Thursday, December 31, 2009


OMG I am 35 years old now!!! Yesterday was my birthday. I don't feel that old really besides when I see all the gray hair slowly taking over. What really gets to me is that my older one is reading, lost his two bottom teeth and that my younger one can write her name and dreams to be in Kindergarten... This is when I feel a tadd old or a little sad that I'm just closing that volume of my life. But hey onto my next adventure right..... This year I decided to not push myself too hard and thus after the Half marathon in January my next race will be the Spring Sprint in May (0.25M swim, 9M Bike and 3M run) then I will attempt my first longer distance SDIT which is a shorter Olympic distance (1km Swim, 30Km hilly bike ride, 10K run) end of June then I will do the Us Women again.

I'd like to start painting and drawing again. I would like to get back into photography a little more etc.... Finally play the flute again.

For my birthday I got spoiled rotten of course B is the best for that and that makes me feel sooo good. I got a SLR Camera Nikon D5000

and a nice silver pendant from a designer I stumbled accross while browsing the internet. I love jewelry that is a little different. I like interesting designs etc... This fits all the criteria.

We had breakfast at the Beach Grass cafe our favorite spot. MAC wanted pancakes with a dune buggy drawn on it ; ) He got a smiley face instead. He is known to challenge the chef since the happy face doesn't always suit his mood. He often asks for an angry face pancake or a monster face pancake or a sad face pancake.

After breakfast we played at the Fletcher Cove park, then dropped off B's car to get the tires balanced and rotated, then to whole food for some meat to dinner. I chose a veal roast with no idea how to cook it but it sounded interesting at the time. We also picked up some cheese for the NYE cheese fondue evening.

We finally got home around 2pm, I eagerly plopped the charged battery in my new camera only to realized that a memory card was required and nowehere to be found ;) Oops. Here I go to RadioShack next to the house, but of course they are out of them so I had to go to the next store.

After playing with my camera a little bit, B went for his 4M run and I followed him shortly. 3.3M at about 9:02 min/miles then 0.5M cool down.

After I got home I started looking for a recipe for my birthday dinner. Our friends from the house next door were joining us. I found a recipe on the Williams Sonoma site for an osso buco. I adapted it a little by replacing the lemon zests by wild mushrooms that were sauteed in garlic and butter. I also reduced the sauce a little to give it more flavor. I served it with mashed potatoes and I made an orange cake for dessert.

We had an amazing wine to go with it and spend a great evening.

This morning the kids woke us up at 8:30! It is going to be tough to get up on monday. The sky is beautiful and we have little to do today. I do have to work, I'd like to go for a bike ride and B went surfing.

I also bought myself a pair of Birkenstock. I know I know but I saw a mom wearing some at the park yesterday and they looked nice and comfy. I found a pair on super sale cuz 130$ for birkenstock is a little steep. I think they are cute in an old woman kindof way ;)
Now I need to work instead of blogging... I know it is new year's eve and I shouldn't be working but I have stuff to do and anyways....
Happy new year to everyone.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So as many of you know, I love to cook. I always try to create new things. They are nothing special. I pale in comparaison of great chefs. I am astounded by how they marry tastes that are sooo different from one another. I would love to be able to do so. I read in one of the latest cookbook I got for christmas a dessert made from chestnut cream, pinaple and pinacolada sorbet. Since the chef has a 3 star restaurant which is the best of the best in France I do trust her creation. I am very curious and will have to try though.
One of my dream would be to spend 3 month in the kitchen with all the spices, produces and meats I need without the pressure of feeding anyone.
Anyways many are the nights when B has to wait patiently for dinner at 9pm sometimes 10pm. My weakness is in the asian cuisine I have to admit most of my attempt at stir fry are failed always edible but never close to what I intended to make.
Tonight, I wanted something easy and healthy.
I cut some cherry tomatoes, sliced some onion, garlic, herbs, salt, pepper, added some kirin, balsamic vinegar and port wine. Stuck this in the oven at 405 until roasted. I then chopped kalamata black olives, a ball of fresh mozarella, put on the top of the tomatoes and cooked a little more. I cooked gnocchis then sauteed them with a little olive oil.
Finally, I put the gnocchis then put the tomato concoction on the top of it. It was really good sorry no pictures.

My other creation of the night was macarons. Those things are soooo good and fairly easy to make. I started with chocolate ones and oh boy are they good. I will now have fun and make them in all kindof flavors. Can't wait to get started : )

I think there will be more cooking posts coming stay tuned....
My mom gave me for christmas a great great cookbook. It is from one woman french chef who has a 3 stars restaurant (this is the best of the best).

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and more ...

On christmas eve, we got ready kindof slowly, played in the park... Before my wax appointment at 1pm and my last minute food shopping I decided to wip the chocolate mousse for the cake, then put the cake layers together.
I went to the mall in search of a cute top for the evening and found a cute one with a bunch of beads at a local store, I chose the medium grey one instead of the black small one. I like the color better but I probably should have gotten the smaller size. Then I ran off to Ralph to buy all the things that I forgot.
Once back home, I made some fried rice for lunch while the kids watched Princess Bride. I then started the cooking.
First I tackled the bread rolls, I chose this recipe from Williams Sonoma. After putting the dough to rise in the oven, I tackled the decoration of the cake. After a melting the chocolate a spreading a thin layer on a cookie sheet, I put it in the fridge to harden. It took a few attempt to get the proper consistency and I was able to decorate the cake. It didn't quite look like the picture on the book but after sprickling some powder sugar it still looked quite nice.
After the bread, the cake, I went onto my next task the "pate a choux" which was going to be used for the potato fritters and the apetizer. Finally I started the pheasant. Since I didn't really have a recipe I kindof invented the recipe. After cutting the pheasant in pieces and browning them in olive oil, I sauteed some onion and bacon. I then added some thyme, oregano, and sage from my garden and finally some port wine, white wine and chicken broth, quatered aple and dried berrys (cranberrys, raisin, cherry and blueberry). I added the meat back in the pot and brought it to a boil. I covered the pot and stuck it in the oven at 325 and cooked for 1h00.
We then got ready, we all put our nice clothes on. Drank our aperitif, then sat down for a very nice formal dinner with the kids.

After putting the kids to bed, we exchanged our gifts. B got me a fuel belt to go on long runs with fluids, a triathlon backpack to organize all my crap on race day, and a new mp3 player much smaller and without itune to deal with than my current option. B got the new ereader from barnes and noble too cool, a nice fleece jacket and a suchi plate set.
We then proceeded to wrap the kids presents. Well should I say I started wraping everything and B put them under the tree.

I was super happy to chat with my sister that evening who called my from Germany. I miss them sooo much, and my nephews who were so excited to have opened all their presents. The older one, woke up a 2am, went to my sisters to tell her that Santa did indeed come by. To which she answered "I know can you go back to bed now". He woke the whole house up at 6:30am. We were a little luckier as MAC woke us up at 7:30am and was able to wait another 30 minutes.
The kids were super stoked by their presents. They had each 7 presents from the whole family. It was a great number, enough variety but not an overwhelming number. MAC had a set of legos, a remote control car, a digital camera, a leapster and a batman game, some books, MEC got a small wooden kitchenette, a diaper bag for her doll, a kit to make a necklace, books, a leapster and a big playdough set.
After lounging for a little bit around the house. I actually put on my tennis shoes and set of for a 5M run. Of course I wasn't properly hydrated and fueled so it was quite painful 4.2M but hey I went out the door. Then we decided to get out the door in search for a place to have lunch! Hahaha we were really optimistic. Between Carmel Valley and Carlsbad on the coast we found 3 places open. We chose a armenian/persian place in Carlsbad. Our lunch was very good. On the back down we stopped by at our friends house in Encinitas and shared their dessert. The kids played and we chatted a little bit.
The next day we decided to go visit B's grandmother in Palmdale. We left on saturday at 10am and came back on Sunday at 3pm. It was a really short visit, the company was really pleasant even if the settings is not as pleasant.
It was good to be back home, eat home cooked meal. Arugula salad, and my brown rice balls comfort food.
This morning the construction workers outside our window decided to move the earth and so we got woken up by bip bip truck sounds at 7am :( We snoozed until 8am when MAC came into our bed, I got up at 8:30am and hung out with the kiddos a little bit. They played around the house for a little bit. After running a few errands we dropped off the kids to the neighbours while we went on our 8M run. I was a little stressed since my last few runs were quite painful. This time I made sure to drink water, to take a gu before leaving, take water with me and another gu midway. It was a great run! 8M at 9:54min/mile pace, my knees at the end were screaming at me since I'm not stretching enough.
I then made sure to refuel but I never get that quite right but at least I didn't completely crash. The kids are now playing the PS3 and soon they will be off to bed and I will work a little bit!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting ready ....

I've always celebrated Christmas Eve more than Christmas day. Today we started to get ready for the celebration tomorrow. It is only the 4 of us but we will have a nice dinner. A coworker really nicely picked up a pheasant for me while buying hers and left it on my door steps. All the gifts are in the house waiting to be unboxed and wrapped.
This morning I took MEC to the mall in search of party clothes. She really only has every day wear nothing fancy. I went to Janie and Jack which had a huge sale and found a really pretty cordury dress, Some cute ballet flat and some mac alister boots for Miles. All of this for 65$ gotta love sales. I liked another dress but it is flannel and thus is going to be a little bit less wearable in the summer ;)
I went to Potterybarn in search of stuff to make a nice table and found some silver chargers and a white linen runners. Here is a picture with our plates and silverware. It is going to be super nice.

Finally I put together the menu for tomorrow's dinner and this is what we will be having:

Gougeres (which are puff pastry with cheese) for appetizer
Arugula salad
Cider-Braised Pheasant with Pearl Onions and Apples arranged by me.
Pomme dauphine which are delicious and definitely celebration food.
Fresh bread rolls.
French chocolate cake (meringue and chocolate mousse).

More pictures of the preparation of the meal to come....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday season

I can't believe Christmas is already there, and my birthday and the new year! I talked to my mom a few days ago and the Burgundy countryside is all covered in snow :( It is hard to not spend this holiday with my parents and sister. I'm sure we will have a nice quiet christmas since it is only the 4 of us. I will be cooking pheasant for christmas, still looking into how I'm going to prepare it. For my birthday dinner I think I may go get a fresh lobster and do some lobster pasta with home made pasta.
We have the Pisa tour of gifts in the garage. We have to open all the boxes and wrap everything up. B has yet to shop for my christmas presents. I think he got my birthday already covered. I'm super happy because his gift arrived in the mail yesterday after a annoucement telling me that it would be ship on Jan 20th!
The office is dead quiet and eventhough I have pretty tight deadline I find it extremely difficult to concentrate. I have made some good progress but unfortunately I still have quite a lot to do.
MAC has been going to a YMCA camp for the past two days and MEC has been really unhappy to still go to her regular school. If it was her choice she would already be in Kindergarten.
On the kids side eventhough we thought that the 3d kid options was killed a couple of month back it has reappeared and we are struggling to make a decision. To make things harder we have been watching our little neighbour. He is 20 months now and he is sooo darn cute. He fits in our family unit so well that a third one totally makes sense. But he is already almost 2, the idea of being pregnant for 9 month really doesn't apeal to me. I am also wondering how my gortex abb will handle a pregnancy. Will have to be reconstructed yet again after this. A baby now would be a age gap of at least 4 years between MEC and the little one at least. We are just coming out of the baby/toddle tunel do we really want to get back in. So many questions difficult to answer....

On the training side, after my really tough run saturday, I went for a short bike ride on sunday. Today I did my intervals 4x0.5M at 8:30 and it was work but easy. On a treadmill, doing intervals my mental isn't has negative as on the road. Too weird.
Anyways I can't wait for this training to be over so I can focus on shorter distance run which suit me just fine, and the bike and the swim.

I will be concluding this post with my carnitas recipe a new favorite:

- Pork shoulder remove as much of the fat as possible.
- Saute onion in a pan, brown the meat a little add some cumin and "Mexican spice" I think. This jar isn't labeled so I'm not too sure. If I had to make it I would put cumin, paprika, cinamon I think.
- Put the meat and onion in a crockpot, put chicken broth up to the middle of the meat
- Let it cook on low for 6-10 hours.
FYI I put my pork which was a really big chunk frozen in the crockpot, I started on high for a few of hours then switch to low. I did turn the meat after about 2hours.
- Take the meat out of the crockpot onto a plate
- Remove the fat pieces and pull the meat with fork.
- Add a little juice to moisten the meat.
- In a pan mix 2 tbsp of tequila, 4 tbsp of brown sugar, some more spices, and 2/3 cup of cooking juice.
- Add the meat and let simmer then caramelize a little bit.

Use it to make carnitas tacos or burritos....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So what's new in the past two weeks... Well first of all I can't believe it is already Christmas! Maybe it has to do with the city I live in... 75 degree weather doesn't really set the mood. I'm wired that way, winter means cold. It doesn't have to be super duper cold for like 4 months. But temps around mid 50s during the day for a month or two would be welcome. We did have 2 weeks of cold ;) So lets get off the whiny train. MAC had a winterfest during which K, 1st, 2ND and 3rd grader sang each two songs about the winter holidays. It was really really cute.

Work has been crazy busy too, we just released a new version of our software and I have another project due on Jan 4th. It's interesting but I'm a little behind since I didn't get to start 100% on it until a few days ago. Well thank god for Stargate, VPN and multi tasking.
Next year is going to be very interesting on the work front, lots of redesign and new things to learn. Fun fun!

Besides that last week end was very social and it was really cool. Saturday morning I visited our friend in Encinitas. The kids get along pretty well for 5 and 3 year old and I really enjoy hanging out and chat with the mom. After that we came home, I made a feeble attempt at a indoor ride since the weather wasn't really cooperating with me. Now I'm complaining about the rain never happy ;)

We had neighbors for dinner and spent a nice evening.
Sunday I went running 7M with a coworker and ended up running only 6M more on my running difficulties later. Then I spent the afternoon with some other friend baking cookies while the kids were playing together.
That night, the husband joined us and we all went to dinner at a local Mexican joint. I had steak tacos and the meat tasted a little off... Well it was off I got terrible food poisoning that night. I have had my fair share of stomach flus, and food poisoning and I can
say this one was one of the worst. It lasted all night. I spent monday in bed. I emerged around 3pm took a shower, started a laundry, went to pick up the kids, cooked them dinner and made myself some fresh vegetable broth. The next day I felt better, went to work still a little shaky. I finally started to feel like myself mid afternoon.
On thursday that week we celebrated the release of our software by having lunch at a fresh seafood place in Point loma and we played pool at the Society all afternoon. The scallop sandwitch was really good and I was better at pool then I remembered.

That night I cooked for the first time in the week. I made jerked pork chop with sweet potatoes.
Friday was a busy work day and I had two kids party to attend. I was successful at being a attentive mom and a productive employee yay!

Well this week training got wiped out by my being sick on sunday night. I finally managed to put my sneakers on this afternoon, I also put my fuel belt on with water, cell phone and music. I looked like a total dork for a woopy 3.7M. It was hot and my body was tired. I hope I'm gonna get back on track because next week I have an 8M, then a 10M and finally a 12M. I think I like the triathlon training better. Although with a olympic distance I'll probably have to run longer.
Running has been hard over the past few weeks. My mental has completely left the building. I hope that I will get back the will to keep going. B is training as well and he is doing great. He is tired but he is much more disciplined than I am and he is also mentally a lot stronger. I sadly have a tendency to just give up and start walking. Then I kick myself in the butt, start running again and then give up.
More on that later.... Race day is a little over a month away!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Look ahead and rarely back

So today I was chatting with the friend which I didn't know at the time who gave me final nudge to sign up for my first triathlon about her next race. She is training for the Carlsbad half and so am I, I told her she could run with B while I'm puttering in the back. To which she answers.... in front on 12000 people. That's when I realize I rarely focus on the number of people behind me but on the one in front of me that I can never seem to catch up with ; )

So speaking of training, last week I ran in the evening alone, perfect run. It was cold, I was alone and started easy, eased into a good pace and finished strong. Overall probably a 4.2M at about 9min/miles. Two days later I decide that it would be more fun to run with someone, so I go ask one of my coworker if he wants to run with me. He is like sure why don't we do 6M, I didn't have that much time so we settled for 5M. Of course I start way too fast, and when he tells me at one point that we are doing 8:30 I know I'm in trouble. On top of that I had two dry toast in the morning a coffee and some water. Just not enough juice to sustain this crazy rythm. To cap it all he takes me on this trail which has a couple of very short but steep hills... Needless to say that I just died. Well even with all the walking we managed a 10min/miles nothing glorious especially when I was supposed to do a 9:15min/miles but ah well when I was running I was going that fast ;)
On wednesday I even managed to get myself in the pool. It was nice to swim for a change. Didn't push the pace tried to focus on the technique and did a nice 30 minutes. Saturday was our long run. We contemplated doing it together B and I eventhough we are not at the same pace at all more like 1 min apart but we couldn't find babysitting for the kids. In preparation for this long run we had a nice breakfast and I took water with me and nutrition and I just went at a very relaxed pace. I did stop a few times, once to drink water and eat my blocks... A few times I had to stop and ask myself why again am I doing this???
Anyways I finished the 9M at a very moderate pace of 10:40 but I did it wasn't completely exhausted my legs were a little tired but the breathing not at all.
Sunday my only window of opportunity to ride was at 8:30am and with chilly weather, no biking buddy and tired leg riding my bike didn't sound too good. I regret this miss ride because I haven't been on my bike in ages!!! I miss it ;(
Monday was off too because of bad bad weather. I was going to squeeze in a short run in the evening on the treadmill but instead I had to live early to make sure I could get to the childcare on time. After that well when I have to decide between a glass of wine and a bike ride at 9pm I do tend to chose the glass of wine especially when no races are looming in the horizon.
Today I absolutely needed to go run. Intervals were on the schedule however everybody decided to go running at the gym. Seriously the weather is perfect outside! So I headed out there, again started too fast then my head started playing the old record, why am I doing this to myself. This isn't pleasant. Maybe I should stop training and sell my bib etc...
Finish that 4M at 9:45min/pace avg and with some stops.
So yes I'm still trying to catch up to the person in front of me and who knows maybe pass them but oh boy this is tiring!
Tomorrow swimming brrrr it is going to be tough to go swim in an outdoor pool in 55F degre weather.
Stay tune

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Up the coast

Last week end in preparation of the trip I did loads and loads of laundry which are still in baskets but unfortunately not folded and put away. B very nicely cleaned up the car with the help of the kiddos.
Monday we packed up the car and off we went. Our first stop was Rubios about 5min away from home where we had lunch and a big ding in my car!!! Yeah someone completely missed their parking maneuver and ended up in my car but failed to leave a note and left me with a nasty bumper that will need to be fixed ;(

Angry we left on our vacation. Our first stop was Pismo Beach. We arrived around 5pm settled in a beautiful spacious and on the beach room. We then went for dinner to a steak place which served good food but was a little pricey and definitely too much food! Satiated we went back to the hotel. The kids looked at the waves for a while then we all went down. In the morning, the kids were very nice and let us slept in a little. They were too cute as they were playing together and whispering.
After a quick breakfast we took off and headed towards Monterrey.
We stopped in Moro bay to check out the rock there and look at the waves.
We then started our trip on the breath taking 101. It was really beautiful and we were amazed by the houses built on the side of the "mountain" just above the water.
We stopped to go for a little walk. The kids are in a great age and they are so curious and full of excitement. They love discovering new places.
We stopped in Big Sur for lunch but found that the food was overpriced but luckily still good. Since we had a run planned that evening we needed some fuel. We finally arrived in Monterrey around 3pm. The hotel was stunning. I am very happy for my find. B went for his run on the sidewalk of Monterrey while I went for a discovery walk with the kids. We saw sea otters in the ocean. We were on Cannery Row which is really pretty but also very touristy.
We got back to the room and the kids cozy ed up in the bed and watched a little TV, B came back and since it was dark and I'm such a wimp I opted to go run at the hotel gym.
The treadmill had a TV which was cool at first after I realize that there is really nothing interesting on TV. I did manage a 3.5M run at 9:20 min/miles which always pales in comparison to the 5M run of B but hey who is competing ;)
After a shower fresh clothes we went to get a drink downstairs and then off we went to get some food. Monterrey has mostly fish restaurants expensive and where any meat dish is outrageously expensive. The concierge at the hotel did recommend a little Hawaiian restaurant supposedly not touristy, but the stack of cards with his name on it raised our suspicion. However not finding anything, and the kids getting tired and hungry we bit the bullet and went there. I am so glad we did. It was a great place with very very interesting food and very good and reasonably priced.
After a great dinner, I had some jerked pulled pork and B pork tacos and some hot sake!
In the morning, after breakfast at the hotel we packed up and went to the Aquarium. The Old cannery underwent heavy renovation and was turned into an amazing aquarium. The tanks were absolutely amazing and so were the different exhibition such as the sea horses, the jelly fishes. After a few hours of checking out sea creatures, we hit the gift store, outfitted the kids with a shark shirt to continue the tradition and a jelly fish one.
We got back into our car and off we went towards Pacifica on the 1. I loved that part of the road. Maybe not as breath taking than the portion from pismo to Monterrey but more to my liking. Unfortunately, this is also a nature that calls my name. Maybe one day we will move to central/northern California...
We arrived in Pacifica after a lunch stop hit the store so that after 3 days of restaurant we could have some homemade food.
We arrived at our destination, the kids went directly to the yard where they found a much bigger and very excited Tulle. Finally I started cooking and everyone got here. We spent a very nice evening. The kids went to bed nicely and woke up at 8:45am!
Thursday was spent checking out the humongous waves, relaxing and cooking. Friday was really windy and after eating some french toast and bacon we went to Half Moon Bay and try to see Maverick. It was really really windy and the kids were cold.
We got back home around 3pm and we went for a 4M run. All was going well until mid nasty trail hill. After stopping a few times the way down was much better. Lesson: If you want to have energy for your run french toast and bacon 5H00 before are not good nutrition!
That evening we sampled some sake which eating sushi. Saturday morning we left at 10:30 and drove straight through to San Diego hitting some traffic here and there.
Sunday was spent reading for the adult. After that we dropped off the kids at the neighbor and we went on our long run which started with a nasty hill on which I had to stop again. Everything went well until mile 5 then I ran out of juice and my unstretched leg muscles started give me gried. The planned 8M turned into a 6.8M :(
Having to stop in a hill is so humiliating for me. It makes me soooo angry at my body. After that run I had the hardest time to get my warmth back.
Since we are on a health kick and are trying to both lose about 4-6lbs each I've loaded our fridge up with veggie and this is our weekly menu:
- Monday: Homemade butternut squash soup
- Tuesday: Steaks with green beans
- Wednesday: Chicken burritos
- Thursday: breaded fish or maybe sone brown rice breaded balls.
- Friday: Pork chops with sweat potatoes.

Something like that.... Today I'm running 4-5M tonight since a meeting was scheduled over my lunch hour ;( It will be either treadmill, Torrey Pines or around work.
Tomorrow I'll swim, thursday will be tempo, Friday nothing, Saturday 8-9M and Sunday bike ride.... next monday off I think.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Go mary go...

So as I am writing this post my triathlon friends just finished Ironman Arizona also known as IMAZ. It is her second shot at the race and she finished it in 12:31:54 that is in hours! I can't believe how someone can race for that long!
Anyways she finished 32/72 in her age group and I don't remember if she finished in her goal time but she still shaved about 2:30 or 3:00 faster than her last time!.

On my training front I have been lazy and also as a weak excuse I feel like I'm getting sick. Since I'm leaving on a vacation I'd rather not be sick so I totally bailed on my workouts this week end. It is hard as I feel like a total blob!
More later....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The battle of the triads...

I hate title so mine are really figment of my imaginations. Since I'm french I'm pretty sure they don't mean anything most of the time.
This one time though the title reflects the inner struggles that both B and I are facing every day. Being good parents, being good employees and being good to ourselves being the top ones. Why am I back to that subject of ranting... well today was Thanksgiving celebration at both MAC school and MEC daycare. This time I was planning on being a good mom and attend both events but of course I got a meeting scheduled from 10-3pm. So here goes my going to MAC thanksgiving pow wow. At least I sent B who was ranting because of his looming deadlines, the fact that the pow wow was from 10:45am until 12:30pm. I on the other hand left work at 3:15pm because MEC potluck was from 3:30pm until 4:30pm. I know we live in a neighborhood of mostly house mom and as full time (8-6pm monday through friday) working moms are a minority. But hello! Why potlucks and such can't be schedule from 5pm on so that we are not struggling between being great parents and great employees!
I came to the conclusion that B and I are somewhat different from most people. Not different as better but just different maybe just a different way to look at life.

Anyways enough ranting at least one of the parent went to each of the events. I am sure MAC pow wow was more entertaining than my potluck and I'm sad to have missed it.

This work interruption allowed me to come home earlier, drop the kids at the neighbor and go for a run with B. We were supposed to do a 3M tempo run which means a 9:15min/mile pace for me and 8:15min/miles for B. I ended up doing a 3M at 8:50 and B probably 8:15... I hate when I feel I'm hauling ass and keeping up nicely and then B tells me well I'm going to pick up the pace and off he goes as if we were just walking.

So here is the state of affairs. We have some people from work over for dinner tomorrow and for once I am preparing myself ahead of time. I am making a type of boeuf bourguignon where the mushrooms are replaced by some orange zest. This is nice and easy since it goes in the slow cooker overnight. I will be making our favorite Arugula salad to start, then the Daubes with polenta and to finish a type of Chocolate icecream with dried berries and roasted almonds... Still have to cook that one.
Anyways food is on the table.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SG1 VPN and Grey's anatomy

Oh Boy,I know all my posts start the same way! I can't believe how quickly time flies by.
What's new! Well on the training front last week was good, I went on a tempo run with a coworker last Thursday, and well it was good 3M 9:05 min/miles. The next day I decided to go for an easy run with the same coworker. His concept and my concept of an easy run run are not quite the same. I should stop whining though because I'm actually seeking for that pain and suffering and feeling of accomplishment. So the easy run turned into a 4M at 9:30min/miles. That day I didn't have time for lunch so my lunch consisted of a bag of fritos, and a can of pepsi. That night we had cheese fondue for dinner. So good, so yummy.

Saturday after the swimming lesson I went with the kids for a play date. It was nice, the kids had fun, I ranted for a couple of hours on how hard life is. About the fact that out of 20 people in my group I'm the only one who is part of a household with kids and the two adults are working M-F 8-5pm. I ranted about the fact that when I pick MAC from childcare he is usually the last kindergartener to go and that he is part of the 5 out of 60 to go to childcare every day from 12:30 until 6pm... Finally I ranted about the fact that we always seem to be out of money! Enough about the ranting.
After the playdate we actually stayed quietly at home. I started knitting the kids were playing quietly mostly and B was reading. After a couple of hours we started feeling really sleepy. We decided to shake it up and go for our run. The motivation level were not super high. MAC went on his bike, MEC in the stroller and us well we ran, slowly at first because of the slight slopes then much faster. All in all it was quite pleasant not the whole 6M that was on paper but hey we went.
Sunday was spent CLEANING as in cleaning by getting rid of clutter, so rewarding but still overwhelming. Then a big blank.
This week has been completely crazy at work and my training has been subpar ;( I needed to go for a swim on wednesday and well we had a team building thing that afternoon so well here goes the workout. Today I was supposed to go for a tempo run and I had a few super important slides to prepare and pfff no time to workout.
Tomorrow I have a meeting from 8:30 until 12:30! I will take an hour in the afternoon to go for a 4M run and try to push the pace... Pffff.... so much to do so little time.
Thank god for vpn and sg1 and grey's anatomy! The first two are the best to work from home and the second to relax the brain ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Need to post

I hate when I'm going to my friend's blog and realize that no new post will distract me from work for 5 min.
Then I realize that I haven't post since a long time either... Sometimes I'm wondering who cares about my training, who cares about what I eat how the kids are doing. But hey I love to read about other's accomplishment, hard day, partying.

So here it goes... After 10 days off training I started again but this time not for a triathlon. I decided to give the Carlsbad Half Marathon a second chance. Eventhough I did finish the race in a decent time I want to improve and also run the whole race. Maybe it will happen maybe not but at least I will prepare for it. I would like to cross the line at 2:05 which is a 9:30 min/mile.
I have to say that sunday while running at noon I was really wondering why did I chose another race, why did I set such an agressive goal.
Anyways in the mean time it will keep me in shape hopefully. So my regimen when I don't weasle my way out of a workout is:
Mon: Off
Tue: Run Interval
Wed: Strength or Swim
Thu: Tempo run
Fri: Easy run
Sat: Bike ride
Sun: Long run

Of course on week 2, I already weasled my way out of my swimming session. I can give a load of good excuses: Life is ectic, I'm tired, I have work to do etc.... But all of these are just bogus excuses!
Still on the training front, I decided to go biking with a coworker and a friend of his. A friend of mine started a website idropboys... She should have the different stages, first the iWishICouldDropBoys, then the iWannaDropBoys etc... well you are getting the picture. I think I'm at the second stage and I hate feeling like I'm just struggling to keep up and they just need to push on the pedals a little harder and I'm left in the dust. Of course my thighs are half theirs and half of mine are fat whereas they are all muscle...
Again excuses excuses but what great motivation when I feel like stopping my runs ;)

I swear training is not my whole life it is just one of the easiest thing to talk about.
Last week end was Halloween. MAC was really eager to decorate the house. I found some ideas online and so we made this big spiderweb with a bunch of black spiders. Then B carved the pumkins. One regular JackOLantern designed by MAC and the second one this weird goggly eyes goofy pumpkin with an alien exploding out of his mouth.
After my painful short bike ride, I proceeded to curl MEC's hair put a little bit of makeup to complete her fairy costume while MAC decked himself out with his Optimus Prime outfit.
We went trick or treating in the neighborhood and finished the evening sharing sushi with friends. It was awsome. No costumes, no parties very very laid back evening.
This will conclude the very exciting life of the coones family ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Priceless moments

The look on our son's face when he realized he can read simple books.
Seeing our daughter walking with a 6lbs bowling ball then just dropping it and seeing that ball rolling rolling so slowly.
Seeing a dog skateboarding on the boardwalk of PB.

Anyways lately life has been more than hectic. We are all exhausted but yet are going to be sooo late. I took a whole week off of training including the week end. It is amazing how long a week end with no run/swim/bike to do! Instead some lounging in the bedroom reading while the kids are playing somewhat quietly in their bedroom. MEC playing with her stuffed animals and dolls, MAC building star ships/guns and the like.
Yesterday was my first run since the triathlon and no I'm back to my training pace of 9:45min/miles. This was supposed to be an easy run but of course my competitive side kicked it a notch. I read somewhere that most of us have a tendency to train medium/hard never easy/hard...
Today I went to the gym for a 25min easy spining session and it was easy. My legs however feel very very tight these days. Lots of running for me in the coming weeks.
On the cooking front I am back on a health kick too many burritos, heavy dish...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Race report

So this sunday was my last triathlon of the season. Lets back up a second and put this race back into context.
I knew I was in good enough shape to finish the race with a decent time, but like every competitive and perfectionist person I know a decent time was not quite what I was looking for. I was afraid that my reduced time to train would not allow me to succeed as I wanted.
Thankfully I found a small group of very supportive women who have been super patient with me with my doubts and my whining and helped me "coach" me etc... That has really helped me a lot. B also is super supportive and eventhough running with him is a humbling and painful experience it makes me a better runner. In case you didn't notice I rarely go for the easy route.
So I have been very anxious for this race to come. The course was a little longer than the other sprint triathlon I did. The swim was 0.46M instead of 0.28M but in Mission Bay so no repeat of the Solana Beach Triathlon. The bike was 12.5M of flat and the run 5K so 3.1M of flat too. The course was actually the same than my first triathlon just a little longer.
I knew that I improved my bike. I was hoping to be able to improve my last run pace a little bit like below 9min/miles and the swim well was just the swim.
So I had a plan and the plan was to race hard and then not be depressed by the race results which is for me the hardest part believe it or not.
Anyways Saturday we go get the race packet and thus I knew exactly where to go the next morning. After much debate we decided that B and the kids would be waiting for me at home. I loaded up the car in the afternoon and I went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 4:15am.
I ate my pb&honey drank some water and was on my way. The parking lot was empty, the transition area still closed and only a few girls in front of me. I was calm a little anxious but otherwise calm. I found the perfect spot for my bike and set up. I always forget which side I'm supposed to put my stuff on. Thankfully a much more experienced triathlete helped me out.
The transition area was filling up. I did my transition walk, from the swim to the entry to my bike to the bike out etc.... I went to the restroom. Finally saw some familiar faces around 6:30am. I had a plan. Slow and steady for the swim, bike strong and steady, first lap of the run get into a pace and the last mile start increasing the pace until all out at the end.
The start of the race wasn't super well organized I have to say. I was thinking a water start but since they had you register your timing cheap I wasn't even in the water when the swim started. I didn't really realized we started until I saw the first girls swimming past the buoy. I got into my rythm of reach out and glide. It was pretty uneventful. At the finish I was with the slow slow from the wave before and the fast from the wave after. I didn't dwell as I knew the swim is my weak point. I made it out without being completely out of breath and I knew a decent time.
Since the start was so weird I didn't start my watch and thus I didn't have any idea of timing during the race.
I got to my bike and eventhough I had a prime spot at the end of the rack someone propped her bike against the rack and was a little but in my space. However I was still able to get out in a timely fashion. Hoped on the bike and got into a rythm. My pace was hovering between 17 and 21mph. I had to slow down a few times because the back of my knee started hurting a little and I felt my legs burn as well. Since I wanted a decent run I tried not to die to much on the bike. I did manage to gulp two chews in transition and to drink a little during the bike.
Looked at my overall pace which was a little discouraging at a 17.5mph. I decided not to dwell on this because I didn't want to be down for the run. I was in the race and if 17.5mph was what I could give so be it. Ran in transition, put my socks, shoes grabbed two more chews and a little of water. I started running my shoe was not perfectly confortable but ah well. I got into a rythm where I was running strong but also kept my breathing under control. If you had asked me I was running probably a 9:30min/mile. I find it so hard to gauge your pace after biking. I am lucky though because I don't feel the wobbly legs any longer. So I started the run nice and flat, and I feel good. I'm working hard but nothing major. I grabbed a little water at the first aid station. Then at mile 2 I start pushing a little because there's only 1M to go and then someone joins me and we start running together. I was tempted to ask for our pace but decided not to. If I go fast then I'm going to feel I'm going too fast and won't last and if I'm slower than I think I'm going to be deflated so I decided to just focus on my running.
The girl I was running with start talking with a friend and I decided to pick up the pace a little. By that time I'm breathing hard but I'm still strong and then I see the turn to the finish and I accelerate. I think I'm done when I step on the first mat and thus slow a tad down until I realize that the end is a few feet away.... Pass the finish line I have no idea what is the finish time. I don't even think about looking at my watch. I had a great race. I wander a little grab a bagel munch on it. Finally find the GoTribal girls, talk to them a little, ask Jackie if I can borrow her phone call B. He is like wao it is only 8:50... try to calculate my time, can't hey 8:50-7:12 is really hard. Talk to him for a few minutes. Give the phone back to Jackie. Finally look at my watch and see that it is only 8:46. Hmmm I did my race around 1:30 Yay!!!!
Drive home, take a shower and start trying to figure out how fast was my run. I calculated a 8:50 min/mile. I was super excited and was going to tell B when I thought hey lets check if they posted the results yet. Sure enough the results were posted: Finish time 1:26:03, 32/118 in my age group, swim 18:15 (not surprising), bike 18.8 mph better than on my computer that's because I didn't reset the darn thing duh!!!!, but most of all run 24:53 for 5K and that is a 8min/mile!!!!
I have never ran an 8min/mile before maybe during my brief sprints at the end of my runs!
I am over the moon, elated so stoked. I have proven to myself and to other that you can shine with little time, focused training, strong will, interest in pain and not real atheletic background!
The best part is that I know I can do better but I didn't feel I race to the point of dying. I know everything worked for me on that one. It wasn't hot, the course was flat. I trained well thanks to all the advice from the GoTRibal girls, Tanya Bobbie Mary. My support group, Rebecca, Jackie, Bryan, etc....
Now a week off and on to half marathon training!
Next year I will tackle my first Olympic distance!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last triathlon of season

Yeah yeah training and racing again. I swear to you have some other interest in my life. So tomorrow is my last triathlon of the season. I have been a nervous wreck for the past couple of days because of course I'm hoping and wanting to do well! Anyways I'm in the tunnel so cross your fingers.

This morning went on a playdate with the kids to see a friend in Encinitas. Always pleasant to chat with friends while sipping coffee while the kids beat on each other ;) After that we went to the new Corvette Dinner. It was really nice and we had a great time. The kids got balloons, love the new location and the ambiance. A little spaz for me but hey great afternoon.

B went surfing this morning then ran 6.3M and finished the day with a mountain bike ride!

MAC needs to do homework so 3-4 times a week we sit down together for 15 minutes and go through it. He has a journal in which he has to write entries. He can draw something and label it by sounding the letters in the word and writing them down. We are having a lot of fun. He had the halloween theme, with a ghost, a bat, and a Jack'o Lantern. It took two trys to get Lantern, then we had the charger's theme with the lightning bolt, the chargers (charjrs) and today he wrote "I sa a green corvet." I love seeing the evolution. He is learning so fast right now. He can now sound and read with a little help small words like CAKE, PIANO.
I also notice his progress in swimming. Anyways I find it fascinating.
MEC is following close behind and since she doesn't want to be left out she learns how to trace her letters while MAC does his homework. She can write A and M all over the place and she is now tracing a lot of letter pretty well.

We have been also reading a lot. We go through about 2-4 books per night. B has also started reading "Charlie and the chocolate factory". MAC loves it, every night he takes the book out so B can read another chapter. It so reminds me of the time my dad was reading us stories!
So tomorrow up at 4:00 am to be down at Fiesta Island at 5am secure a good transition spot. My wave starts at 7:12. A lot of the girls I know will be down there cheering us and it is sooo nice. B and the kids will be cheering from the house!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

can't keep up

OK So I haven't updated this blog in almost 2 weeks now! Not because I'm lazy well maybe a little. It is just that I'm crazy busy but when I'm going to narrate what Ive been up to I'm not sure it is super exciting. Unless you want to hear about my last swim etc...
So anyways lets do it short and sweet.
Last week was my last big triathlon training week. It also realized that for the past 14 month I have been working out at least 3-6 days a week! That is an accomplishment since in the past I would stick to a routine to stop 4 month later take a few month break and go back at it.
This coming sunday is my last triathlon of 2009. It is still a sprint distance but a little longer 750M swim instead of 450, 12.5M bike ride instead of 9M and a 5K run. I'm anxious because it will be my first tri I won't have as many friends there to talk to before the event and it is way too complicated to have B come with the family. Also this time I'm flying solo meaning no swim buddy.
This weeks training has been light, 2.9M on the treadmill pushing the pace a little to see how it feel to run at 8:30min/mile, swim today slow but steady and I will spin a little tomorrow or saturday.
The following week will also be light to recover and then I am tackling my half marathon training for january and a time goal between 2:10 (9:54 min/mile) and 2:05 (9:30 min/mile).
Besides training or working out life has been hell busy. I really need the 30 min at work I lost when MAC started kindergarten. I have given up on being able to handle laundry and hired B back! At this point I don't care how the laundry is folded as long as it is folded!

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary by taking the day off. After dropping off the kids to school, we went for a 6M run around Mission Bay, followed by brunch at the Mission cafe yummy! We spent most of the afternoon at fashion valley shopping, B found a pair of shoes and I bought the minni pants from JCrew. This year I'm totally going for the Audrey Hepburn look. I'm wearing flats 80% of the times.
In the evening we went to Market for dinner with our neighbour and had a fantastic time. This restaurant is amazing!

At home since Trader Joes keeps dropping all my no cook night items has forced me to cook more. My latest creation/find is Arugula salad and yes I even make the garlic croutons fresh each time I make the salad!
- Arugula
- Olive Oil
- Lemon juice
- Garlic croutons (bread, butter and garlic)
- Parmesan (sliced)
It is super fresh and really really tasty.

Tonight if I have enough grapes left I will try a new chicken recipe with grapes and white wine otherwise maybe burrito.
I have to say with the training and the clouds I crave comfort food and I'm satisfying every bit of that hunger. Monday I made gorgonzola pasta, Tuesday steak and mash potatoes and yesterday pasta with meat sauce...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pain, agony but fun

Yeah why each time I have a run date with B I'm up for some pain, agony and fun. By the way you did read correctly a run date is our latest. It is actually really fun when it isn't pain and agony. So today's flavor of the month, was a 4.5M trail run, my first one.
So a little background, I am super tired. I was sick last week didn't train for a week, started again on Monday and worked out every day since then. I got home and promptly changed in my running gear before I changed my mind. We dropped off the kiddos at the neighbor and started running. Oh boy the first 5 min are always so painful when you are tired. Of course as we approach the trail B tells me oh this run is going to be good for you lots of short, steep hills nothing long. The trail is sandy and I know this is going to be somewhat painful. I tried to get into my groove but it isn't easy on a trail as your rythm changes constantly with the terrain.
Anyways the first hill was painful but I didn't have to stop, the flat was not as forgiving though. I made the mistake to ask B what was our pace the answer 11:15 min/mile pace stopped me on my track. Unfortunately my perceived effort was more like a 9:30min/mile pace. I stopped depressed and a little crushed caught my breath and went back at it. I didn't ask how fast we were going I didn't care I just tried to keep up with B. I had to stop on a couple hills in the middle of the Grand Del Mar golf course but yeah I did complete my 4.5M run.
The run was painful but it was also the most amazing run because it was just plain beautiful. This is why I just love San Diego, I am in a city all day and then paf we are running in nature and then we are on a beautiful private golf course.
Anyways we got rained on at the end of the run which was also great.
Evening ended with a delicious dinner of fresh tomato sauce, olive, cream and mozarella.
Then I went down memory lane and put together three more photobook of our life, one for our amazing trip to Yellowstone, one of our trip to New York and lastly one of our trip to Seattle. The three trips we took besides visiting Montana, Northern California and France!
After a marathon of Stargate and Grey's anatomy yup we gave up Dexter for Greys anatomy. I guess we were just tired of crime shows.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I did it

I just completed my 45min bike ride on my trainer while watching Stargate. Nothing too extravagant but hey keeping a steady speed for 45min is quite more difficult than I anticipated. So now I'm starving and dinner is almost ready at 9:55pm! Chicken thigh wrapped in prosciutto in a tomato, wine sauce with rice. Yum Yum.
Now onto my next task after dinner will it be working or folding laundry or finally being lazy and just watch TV.
I just enrolled MEC to dance classes. She will be starting on Friday and I'm very curious to see how she is going to handle it. At least she is super excited to be dancing and being dressed as a princess oh boy. Anyways she was all excited trying her ballet flat, and tap shoes. I hope she will last longer than her mom 1 week really wasn't enough for me to learn anything about dancing which explains my lack of "talent"!

Too much

So the reason you haven't read any of my post lately is because there is just too much going on. I have simply too much todo. Trust me I hate admitting that as a person who wants to be able to do it all. So these are the things I'm focusing on, the family of course, work, training. Laundry is falling easily behind. Cleaning is good but folding and putting away well you know it is just nicely piling up in the laundry room.
Also since MAC started kindergarten I have a hard time working out at lunch eventhough as I am realizing working out at night is just not convenient. It is 8pm, dinner is simmering, kids and husband are getting in the shower, the flowers have been watered (yes I don't have a functional sprinkler system) and in 30 minutes I will start my 45min bike workout! Not really smart. I think the workout at lunch and working a little more in front of the TV is a much better solution.
Of course since I have 30 minutes and kids in need of shoes my lunch break was very costly!!! I didn't spend one cent for myself. I walked through Nordstroms and nothing but nothing is calling my name. This is how motivated I am to save money to be able to make money to be able to buy a house with a 30yr fix loan.
Other than that I have been sick all last week so my training has seriously suffered. Once my cold ended a cold sore started and since I'm a total moron when it comes to taking care of myself I thought a few pills would be enough to stop this thing in its track. I should know better! Now I have a big fat lip and the right side of my face is sensitive!
My last triathlon of the season is in 2.5 weeks yikes and I am a tad stressed out, and excited at the same time. I just registered the both of us for the Carslbad half marathon which is in 17 weeks! Now we have to train for it yikes again and find a baby sitter to watch the kids!

Ok 10 min spent on this post, now need to go help B with the kids read bedtime story, hop on my bike while watching Stargate and maybe we will have dinner at 10pm with a glass of wine. Maybe a little work in front of Grey's anatomy or folding laundry. Getting good at multitasking.
Life is crazy!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hmmm what's new

Life has been busy. Between, training work and kids I tend to crash on the couch in front of the TV show we are watching at 10:30pm! We are slowly adjusting to our new schedule. I had to put some of my workouts in the evening to be able to do all I have to do during the day.
On the workout front I have been doing good, kept my daily training with one day off a week. I can feel my running improving and my bike too. Swimming is another story. I haven't been in the ocean for so long I am a bit worried.
On saturday I have an open water swim scheduled and I am planning on swimming for 1M. I am actually looking forward to it.
MAC seems to be liking school a lot which is great. He needs to focus a little more on the task at hand but what's new.
Other than that BCC was sick earlier this week, then MEC started having some fever and we stayed home today and worked from home while watching her. I actually got quite a lot done with a background of blues clues. MAC was sent home earlier too since he reacts pretty badly to insects bite. His hand is swollen and also part of his face ;(
So today scheduled workout is out and that's just fine because I am tired. Tomorrow I will try to go for a run or maybe hop on my bike.
I have managed to cook nice meals this week, roasted chicken with potatoes and green beans, mushroom soup, tonight probably some pork chop or something.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Big decision

It looks like we decided against our yearly christmas trip to France this year. Instead we will stay home quietly and go for a longer trip this summer.
Tough because I won't see my parents for a whole year but then I think it will be a nice trip then.
MAC has been asking to go to France a lot lately I hope he will understand but this time everything is against us, time off and money! Maybe we will be able to organize a few days skiing somewhere.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Soooo as many of you know I'm pretty darn harsh on myself and my new found liking for triathlon hasn't helped either. Something that I didn't realize is that in the world of triathlon the most competitive age groups for women are 30-34, 35-39, 40-44 and probably still a little 45-49. I started in the sport at the beginning of the curve and since I'm pretty darn competitive I feel down because I have trouble placing in the first 50% of my age group. What I have a tendency to forget is that a) I haven't really done anything competitive in terms of sport in my entire life, b) I haven't really worked out that hard in my entire life i kept busy but nothing really major.
I am competing with people that have been collegiate swimmers or runners!
So a few days ago I felt pretty good about my upcoming race. Then I had the bad idea to look a little bit deeper. That's when I realized that I moved age group, I'm now competing in the 35-39 which is fiercer than the 30-34. Then I looked at the splits of previous year results to see what it would take for me to be in the top 40% of my age group. Well it is going to be tough!
So then I started my self pity/destructive game and whine I don't shine.

I firmly believe that most people shine one way or another. That you don't have to be Chrissie Wellington to achieve something amazing. Yes she has won every single ironman she has done and she has blown away the best time for women by a long shot. She represents that with hard work you do succeed. She isn't like the rest of us though the ones that have to fit their workout into a already busy life.
So why can't I aknowledge to myself that eventhough I won't probably make it in the top 40% of my age group that it is OK that it really doesn't matter. What matters is that I gave everything I got that I tried. That I can look back on that day and say given the circumstances I did all I could and I should be proud of that.
Well I'm working on that last part because really what is important isn't the race is the journey. I should be proud of the fact that even when I'm tired, busy I still put my tennis shoes on and go for a run etc...
So during my run yesterday since I was trying to motivate to push the pace to try hard to not give up to not stop I was thinking of all the people I know that shine and that believe in me when I don't.
To finish this weird pshyco babble post, "You haven't failed until you stop trying!"
I have to believe that I can succeed I have to believe that I gave all I could I have to stop that little voice in my head that says really are you sure you tried hard enough, are you sure you gave all you have!
Thanks to BCC my nb 1 fan who once said he loved me because I try no matter what I do whine a lot though but eventually I will try, all the people who lend a sympatic ear to my whining about being down not being enough, nevertap, bunny, bex, mary, nikki.
Thinking about how you shine everyday carried me through a 3.9M run at a 9:25min/miles and while some are faster than me. I was faster than a few weeks ago and that is the important part!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ocean blue ocean

Sunday I wanted to go for a swim. I toyed with the idea of joining the TCSD swim in Del Mar at 8am but of course when you wake up at 8am it is difficult to get places at the same time!
I wasn't too worried because there is always JCC but alas not lap pool on the week end! I didn't noticed that when I looked before. Neighbors called to invite us to go to the beach so off we go to Torrey Pines, I packed my swim goggle and cap since we had people to watch the kids and BCC could paddle with me.
When we got to the beach the ocean was all choppy, nice and warm though. After his surf session BCC dragged me to go for a swim. Yirkes, so much chop I literally half breast stroked and half free styled my way to a 20min swim. I have to say I had a few panicks attacks. I was definitely out of my comfort zone way out! But I made it, it was nice to not have a wetsuit but thank god for the board I could hang on to to catch my breath. I think I swam between 0.25 and 0.5M. After that felt nauseous, probably caused by all the salt water I swallowed berk!. I had a granola bar followed by some sun bathing. We packed up and started the marathon. Grabbed some lunch, dropped off the kids home, headed to TJ for the weekly grocery trip, rushed home, baked two upside down nectarine cake took a shower packed up the kids the to be cooked cake and headed to a BBQ pool party.
We spent a great evening with new people, saw what good teenager look like it is doable after all ;)
Today I want to do a BRICK, 10M bike ride fast followed by 2 miles fast. We will see what I can do. Other than that the day is open maybe meet some friends for some zoo action later in the afternoon and dinner....

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Yay, lately the solution to my blah mood, my put everything I do in questions, feel blah flabby etc... well you get the picture has been going for a good sweat session.
Tonight hasn't failed... It is funny the more tired I am the less in the mood I am to go for run the better I feel afterwards. So today I was heading out for a solo run and I didn't feel really motivated besides the fact that I was determined to go out. So when BCC tried to get the kids motivated to go with us in the stroller and was welcome by whining I helped to get them going. I knew with BCC on my side no way I was going to slack off! After some bribing, digging out some old headphone we put them in the stroller and off we went for a shorter run 3-4M. As I started running I felt my legs unwind and so I try to keep a good pace since the Garmin died I would say we ran about 3.5-3.8M in about 33:31 which is a pace between 9:30-8:50 min/mile pace... Anyhow it was a great run and now off to feed the kids, feed ourselves and enhoy our evening!
Some of my doubts and dark clouds are still with me but at least I felt strong tonight as I felt strong yesterday on the bike which means that my work is starting to pay off a little ;)
Off to prepare our dinner: Extra-Crusty Baked Rigatoni with Beef Rag├╣ and we are wondering why no matter what amount of exercize we are not losing the last 5lbs! To be honest with you if my fridge was offering more than leftovers I would gladly add to that meal a huge crunchy salad! But alas my last bit of salad was quite nasty looking ;(

Life doubts

Pfff I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this blog.
First of all MAC started kindergarten this past monday!!! He was doing quite well, his filled with excitment in the prospect of a new school, new friends learning new things but also apprehension. The one who didn't react very well was MEC. She didn't like the fact that her brother would now go to a different school. We are all adjusting to the new schedule and I must say it makes life a little crazy right now... Wait you will say really right now ; )
Yeah yeah well a little more than usual. As a true daycare kid the first thing he said to me was why all my friend are not staying with me all day! Yeah he has to learn that everyone doesn't get dropped off at school at 8 and picked up at 5:45pm! The joy of being a fulltime working mom in the US!
So yes I won't hide hide I have a hard time adjusting to the fact that out of 60 kindergartners only 15% are staying in after care program after 2:30pm and I only have met 3-4 when I have been picking MAC up!
This choice was always clear to me. I love what I do for a living. I don't do it by necessity I actually love and embrace the challenge. I believe that I am a better mom because of it. I do reserve my evenings and my week ends to them we mostly do things as a family. Anyways lets try to leave the self doubt behind...
So since a demanding full time job as a software engineer, two young kids wasn't enough lets talk about my training. I have to say that this helps me keep the stress level down and I am very grateful for this time I take for myself.
Last week end my training went on pause because of life and family activities. On tuesday I went on a run with BCC and let him chose the route. I knew that it wouldn't be easy since we were going for 4M he wanted to work hard and thus this meant hills! So off we go South on Carmel Country Road towards and I knew this would be brutal because I use this hill as a training for my bike hill training. It was still quite sticky and we started at a decent pace. As we started the hill we saw someone walking up ahead and this person didn't get closer fast enough.... I was huffing and puffing trying to keep my breathing under control but not slow down at a slug pace more like a turtle pace ;) So of course BCC to say come on we can't let this guy arrive at the top of the hill before us... I snapped promply at him because 1) I did see the dam walker and did realize how slow I was going and I was pissed off and 2) I was honestly doing the better I could... It was a great 4M run though. On wednesday I did a trainer session about 45min and I started at 8pm! Thursday was a quick swim (30min) during which I focus on wipping the water and try to get more speed. Finally friday since I was off and that a friend really really nicely took care of MEC I was able to go biking with another friend and we did almost 30M at about 14.5mph.
Now I'm off for a longish run (5-6M) we will see. I feel rather tired and sluggish right now I hope I will get more motivated as I start. It is going to be hard though since I'm alone.
Tomorrow I'm planning on swimming. If I can make the TCSD group swim at 8am in del mar it would be great otherwise I will go to the pool. Monday I'll try to go biking again!.
OK off to put my running clothes and run my doubts away and hopefully come back with a big grin.

Life is a little crazy right now... Really just right now ;) yeah well a little more than usual I guess or it's
Anyways, training has been doing pretty well. I had a 4 day break last week not because I wanted to but more because life got in the way. I had to let it go. Two weeks ago I did a couple session on the spinning bike we have at the work gym and oh boy these workouts are tough. However it gave me good ideas on how to train at home on my trainer.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home cooking

If you have followed my blog you should know that I am very opiniated when it comes to food. First of all I'm french and I grew up in an environment where a home cooked meal was served every night. Hey I even had breakfast with my parents until I left home when I was 23!
I am fortunate in the sense that I learned how to cook and it is now part of who I am. Cooking does come naturally for me. As we are getting older the weight tends to stay on. B and I are very fond of good food but we also want to be lean. I am making an effort to shop for the whole week, plan my meals in advance because it is better that way and with 2 kids a full time job I just don't have time to go shopping more than once a week in more than one store. I rather save that time to play with the kids or go for a bike ride.
Naturally I have my low week when nothing sounds good, when everything is frozen and at 9pm I haven't started anything. In general we try to keep our restaurant outings to one during week night and probably one or twice during the week end for brunch/lunch or dinner.
Why did I start on that post, because I went to a triathlon meeting last friday about nutrition. The core of the business that hosted us very nicely bugs me. They offer custom meals nutritious and balanced delivered to you. They are catering to people who don't like/know how to cook and rather go eat out every night. They advertise their product as time savings because you take out the shopping for/preparing/and cleaning after the meal, calorie controlled and also probably better for you.
Remember cooking comes naturally for me, it is a way for me to unwind after a long day at work. I do take pleasure putting together something new, something tasty and present it nicely for just the two of us. Hey I even cook for myself homemade soups when B is on a business trip. I tend to forget that everyone is not like me nor they want to be. Eventhough it really pisses me off when people advertise cooking healthy as time consuming I do understand that some people like it. The only thing is that at the end of the day you still depend on someone else, that you still have to plan days in advance what you are going to eat and this time you cannot accomodate your ingredients differently. For instance when I buy my ingredient for the week (meat, vegetables) I usually can swap things out and if on Saturday asianish pork with baby bok choy sounded good on tuesday I may rather have something more like a slow cooked pork with Italian flavors and polenta. I truly believe that you don't need to cook elaborate meals to put something both tasty and healthy. The key to success is a well stocked pantry, freezer and fridge. My mom bought me this awsome cook book called "They will be there in an hour". This book is filled with recipe to put together a whole meal in an hour. It also tells you what you should have in your pantry. Now for those of you who aborre the kitchen yes please go ahead and order your custom meals online. But for those of you who don't cook because it seems so complicated and so time consuming there are a lot of recipes that can be put together in a small amount of time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

runner's high

So last week I had an awsome run with my friend. I have the cooler temperature in the evening are so welcomed by me. I am definitely a cooler weather runner. This week I diligently went back to my training. I decreased the load though because I honestly cannot get up at 6am when going to bed at 11:30pm. I can't go to bed earlier when the kids are in bed at 8:30 and we don't have dinner until 9pm.
So I decided instead to spread it out therefore I have something to do every day and if I'm courageous well I can always to a double day. So Monday I went back to the pool after a 4 weeks stop. I think the Solana Beach triathlon and the awfully hard swim somewhat scared me and I have been avoiding the water. I think I was low on sugar eventhough I had a small (tiny some may say) before going. When I got out of the water I was seriously nauseous. I managed to swim 1200 yards in 30min.
Tuesday I was planning on going for a run with JE. She bailed on me and Pawel invited me to celebrate his birthday at his favorite mexican place with other coworkers. Since I'm usually totally asocial by lack of time I decided to postpone my run to thursday and do a trainer workout that evening instead. So here I am eating like a pig instead of working out but it was really nice. I couldn't believe that place though, they serve california burrito the size of someones head! I settled for one carne asada taco a little bit of bean.
That evening I was only able to put in 35min of my planned 45min session but my heart beat was in the 90% Heart rate zone most of the time.
In the meantime I got convinced to sign up for an aquathlon on thursday night. An aquathlon consists of 1000 meter swim at La Jolla Shores followed by a 3Mile run. I didn't feel like going but I know that in order for me to get better I need to get out there. Force myself out of my comfort zone. On the bright side I was going to be with some of my trigirls friend. Since thursday was going to be a swim and a run I decided to take the day off especially because I was going to have lunch with my friend D. Unfortunately she cancelled on me and I was going to go to the gym for a strength session when Bunny walked in my cube and invited me to lunch. Since she moved out of the "guetto building" I have barely talked to her so I eagerly accepted the evite and had a great sushi lunch! Late last night Mec woke up with a fever so I knew my aquathlon was jeapordized since I would have to share the day with B. I ended up working from home the whole day. B wanted to go for a run so we decided that we would go together and he would push the double stroller. Then we decided that it was time for Mac to bike while we run. So the caravan started B in the front with Mec in the stroller. Mac followed on his bike chattering away and I closed the procession. We started at a good pace of 9:15-9:30 min/miles. We ended up running 3.5M at probably 9:30-9:45 min/miles pace. It was awsome not only I didn't feel that tired but it was so awsome to be with the whole family. I think we are going to make that a weekly routine! Did I mention that today I really didn't want to go for a run, I was really tired and sluggish. I don't know what kind of day tomorrow will be since I don't think Mec will be ready to go back to school all I know is that I will make the time to do something for 30-60 minutes ;)
On another note, a friend of mine from work gave me a set of wheels for my bike and since I rather have an extra back wheel to use on my trainer. I bought a rear cassette which arrived on monday. Of course I don't know anything about bikes I needed tools to be able to install the darn thing on the wheels and then the wheels on the bike. I think I'm going to bring the whole thing to a bike store and have the guy show me and teach me a little bit more. In the mean time I'm going to have to fix my first flat before this week end bike ride. I will also try to make an appointment to look into putting aerobars on my bike!
All in all my training is puttering along. I'm keeping the consistency trying to add volume when I can but foremost I try to enjoy myself while pushing myself a little and live that busy life of ours in harmony. All I can say is that when I feel tired, cranky, depressed it usually happens the day I haven't worked out and it means I need to go do something anything!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday night already!!!

Friday I had a swimm planned! I was going to try to hook up some of my trigirls friend. However the stars didn't aligned. First they had a crazy 2m swim planned. Let's face it I wasn't feeling a 2miler at the cove. My last swim was the solana beach tri!!! I wanted only to do a 1m swim. Then I had a lot of work todo since Thursday night was spent mostly sleeping off a light stomach bug!
To top it off B had an evening meeting and I was therefor on picking up duty. I was going to go to the pool when my friend JE told me she was planning a 7M run that evening! after some Im exchange we decided to meet up that evening for a7m run in my neighborhood followed by dinner! At 6:30pm that night we slowly got started! It was great because she forced me to keep a slow pace 10:30 min/miles. As a result I felt great and eventhough we opted for a shorter run we did push ourselves and did a nasty hill! This was my first longish run 6m in a long time and it felt good! this also helped me shake off all my frustration!
We had a great evening with friends we had a little wine, simle food and finished the evening by watching Daniel Tosh!
Saturday morning we woke up a little groggy from the late might. We then headed to UTC to grab a bagel some coffee and my new sunglasses. Our next stop of the day was our friends D&B in Encinitas to celebrate J 5th birthday!
The kids had a blast on the big inflatable water slide that was in the yard. After some pizza, cake we headed back home. The boys went for a long bike ride they got lost in the bushes. I was planning on riding myself but since B didn't get home before 6pm and that at that time stomach was growling we settled for dinner at Fidels. We had a great evening.
The next day was Mec's birthday party. We know that the kids love it but we hate the whole organization of the event and the fact that a 2 hour party is taking our whole day! selfish I know. Anyways the party was nice i made cupcakes using my usual chocolate lava cake recipe. I then put some premade icing on it with tons of sprinkles of all kinds.
Then to get rid of the tension the day brought I went for a very quick ride. Then we kicked back and relaxed for the rest of the day....

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I know this post is petty but I need to vent.
So if you remember a previous post, I lost my prescription sunglasses the week end of my last triathlon. I had a frustrating trip to Lenscrafters (see previous post) when I found the perfect pair of sunglasses but I had to pay the polarized lenses eventhough I wasn't going to use them. Anyhow, after a few weeks not using sunglasses I finally decided to go back to lenscrafters and buy the darn sunglasses. Well here I am with my prescription credit card in hand but of course now the model I chose is too curved (wrapped around) and thus can't be used with my prescription.
I had to spend 270$ on a frame that I only marginally liked arghhhh.
Since I have been trying to look at the bright side, I didn't spend as much money as I expected and they were ready in an hour.

My other frustrating experience is when I realized that I won't be able to go to both my company picnic party and my son's best friend birthday. One being held in mission beach with no reserved parking from 10-3pm and the other one taking place in Encinitas from 11-2pm.
We had to write a 25$ deposit check to cover the loss in case of a no show. Since I had to cancel pretty late I was expecting to lose that deposit and I was OK with that. As I was going to go pick up my tee shirts since I lost my deposit I was told that since I cancelled I couldn't get my tee shirts. Curious I asked more questions, and I was told that the tee shirts would be given to another family that was on the waiting list. So basically, they found someone to take my spot, so my early cancellation notification prevented any money loss, yet I still lost my 25$ deposit. I know it is only 25$ but on principle I don't find it fair. I shouldn't have lost the 25$ if someone is going to take my spot!

To cap it all off, I went to Von's to do a few errands. Of course I put a bottle of wine and some beers in my cart. Eventhough I will be soon celebrate my 35th birthday I get carded all the time. Of course this time wasn't an exception and I gave my ID. What I didn't expect though is because my drivers license is expired it isn't a valid ID and so my beer and wine went under the counter. I was pissed this is ridiculous it's not like I'm even close of not being 21! The cashier told me that they were open until 1AM to which I answered I wasn't that desperate ;) I know they are just doing their job but come on! I barely have time to work, do my errands, workout and do all the things that I have to do on a daily basis without having to waste 4H00 at the DMV. I did make an appointment but it isn't before like the end of this month! So what I'm going to have to send B do the grocery shopping so that I don't have to go twice!
I know I should not be affected by such petty things. Sometimes when I am tired I have a harder time to shrug things off. This week is one of those week. I do need to keep looking at the bright things because in the end it isn't worth getting depressed/sad over this.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I don't even remember when I last blogged. But I am sure I can safely start at my training. I have spent so much time figuring out the balance of my week. How I should train, how many time I should train what etc... to finally just put it all in the trash because 1- these days I just can't get up in the morning 2- Since I'm not putting so much volume I can safely train every day and the recovery week I can give myself one or two days off.
My weekly training will look like that: Monday swim 1500yds min, Tuesday run 4-5 M, Wednesday strength training, Thursday bike 45min or 60M, Friday swim 2000yds, Saturday bike 120 min or 90 min, Sunday run 6-7M.
Every 4 weeks I will have a recovery week where I decrease all activities.
After brain stormin torturing my brain on how to improve speed, talking to people to death about that I realized that in the early stage of triathlon or any other endurance sport what matters is the best. Just get your miles in even at a slower pace and improvement will follow.
Besides that, B's brother, his girlfriend and their lab puppy came to visit us. We had a blast I love watching the kids interact with their uncle/aunt/grandparents. They also had a blast with the dog. She was the cutest thing.
B's cousin was also in town and the cousin living in San Diego spent most of the week ends with us. In short we ate a lot, drank a lot and had a great time. I did manage to get a 2H00 bike ride with a trigirl. I had an absolute blast. It was fun we chatted a lot of the way but still managed to get a good workout.
On Sunday we went surfing and after 11 years living in San Diego and multiple surfing experiments I stood up on my board. In the white water but still. B bought a new long board for the family and us and it was really fun.
Monday I went for a run with B 3.5M at 9:30 min/mile pace. I always have that 2 min where I give up on the run about half way through. This is what I have to work on.
On tuesday everyone left so we were back to our little unite and it was nice. Of course I have a ton of work and MEC was sick this afternoon. She seems to be doing OK right now but who knows how long that is going to last.
BTW I haven't been able to go swim since Solana....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Short maybe long summary

So what has been happening in my life those past few days. I still haven't replaced my sunglasses. As I mentionned earlier I saw the perfect pair of Oakleys but the color I like is only available in polarized and I hate to spend an extra 55$ for lenses that I'm not gonna use anyways.

On top of it I have been thinking about doing Lasik for my eyes to avoid spending a fortune each time I need a new look or I misplace/break my glasses. I haven't made a decision and I do really need a new pair of sunglasses.
Last thursday I took my day off hoping to be able to fit in a 2H00 ride ahahah if running around packing is considered a ride then yes. I did manage to go to a bike store and talk to one of the guys. I felt like I had a big $ sign tattooed on my forehead kindof like I show up at a mechanics. I was asking about upgrading my bike a little and putting aerobars. I have talked to a lot of people and they all recommend it. Now I'm all excited.
So we left that day to visit my father in law in the Shasta Valley which is just off the 5 freeway about 13H00 from here. We flew to Redding arrived there at 10pm. We spent most of our time there in the swimming pool. The kids had a total blast and spent some quality time with their grandfather, the cats, looking at the vegetable garden (so jealous) and the chickens. On the last day we went to the Shasta mountain to go walk a little bit and we saw the end of a century ride... The end was going up the mountain about a 14M climb but so beautiful. I was drooling with envy. I don't think I'm in good enough shape to make that climb just yet but it looked very appealing.
Then we went to dinner in the best Thai/Vietnamese/Laos place ever smack in a small town. We flew back the next day, arrived at home after 11pm.
Since then life is back to its crazy self. After a week off training, I'm trying to figure out my training strategie for my next event in October. I was all about improving my speed like every single person out there. After bending a few peoples ear about how to train to get faster yadi yada I decided to just focus on building up the pace and strength. If I do all this then speed will come. This is what I am going to attempt:
week 1: 1-2Swim/3Bikes/2Runs/1Strength
week 2: 1-2Swim/2Bikes/3Runs/1Strength

My schedule is going to look like that:
Week 1:
Mon Off or easy swimm
Tue Bike AM
Wed Strength (swim AM if not done on Monday)
Thu Bike AM / Run Lunch
Fri Swim
Sat Long Bike
Sun Long Run

Week 2:
Mon Off or easy swim
Tue Run Lunch
Wed Strength (swim AM if not done on Monday)
Thu Bike AM/ Run lunch
Fri Swim
Sat Long Bike
Sun Long Run

If I am very couragous and I feel good I could probably double up both tue and thur and thus have 3B/3R but we will see. For now I would like to do a hill repeat on the weeks I have 3 bike workout and same for the run.
That's the plan. So this morning I got my butt out of bed at 6am to go ride. I did an easy ride because I was dog tired (didn't sleep very well) and thus I was sluggish. I still logged in 11M in 42min. Yesterday strength session left me really really sore. I can't barely move my pecs, bicepts. My inner thighs and abs are sensitive!
Finally to wrap up this lengthy post, we sent the kids to the circus with their uncle. We weren't too sure about this since it is at night, it is their first show besides Seaworld and Disneyland, which were both too loud. They seemed to be all excited and we haven't heard the phone yet.
We are also expecting my brother in law, his girlfriend and their puppy tonight. They will be staying with us through the week end.
Tomorrow I will try to go to the pool (probably at lunch time) saturday I am super excited since I'm going riding with a girl I have been wanting to ride with for a looong time and who has been so supportive and helpful. Yay MK!
Unfortunately other of my friends won't be there but another time RD & Bex.
I am not girlfriend type of girls. I mean I like to talk clothe and fashion but I am so much happier in an art store and now bike store. Bunny was awsome to train with but she went to the dark side of Yoga (jk) where I couldn't follow her and I miss our runs side by side huffing and puffing listening to our music, running together but still in our zone. I think I found a new running partner at Illumina JE and some riding and swimming partners that are into their training but who I can still follow.
One last funny annecdote, on tuesday I was planning on running with JE and I grabbed my sports bra, my running shoes and a towel. As I was looking for my stuff in the car before heading to the gym and change I realized I didn't have shorts! I asked all the girls around for a pair of something Michigan's full trunk only offered a pair of slacks. I wasn't about to give up my run for a forgetful event. As I was heading to Sports Chalet to buy a pair of shorts, a guy that I knew was just finishing his run. Shamefully I asked him if he didn't have any pair of shorts. He offered me a clean pair (not the one dripping off sweat) saying jokingly I hope they will stay on your body. I go to the gym victorious, put the shorts on and to my dismay they fit perfectly!
Some of the Solana Beach pix
This is me coming out of the water after 17min swim for 0.25M 80/88 looking exhausted

This is me on the bike chanting you can do this you know how to do this. I was able to maintain a 16.8mph avg speed.

Finally me crossing the finish line 49/88 and 9:06 min/miles pace for the run!

Stay tune.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Lately I have been losing my mind. Stuff keep disappearing and it is so very frustrating because when I try to remember when I had the item in my hand I just draw a blank. Our spare key mysteriously disappeared about 1 month ago. If course after countless hours raking my brain and trying to remember what I did with the darn thing I gave up. Sunday looking in my little backpack I find my glasses hard case and inside the darn key. MEC decided to put it there don't ask me why. The joy of finding the spare key had a short life since I misplaced my sunglasses. I wouldn't mind so much but unfortunately I need prescription which puts the cost of a new pair of sunglasses in the neighborhood of 300$. I am seriously considering LASIK since I have lost like 2-3 pairs of glasses so far!
So today I ditched my scheduled run to go to lenscrafters instead since I am not elligible for anything until october. I find 3 pairs of sunglasses I like, 1- Cannot put RX on of course the cheapiest, the one I really really like is an OAKLEY with polarized lenses which I have to pay for eventhough I will remove them to put polarized prescription lenses on it! Of course they need my vision prescription thingy which I don't have and they have to custom order since only OAKLEY can put the prescription lenses on their glasses... Since the guy annoyed the heck out of me I decided to give up! So here I am annoyed, without sunglasses and my lunch break wasted on this stupid thing!
I should have gone for a run. We are leaving for vacation tomorrow and I have no idea what I'm gonna do to survive without sunglasses for a whole week end in the sun!
I am going to have to take the house apart to find those damn glasses! Comeon how far can they have gone without me!
So that is for the frustration...
Yesterday the race splits were finally posted on the website. I came out of the water 80/88 and managed to finish 49/88. I am pretty dam proud of that. I am not super thrilled with my bike split, need to work on that and I am pretty pleased for my 9:06 min/miles pace for the run. It did feel like a slow run except at the end when I couldn't breathe anymore....
I am enjoying well trying to enjoy a week of rest. I am trying to go for a bike ride tomorrow but I am not very hopeful.
I am also mentally and getting ready for my next race which is in 12 weeks. I am going to put together a focus training plan. The main goal being to improve my biking seriously. If it had the side effect of improving the run that would be even better!
Next race US Women Triathlon series Mission Bay (thank god no waves) 750M swim, 12.5M Bike, 3.1M Run. This race is a little longer than my previous, 300yards more to swim and 3.5 more miles to ride.
I am looking forward to our few days in the Shasta Valley coming up.
I have also started using this evil iPhone app called "Lose It" t helps you track your calories which is something I have tried to avoid for a long time. I am just doing it to learn how to know my portion size. Of course yesterday I blew by my calorie count by being extremely greedy. I was starving but paid the price later as I felt so stuffed before going to bed. I hate feeling full. I need to feel like I am satisfied but maybe on the hungry side. Anyways to lose 1/2lb/week and reach my goal of 108lb which may not be reasonnable I need to eat about 1450cal/day without counting the exercize.... I'll keep you posted on my progress. Speaking of which I better enter the info in my iphone

Monday, July 27, 2009

quick update

I have been wanting to post but it is late and I'm tired... So just a very quick post to say, I finished my second triathlon Solana Beach tri. The swim was brutal, of course after 4 month of flat ocean a big swell had to appear out of nowhere just in time for the triathlon. Surf entry and exit in 4-5 foot wave not fun at all. Thanks to Brian Long for being my swim buddy that day and dragging my butt out and then back to the beach. The rest went decently well, I am waiting for the splits and more time for a more in depth report! I manage to finish 49/88 of my age group at 1:20:34 I wouldn't be surprise if I got out of the water 78/88.
I am taking the week off, I'll try to go run once or twice. After that I will get ready for the last triathlon of 2009, thank god it is in the bay, no chance of a big swell right ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sooo busy sooo little to report

I haven't posted in ages. Time has been flying by at Mach 3 or even 5 speed. So since I have been dropping the kids off and picking them up I feel like my life has all of a sudden filled up. Maybe it is because the whole family leaves at 7:50 in the morning and is home at 6:15pm! Maybe with the summer being there the kids want to either play in the park or in the pool that we have in the backyard. We bought one of those 8feet pool and it is awsome.
Maybe it is training, or all the work I have to do, or just being a mom and all.
Anyways training does keep me sain by helping me releasing all that tension.
My training is a little out of wack. I am tapering this week since my next sprint is this sunday. I was all prepared for the woopie 1/4miles swim, 9M bike ride and 3M run before B told me about this big deep swell coming. I mean come on surf has been flat since march. Like Lake Torrey Pines flat, and the day of my triathlon with ocean swim the waves may be as big as 8ft! I am just not happy about that at all. I guess we will have to play it by ear.
Dude two week ends ago I even dragged my butt out of bed at 5am for a TCSD club beginner race. I realized that I was really a slow swimmer ah well, a bike with potential and a decent runner. I have to admit as the race approaches, my high dreams of beating my times are evaporating and at this point I just want to do the best I can and just have fun! Will I improve will I not is a big question! If I do great, if I don't well at least I tried!

The next race is October 17th, and back to a bay :)
We also had a unpleasant news as the church in our backyard (well not really in our backyard but just outside of it) started the construction of their community center. When we bought the house 4-5 years ago I remember quite well that this building wouldn't affect us but of course it will. We weren't too happy to know that a big 28ft tall building would be erected right outside our windows. I believe the most frustrating thing is that we can't even pack up and leave. We simply can't sell and afford a new house at this time. I hate hate feeling trapped.
On that note I am going to bed cuz I am really really tired.

On the house side, I have been cooking a lot. I have picked a lot of tomatoes from my poor ratty looking tomato plants. I can't figure out if they have too much or too little water. My herb garden is doing really well and I have been using thyme, oregano and basil yum yum.
Next year I will try other vegetables!