Thursday, September 23, 2010

So so sad

What is happening you must be thinking first post in month (yeah life is hectic and boring at the same time) and it is titled "so so sad".... Well it refers to my luck with Gilt purchased. First I found this really pretty and quite sexy bared back dress for my brother in law's wedding which was well 1/2 inch to small at the waist.. I mean come on you gonna be too small can you be at least 2 inch too small!
So after returning the dress on time yay! I waited for the couple weeks in took to have my credit available. I found this really pretty pair of Charles Jourdan shoes open toe interesting back and a big heel. But hey on the picture a 4" heel is well pretty. On my foot though it isn't. I guess a 4inch heel on a 9" foot just doesn't work that well. I have to say it was stretching some unknown muscle in my ankle but besides that it look quite ridiculous and quite frankly I could barely make it across the room.
I believe I will stick to the 3" and below heel!