since the triathlon and no I'm back to my training pace of 9:45min/miles. This was supposed to be an easy run but of course my competitive side kicked it a notch. I read somewhere that most of us have a tendency to train medium/hard never easy/hard...
Today I went to the gym for a 25min easy spining session and it was easy. My legs however feel very very tight these days. Lots of running for me in the coming weeks.
On the cooking front I am back on a health kick too many burritos, heavy dish...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Race report

So this sunday was my last triathlon of the season. Lets back up a second and put this race back into context.
I knew I was in good enough shape to finish the race with a decent time, but like every competitive and perfectionist person I know a decent time was not quite what I was looking for. I was afraid that my reduced time to train would not allow me to succeed as I wanted.
Thankfully I found a small group of very supportive women who have been super patient with me with my doubts and my whining and helped me "coach" me etc... That has really helped me a lot. B also is super supportive and eventhough running with him is a humbling and painful experience it makes me a better runner. In case you didn't notice I rarely go for the easy route.
So I have been very anxious for this race to come. The course was a little longer than the other sprint triathlon I did. The swim was 0.46M instead of 0.28M but in Mission Bay so no repeat of the Solana Beach Triathlon. The bike was 12.5M of flat and the run 5K so 3.1M of flat too. The course was actually the same than my first triathlon just a little longer.
I knew that I improved my bike. I was hoping to be able to improve my last run pace a little bit like below 9min/miles and the swim well was just the swim.
So I had a plan and the plan was to race hard and then not be depressed by the race results which is for me the hardest part believe it or not.
Anyways Saturday we go get the race packet and thus I knew exactly where to go the next morning. After much debate we decided that B and the kids would be waiting for me at home. I loaded up the car in the afternoon and I went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 4:15am.
I ate my pb&honey drank some water and was on my way. The parking lot was empty, the transition area still closed and only a few girls in front of me. I was calm a little anxious but otherwise calm. I found the perfect spot for my bike and set up. I always forget which side I'm supposed to put my stuff on. Thankfully a much more experienced triathlete helped me out.
The transition area was filling up. I did my transition walk, from the swim to the entry to my bike to the bike out etc.... I went to the restroom. Finally saw some familiar faces around 6:30am. I had a plan. Slow and steady for the swim, bike strong and steady, first lap of the run get into a pace and the last mile start increasing the pace until all out at the end.
The start of the race wasn't super well organized I have to say. I was thinking a water start but since they had you register your timing cheap I wasn't even in the water when the swim started. I didn't really realized we started until I saw the first girls swimming past the buoy. I got into my rythm of reach out and glide. It was pretty uneventful. At the finish I was with the slow slow from the wave before and the fast from the wave after. I didn't dwell as I knew the swim is my weak point. I made it out without being completely out of breath and I knew a decent time.
Since the start was so weird I didn't start my watch and thus I didn't have any idea of timing during the race.
I got to my bike and eventhough I had a prime spot at the end of the rack someone propped her bike against the rack and was a little but in my space. However I was still able to get out in a timely fashion. Hoped on the bike and got into a rythm. My pace was hovering between 17 and 21mph. I had to slow down a few times because the back of my knee started hurting a little and I felt my legs burn as well. Since I wanted a decent run I tried not to die to much on the bike. I did manage to gulp two chews in transition and to drink a little during the bike.
Looked at my overall pace which was a little discouraging at a 17.5mph. I decided not to dwell on this because I didn't want to be down for the run. I was in the race and if 17.5mph was what I could give so be it. Ran in transition, put my socks, shoes grabbed two more chews and a little of water. I started running my shoe was not perfectly confortable but ah well. I got into a rythm where I was running strong but also kept my breathing under control. If you had asked me I was running probably a 9:30min/mile. I find it so hard to gauge your pace after biking. I am lucky though because I don't feel the wobbly legs any longer. So I started the run nice and flat, and I feel good. I'm working hard but nothing major. I grabbed a little water at the first aid station. Then at mile 2 I start pushing a little because there's only 1M to go and then someone joins me and we start running together. I was tempted to ask for our pace but decided not to. If I go fast then I'm going to feel I'm going too fast and won't last and if I'm slower than I think I'm going to be deflated so I decided to just focus on my running.
The girl I was running with start talking with a friend and I decided to pick up the pace a little. By that time I'm breathing hard but I'm still strong and then I see the turn to the finish and I accelerate. I think I'm done when I step on the first mat and thus slow a tad down until I realize that the end is a few feet away.... Pass the finish line I have no idea what is the finish time. I don't even think about looking at my watch. I had a great race. I wander a little grab a bagel munch on it. Finally find the GoTribal girls, talk to them a little, ask Jackie if I can borrow her phone call B. He is like wao it is only 8:50... try to calculate my time, can't hey 8:50-7:12 is really hard. Talk to him for a few minutes. Give the phone back to Jackie. Finally look at my watch and see that it is only 8:46. Hmmm I did my race around 1:30 Yay!!!!
Drive home, take a shower and start trying to figure out how fast was my run. I calculated a 8:50 min/mile. I was super excited and was going to tell B when I thought hey lets check if they posted the results yet. Sure enough the results were posted: Finish time 1:26:03, 32/118 in my age group, swim 18:15 (not surprising), bike 18.8 mph better than on my computer that's because I didn't reset the darn thing duh!!!!, but most of all run 24:53 for 5K and that is a 8min/mile!!!!
I have never ran an 8min/mile before maybe during my brief sprints at the end of my runs!
I am over the moon, elated so stoked. I have proven to myself and to other that you can shine with little time, focused training, strong will, interest in pain and not real atheletic background!
The best part is that I know I can do better but I didn't feel I race to the point of dying. I know everything worked for me on that one. It wasn't hot, the course was flat. I trained well thanks to all the advice from the GoTRibal girls, Tanya Bobbie Mary. My support group, Rebecca, Jackie, Bryan, etc....
Now a week off and on to half marathon training!
Next year I will tackle my first Olympic distance!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last triathlon of season

Yeah yeah training and racing again. I swear to you have some other interest in my life. So tomorrow is my last triathlon of the season. I have been a nervous wreck for the past couple of days because of course I'm hoping and wanting to do well! Anyways I'm in the tunnel so cross your fingers.

This morning went on a playdate with the kids to see a friend in Encinitas. Always pleasant to chat with friends while sipping coffee while the kids beat on each other ;) After that we went to the new Corvette Dinner. It was really nice and we had a great time. The kids got balloons, love the new location and the ambiance. A little spaz for me but hey great afternoon.

B went surfing this morning then ran 6.3M and finished the day with a mountain bike ride!

MAC needs to do homework so 3-4 times a week we sit down together for 15 minutes and go through it. He has a journal in which he has to write entries. He can draw something and label it by sounding the letters in the word and writing them down. We are having a lot of fun. He had the halloween theme, with a ghost, a bat, and a Jack'o Lantern. It took two trys to get Lantern, then we had the charger's theme with the lightning bolt, the chargers (charjrs) and today he wrote "I sa a green corvet." I love seeing the evolution. He is learning so fast right now. He can now sound and read with a little help small words like CAKE, PIANO.
I also notice his progress in swimming. Anyways I find it fascinating.
MEC is following close behind and since she doesn't want to be left out she learns how to trace her letters while MAC does his homework. She can write A and M all over the place and she is now tracing a lot of letter pretty well.

We have been also reading a lot. We go through about 2-4 books per night. B has also started reading "Charlie and the chocolate factory". MAC loves it, every night he takes the book out so B can read another chapter. It so reminds me of the time my dad was reading us stories!
So tomorrow up at 4:00 am to be down at Fiesta Island at 5am secure a good transition spot. My wave starts at 7:12. A lot of the girls I know will be down there cheering us and it is sooo nice. B and the kids will be cheering from the house!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

can't keep up

OK So I haven't updated this blog in almost 2 weeks now! Not because I'm lazy well maybe a little. It is just that I'm crazy busy but when I'm going to narrate what Ive been up to I'm not sure it is super exciting. Unless you want to hear about my last swim etc...
So anyways lets do it short and sweet.
Last week was my last big triathlon training week. It also realized that for the past 14 month I have been working out at least 3-6 days a week! That is an accomplishment since in the past I would stick to a routine to stop 4 month later take a few month break and go back at it.
This coming sunday is my last triathlon of 2009. It is still a sprint distance but a little longer 750M swim instead of 450, 12.5M bike ride instead of 9M and a 5K run. I'm anxious because it will be my first tri I won't have as many friends there to talk to before the event and it is way too complicated to have B come with the family. Also this time I'm flying solo meaning no swim buddy.
This weeks training has been light, 2.9M on the treadmill pushing the pace a little to see how it feel to run at 8:30min/mile, swim today slow but steady and I will spin a little tomorrow or saturday.
The following week will also be light to recover and then I am tackling my half marathon training for january and a time goal between 2:10 (9:54 min/mile) and 2:05 (9:30 min/mile).
Besides training or working out life has been hell busy. I really need the 30 min at work I lost when MAC started kindergarten. I have given up on being able to handle laundry and hired B back! At this point I don't care how the laundry is folded as long as it is folded!

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary by taking the day off. After dropping off the kids to school, we went for a 6M run around Mission Bay, followed by brunch at the Mission cafe yummy! We spent most of the afternoon at fashion valley shopping, B found a pair of shoes and I bought the minni pants from JCrew. This year I'm totally going for the Audrey Hepburn look. I'm wearing flats 80% of the times.
In the evening we went to Market for dinner with our neighbour and had a fantastic time. This restaurant is amazing!

At home since Trader Joes keeps dropping all my no cook night items has forced me to cook more. My latest creation/find is Arugula salad and yes I even make the garlic croutons fresh each time I make the salad!
- Arugula
- Olive Oil
- Lemon juice
- Garlic croutons (bread, butter and garlic)
- Parmesan (sliced)
It is super fresh and really really tasty.

Tonight if I have enough grapes left I will try a new chicken recipe with grapes and white wine otherwise maybe burrito.
I have to say with the training and the clouds I crave comfort food and I'm satisfying every bit of that hunger. Monday I made gorgonzola pasta, Tuesday steak and mash potatoes and yesterday pasta with meat sauce...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pain, agony but fun

Yeah why each time I have a run date with B I'm up for some pain, agony and fun. By the way you did read correctly a run date is our latest. It is actually really fun when it isn't pain and agony. So today's flavor of the month, was a 4.5M trail run, my first one.
So a little background, I am super tired. I was sick last week didn't train for a week, started again on Monday and worked out every day since then. I got home and promptly changed in my running gear before I changed my mind. We dropped off the kiddos at the neighbor and started running. Oh boy the first 5 min are always so painful when you are tired. Of course as we approach the trail B tells me oh this run is going to be good for you lots of short, steep hills nothing long. The trail is sandy and I know this is going to be somewhat painful. I tried to get into my groove but it isn't easy on a trail as your rythm changes constantly with the terrain.
Anyways the first hill was painful but I didn't have to stop, the flat was not as forgiving though. I made the mistake to ask B what was our pace the answer 11:15 min/mile pace stopped me on my track. Unfortunately my perceived effort was more like a 9:30min/mile pace. I stopped depressed and a little crushed caught my breath and went back at it. I didn't ask how fast we were going I didn't care I just tried to keep up with B. I had to stop on a couple hills in the middle of the Grand Del Mar golf course but yeah I did complete my 4.5M run.
The run was painful but it was also the most amazing run because it was just plain beautiful. This is why I just love San Diego, I am in a city all day and then paf we are running in nature and then we are on a beautiful private golf course.
Anyways we got rained on at the end of the run which was also great.
Evening ended with a delicious dinner of fresh tomato sauce, olive, cream and mozarella.
Then I went down memory lane and put together three more photobook of our life, one for our amazing trip to Yellowstone, one of our trip to New York and lastly one of our trip to Seattle. The three trips we took besides visiting Montana, Northern California and France!
After a marathon of Stargate and Grey's anatomy yup we gave up Dexter for Greys anatomy. I guess we were just tired of crime shows.