Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Low follows high

The high was to complete a half marathon. This victory has left me emotionally drained. I have carried that wish, toy with this idea for about 7 years and now that I've succeeded what!
On monday I had the blues and my IM buddy wasn't there to chat with me. Tuesday was a bit better but being stuck on a problem at work kindof deflated me. Today was the day though, I finally blasted through this issue at work and the blues has left me.

However my body needs to exercize I do feel really lazy not doing anything but very tired nonetheless. I will start by a bike ride on saturday or sunday then back to my crazy workout routine.

Monday rest, tuesday run, wednesday swim, thursday run, friday off, saturday bike, sunday run. My goal is to try to maintain a 15-20 mile running week!

I also have to start studying for a CS exam. Since I have an all biology education and 7 years of programming experience in an academic environment in a scripting language. In short in means not much for my career unfortunately. Thus, if I want to advance and make any progress in my field I need to educate myself. Why did I chose a field which changes so much!!!!
This only means that I have to be more productive at night. Two nights a week instead of watching our favorite show I just need to study a little.

Sometimes I just want to retire from my somewhat intelectual job and give way to my more creative side. Unfortunately I know I will miss the intelectual side of things! Are we ever happy!
Speaking of which, someone saw the wedding flowers I did for Jess and wants me to make theirs. I think I'll give them a proposal and we will see where it goes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The challenge.. where it all started

I have always tried to run but never really enjoying it. I always had side aches, never found my pace etc... So of course when I met Bryan who was running every other day 5 miles like clockwork, I assured him that I would never run but would swim in the swimming pool. Famous last words! (I even assured my mom the day I stepped on the plane for San Diego that she shouldn't worry since I was NEVER going to live in the states.) So back to running, I wasn't taking into account that each time I would go walk around mission bay I would see hundreds of runners. I can't resist peer pressure. Also the sedentary american lifestyle and the food added about 5 unwanted lb to my french stature. So alone I put on my shoes and I started to run and soon enough I was running around the bay with Bryan. One day I got the strange idea to run a half marathon. So I decided that I would run a half marathon before I was 35.
So of course I procrastinated, had 2 kids (good excuse) and finally since I didn't want to start by the La Jolla half or run in August I decided to go for the Carlsbad half.
When I told Bryan that I would run the Carlsbad half marathon in January he first said that is great! Then when I told him it would be 3 weeks after our 3 week trip to France, he added sternly not a chance. I understand his doubts since I never really committed to any sports for more than 3-4 months in a row.
I started my training very early because in the end I wanted to make sure to keep at it even after the race. The miles started to add up. A 3 mile run turn into a 5. Some were easy some were not but I was progressing. During christmas I didn't run as much since I had 103 fever and a bronchitis which left me KO for 3 days.
The day of race came and I had two goals 1- to finish the race 2- to try to finish it anywhere between 2:15 and 2:10 (which is about 10:30 min/mile to a 10 min/miles).
The day before the race we had some friends over and I cooked some very very yummy pasta with meat sauce and a tarte tatin. We had a very very pleasant evening with less wine than I am used to.
I watched an episode of Bones and then went to bed at 10pm. All day I feared a UTI which I think was just caused by stress.
I got up at 5:15am, got dressed, ate breakfast and left a very sleepy household. Jessica and Ryan very very nicely picked me up and we were dropped of at the event 1 hour before the race started. Both Jessica and myself were a little tensed. I was very stressed to be honest.
We bummed into some coworkers, and finally we went to our wave.
We had the race all mapped out but the most important part of the plan was to pace ourselves at the beginning. That was hard because everyone is going way to fast but we did maintain our speed. Of course at mile 4 my left knee started to call my attention. I did maintain my 10 min pace up to mile 8 but then both my knee were really hurting. So I started to have to walk a little, then forcing myself to run again on and off until mile 12.1. By then I was really pushing through the pain, my weird stride was probably hurting me more than helped but hey I kept on going. I promised Bryan that I would finish and I would have been very disappointed if I gave up.
I managed to finish at 2:20 min which was a 10:42 min/mile.
I did run the last mile and even sprint (maybe not that fast) to the finish line.
Then I felt so lonely in a sea of humanity. I didn't have cell phone stupid shorts. I didn't expect to be separated from Jessica that we didn't really chose a meeting point. Only the last resort meeting spot. That was really overwhelming. I even borrowed someone's cell phone to call Bryan and cry on the phone mostly from the emotion.
We finally got to the car, stayed there for 2 hours, went back to the mall in search food. Finally got out of this stupid mall, back to Jess's place where the kids and Bryan picked me up. We went to Fred's for lunch where I ate 1/3 steak burrito. Then I got really tired so we went home. We put the kids to bed. Then I spent 15 minutes to find the results of the race with no success. I took a shower and laid in bed and read.... Now I'm back to life with sensitive knees, cleaned the kitchen and posting with a big grin on my face. I DID IT!!!!!
So yes I have to admit that I felt completely betrayed by my body, I felt left down and yes I did cry at the finish line mostly from emotion and fatigue
This half marathon isn't the last one and I do have another challenge... A half ironman in 10-15 years!
In the mean time after 1 week of rest I will put back my sneakers and get my knee enough training to be able to run a half marathon without pain!
In the meantime I succeeded to get my husband interested in running a half so next time I'll get to see his face when I cross the finish line. Let's be real he will get there before me ;) Next time I hope to cross the line with Jessica. I really enjoyed running the first 5 miles with her. I hope to be able to run the last 8 with her too.

Monday, January 19, 2009

All about the fine prints....

Since I have a hard time buying shoes in this country in regular stores I started shopping online.

My first try was a success. So I decided to do it again but this time I got reminded that I shouldn't rush into buying until I read the full description of the item I bought.

This is the shoe I chose for my daughter. Moving away from the pink or purple.

When I took the shoe out of the box the little white plug on the side surprised me but I thought hmm ventilation. Then my daughter put the shoe on and that is then I thought a- who is the moron who design that shoe, b- Dam I need to read description more carefully c- how am I going to fix this before school tomorrow without a drama....
Why you may wonder because according to the description of this lovely shoe:
" Not only does it look adorable, it sounds adorable, too. Its super-soft leather upper is embellished by scalloped trim and flower appliqu├ęs. Its cushy footbed is outfitted with a fun squeaker: She'll be over the moon every time she takes a step."
The thing they forget to mention is yes my little girl loves the squeaker whereas I can't stand it anylonger and she has had the shoe for 1 minute!!!!! A stealth commando intervention is in order tonight and the squeaker will no longer be!

I am still completely baffled by the stupidity of the designer this sound is the most annoying sound in the world. It is a dog toy on which you step every time you are walking! I am sure that the designer of that shoe won the price of the most annoying item. I thought light shoes were bad!

But the squeaker is no more. It lasted a whole 2 hours before I unplugged the damm thing and threw it in the trash. My little girl will be disappointed tomorrow but I'm sure her teacher will be delighted.
The joy of shopping online!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gotta post

Arghhh it has been sooo long since my last post and so much happened since then that I don't know how to tackle it. I decided to get back in the groove by posting a short post on the current thoughts.
1- What is wrong with the weather??? I mean it is great and all to be able to walk around in shorts and tank top in mid january but I'm running the half marathon in Carlsbad in 13 days and I don't do well when it is hot!!!!
2- Speaking of the Carlsbad half I'm slightly anxious since I didn't run as much during the holiday break. Not because I was lazy but because I had a bronchitis and a start of a stomach flu!!! I ran twice since I got back on wednesday evening a 3 mile run with Jess on Friday which went very well. Then the next day saturday, I attempted a longer run on Saturday. That was an absolute catastrophie since I gave up at mile 1.5! I just could not run. Probably a combination of the Santa Ana winds, my body not being used to run at 76F when it got used to run at 30F , maybe some jetlag ;) So I am shooting for an easy 20 min on the treadmill tomorrow, a 4-5 miles on tuesday a 5-6 on thursday and a longer run next week end 7-10. Then two easy 3-4 miler during the week. Then we will see, at least I can say I did what I could, I don't feel like I slaked off so be it!
3- On a totally different subject, the low interest rate for mortgage threw us in a whirlpool of thoughts and ideas. One of which is to refinance our current house. It is really nice but also we know that we won't stay there forever unless something bad happens we are ready to move out in the next 5 years. The other is to look at other options in the same neighborhood. We have a house in sight so we will see what happens.
4- Lastly I don't know what happened over the holiday probably our constant activity and the good but somewhat lighter food from my mom but I dropped 2-3lbs. We will see if I can keep it off and maybe drop a little more.
5- Last but not least I delivered Jessica's flowers. From the compliments I believe that I came through. I am very very glad that I was able to bring my personal touch to this beautiful wedding. I am also very thankful for Jessica to take up an offer from someone she barely knew. This is something that I waited for for a while. I will post in more details on the day leading to the wedding with pictures and all.