Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I have my first race of the season this sunday and I'm being completely neurotic about it. I went ahead and analyzed my pace at previous race and estimated how fast I would go etc....
Result I'm completely stressed out for a stupid sprint triathlon. I mean come on lets be realistic this race doesn't define me although I haven't been able to convince myself of that. Yes I want to completely rock it to be amazing but what is important is that I enjoy myself that I do make the time to train for 7+ hours a week that I have been working hard for this.
Last year this was my first triathlon ever and I trained for 5 weeks!

As I read other fellow triathlete getting ready for their race this week end Ironman in St George Utah, both Half Ironman and Olympic distance at Wildflower Ca I feel silly to be so nervous about my sprint triathlon.

No matter what I tell myself I have a hard time to take that distance seriously. Probably because most of the triathlete around me stick with this distance one season before moving onto Half Ironman or even Ironman.
Enough psycho babble...

Last wednesday I had a running session with my coach. She was on the bike and I was running next to her. For efficiency purpose we decided to meet in the parking lot of my work gym. What I didn't realize then is that I would be running up and down our new building as everyone left for the day.... What a goof! Of course Bunny's husband who picked her up that day told her I don't know what these people are doing going up and down the street :)
The following two days I could barely walk I was so sore... I believe aside from my races I haven't been that sore from solely running. I have so much too learn. Anyways some adjustments were made to my gait which was absolutely powerless!

Training continued that week then Monday taper started. This means that this week I only 2 full days off and a much lighter schedule to get fresh for race day!.
I also realized that I have a real warm up routine to do before my race something that I have never ever done before. Ought to be interesting....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Useful shopping...

It does exist I promise! So for a little while actually since we have realized that moving to another house will take a little longer than anticipated due to economic reasons, I have worked on our house.
We have a great house .... I really love the space. The floors we put in last year totally changed the atmosphere of the house. It would be even better if I could get rid of all the crap that accumulate everywhere... More precisely on empty surface.
Since I still receive real estate updates I saw a house I totally loved on friday. It was so much the house itself but the decoration of it. It was totally us but less cluttery!
To make things better we also got a fat check back from our escrow! Spending!
Finally since we are getting ready to redo our upstairs using the same wood than downstairs but leaving a center of carpeting on the staircase I have been looking at rugs.
I believe for the kids bedroom and the playroom/guest bedroom I will go IKEA. For our room though probably potterybarn crate and barrel or West Elm.

Today we were at the mall to buy new sunglasses for B so I dragged his butt to Pottery barn to check out some of the rugs. I stumbled onto one that was soft, natural looking and good priced!
The floors around the coffee table in the family room got all scuffed so a rug was urgently needed. I also realized that rugs are great to define space and add this finish look to a house!

We bought one to go in the family room and it looks awesome so I went ahead and bought another one for the dinning room. It looks really really nice. I'm super happy!

Last week end I bought a lounger at a garage sale, some plants and so the yard is getting also more finished!
All what is left is the upstairs floor, the guest bedroom and our bedroom.
I also have been looking into fabric and making some cool gumdrop pillows to put a little bit of colors and add some more seating to our bedroom and the downstairs too....
Anyways at least the sewing machine has been dusted off so I can probably get craking at this!

Seeing my house shape up and getting done brings peace to my inner self! Now I have to hire the kids and sort through their old toys. The goal is to turn the office/guest bedroom into an playroom/guest bedroom and move some of the toys upstairs.

On the training front things have been going well. I'm back on my training this week I did all some session a little shorter but intensity wise all there!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back from ....

I'm back from the mixed emotions I'm left with after my parents leave. I'm back from all the frustration at work or most of it... and most of all I'm back from my training hiatus!

So a month ago I attended my first braveheart brick session. They are famous because they are hard. I went there knowing I was going to work hard until I realized (after the first 15 minutes) that I was going to work very hard. I should have known when my coach said with a candid smile you won't need your heart rate monitor today.
Anyways since it is in Mission Bay at 5:45pm on thursday night they are hard to attend on a regular basis. But since my coach is thoughtful she started putting them in my weekly workouts.
Today I was able to do the whole session.... which is about as hard as you can for 5 min on the bike followed by 4 min as hard as you can (sprinting) running 2 min easy and do it again 2 more times!

Anyways after that I was hungry and nothing really sounded good nor was ready to be made. So after rummaging through the fridge a little bit and Bryan suggesting some bacon with gnocchi I decided to cook for myself gnocchi with a little bit of cream, bacon bits and spinach. I added some tomato/mozarella salad with some basil from the yard and some leftover jelly beans from Easter. Now that I think of it I should have gone to the yard and harvest some peas!
Now I'm ready for bed!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

too much to relate

Ok so it's been a while. Lots have happen but is it blog worthy???
Training has been flaky a little because of family visiting. My parents were in town for almost 4 weeks it felt like 2. It is great to have them. I love seeing the kids play with their grandparents. We were able to stock up on our outings. However having your parents in your house is always difficult.
But now that they are gone I'm happy to get back to our routine but still sad to have so far!
Anyhow eventhough they are not high maintenance training while they here isn't always easy. First of all I want to spend time with them and second of all no way my dad is having dinner at 9:30pm because I have a bike workout schedule that evening. With them we actually have lunch on saturdays and sunday so no sneaking a ride at 11 am!

Now I'm back full time and this week has had a few small hickups but so far so good. I also have a race coming up....

Other than that, I have been growing peas in my backyard and I'm loving it. I probably harvested about 6oz and some and was able to actually make pasta. It was delicious. I am now planning to plant some tomatoes, butternut squash. My herb garden is doing great as well and I have to add some mint and chive to the oregano, basil, thyme, sage and rosemary!

Besides all that life has been hectic a little stressful and emotional.

Friday, April 2, 2010


So after a really bad day at work yesterday followed by a missed workout I had to go swim today even though a girls lunch was on my calendar.
Anyways I quickly write the workout on a piece of paper. Swear a little when I realize that it requires a tee shirt (yes I have to swim with a tee shirt on!) then quickly realize that I have one in my car.
At the end of the swim I'm all happy because I felt fast and I was able to completel my 1900m swim in 46min! So I'm driving back to work all happy my ego is bursting out the seams big smile plastered on my face. Also the morning was really productive at work... So basically all was well in Sophie's hell oops Sophie's life I mean.
So here I am about to record my nice workout when I realize that I was supposed to do a 3x200m warm up and did only 200m warm up.... this leaves me a bit deflated....

Other than that we did have a very nice dinner at Urban Solace last night. Really really yummy food and nice restaurant. This time I was able to taste their pear martini which was just heavenly!

It is so nice to have my parents in town we are going out every week!!!!
Now off to bed to read and sleeeeep.