Tuesday, August 6, 2013

abstract or not

Trying to strike a balance between abstract and detailed... still working on it

Work in progress, only the third watercolor in 5 years....

Monday, August 5, 2013


I'm back at my parents for three weeks of vacation in the french country side.
I dug out my dad's forgotten watercolor box, a cute little black box with a bunch of square of colors and a golden brush. I love it I have the same. Mine is also forgotten somewhere in my painting bin amidst the chinese brush painting brushes and pigment.
I love painting supplies.
Anyways sitting in the garden looking at things around me made me want to take pictures. Unfortunately I packed my camera but forgot the charger.... So I have to try my hand at painting again.
It is rusty but here are a few of my first tries.... maybe when we settle in our new home my little black watercolor box will be close to me often....

Bike shed at my parents house in Burgundy.

Tried to recreate the dark gray skies above the golden wheat fields... 

4 cousins going horse back riding.

In the sewing department, I have made a pair of shorts using a Oliver & S boy pant pattern loved the pattern and made the picnic shorts a pleasure to sew.