Sunday, February 27, 2011


I just came to realize that our family walks a fine line between some sort of organization allowing us to do what we want to do most of the time and utter mayhem.
These past two weeks mayhem has been upon us.
So what tipped the balance!
  1. Accident on way home a couple weeks ago, and having to deal with having to repair my car. It will be ready end of March. More over the price of the repairs although not enough to total the car is enough for most of us to buy a new car :(
  2. Dealing with rental car and incompetency. Thankfully they came through for me and I got a nice upgrade which is quite nice as my car won't be repaired until March 31st!
  3. Had to be more involved with school stuff help the kids prepare candies for Valentines day celebration, bake cookies and make some cute little origamy pockets for a bake sale, go to a play in honor of presidents day.
  4. Figure out baby sitting arrangement for my son's week off school at a time when no other school are off and thus no camp available.
  5. Clean up the house for guests
  6. Finally deal with a sick little guy I know twice in 3 weeks awesome which then shared his sickness with me because heck sharing is caring right. He had his fare share though since he battled two viruses back to back!

Because of all of this well I was a better mother, and our house is a bit more organized but well my training has taken a second seat! Ah well that's how life is... but I'm ready to go back at it but I'm sniffling and coughing and aching so I guess I will have to wait another couple of days!

Now I'm going to continue to relax in front of Despicable me while nursing a glass of wine!

Good night!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I thought last week end was busy

Well since we can't do anything like everyone this is what my Saturday looked like and what our Sunday will look like...

  • Up at 5:40am to get ready for a half-marathon
  • 6:15am friend to pick me to go to the half (to be taxied around is awesome)
  • 7:30am start a half marathon with some 128 women (yes you are reading properly this is less than my wave at the US Women triathlon) It was awesome to be at a small race.
My goals for this race were in this order: 1) Have FUN 2) Have a sustained race but don't feel sick (notice the no time/pace goal)
  • 2:08:44 cross the finish line STOKED because not only did I have a lot of FUN, I felt great the first 9M then well I felt tired and so slowed down to a more manageable pace to keep the race fun but challenging, I gave it all I had and I PRed by 3min! It was a 9:50 min/mile overall. Mind you the course was flat I mean flat not like Carlsbad flat.
  • 11:30am brunch at the beach grass
  • 12:30am not feeling good at all (stomach yelling at me for attention)
  • 1:30 relaxed and showered
  • 2 pm UTC to get MAC some stuff for his costume, he has a play for president's day celebration and needed some stuff.
  • Picked up my mountain bike
  • Grocery shopping
  • 4:45pm writing my blog waiting for the kids to come home from the air show they went to in Coronado!
  • Play with the kids
  • Clean up the kitchen
  • Prepare pre-race dinner for B
  • Go to bed and read!
  • Play cook pancakes probably with the kids while B is huffing and puffing during the San Dieguito Half marathon.
  • Sand the bookshelf and put the stain.
  • Feed the beast upon return
  • Take the kiddos to a birthday party
  • Relax for a bit put the second coat of stain
  • Go to dinner at some friends house
  • Go to bed
Pfff what a week end... Next week end will be more relaxing I promise you we have family over that should slow us down a bit! But wait do you remember Black Beauty is home and ready to go, stay tune for some scratches and bruises report next week.
Have a great evening everyone!

What a week...

I left you last at I have to go care of a sick little boy... Well sick little boy became sick mama, then sick mama and daddy! Yay stomach bug. Thankfully the little girl in the house escaped that one.
Monday I stayed home with MAC not feeling too hot I actually took the day off. MAC was back at school on Tuesday and me at work but not feeling 100%, on Wednesday I was back at home with B but this time feeling worse than Monday but working from home.
Finally Thursday came around and I felt human again, had lunch with a coworker which was super nice. I felt old yet again because well she graduated from highschool the year I got married. Mind you I got married at 24 but still that was like 12years ago. Boy I'm having a hard time with the 36! Friday being pre-menstrual resulted on having my dark glasses on and so it was doom and gloom or giant pit of despair day.
I got to Torrey Pines and was stuck in traffic. Finally at the bottom of the hill when well things started looking better, and I was closer to sharing a wine of glass with my neighbor BAM a car rear-ended me! Yay, luckily no one got hurt Maia who was in the car didn't scream so everything good. The poor kid who hit me felt terrible, the back left side of my car is all scrunched. Not surprising since he was driving a Suburban and I'm driving BMW station wagon :) Anyways after waiting in the cold for about 30min I finally got home to the neighbor for my glass of wine. B dealt with the insurance. We finally put the kids to bed, I finally prepared dinner, my brown rice balls which I thought would be good pre-race meal cuz well I have a half-marathon to run the next day.
I finally went to bed at 10:45pm all set up for the run the next day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weeks in numbers

So I've decided to report my weekly training on this blog
This week I worked out 6/7 days and did 2:30min biking, 4:00 running for a total of 6:30min.

Now I have to go to bed to attend to a little guy with a stomach bug. Good night

Sunday todo list review

Today we didn't do as much as I wanted but we had good family time:

  • Slept in until 9am which was good since we didn't get to bed before 12:30 last night.
  • Cleaned up the kitchen
  • We had waffles for breakfast I am ashamed to report that it took me 3 tries to get he recipe right and I learned today that boiling the milk is not an option :)
  • Got the kids haircut while B went mountain biking
  • Hung out with the neighbor loved it
  • Got ready for my ride
  • Went riding with J. Dunkle fun fun getting stronger and faster I think ;) Loved riding my road bike and only have to worry about getting up a hill!
  • Went to the park with the kiddos
  • Went out to dinner
  • Waste some time on facebook
  • Going to bed!
Things I didn't do today
  • Groceries (booh will have to do a quick trip to Vons tomorrow night)
  • Finished the bookshelf....


Saturday, February 5, 2011

What is on my playlist

So I promised chacha that I would share my playlist... I don't remember it completely but lets give it a go:
  • Weezer - King
  • Weezer - Troublemaker
  • Weezer - Pork and Beans
  • Adele - Rolling in the deep
  • Adele - Tired
  • Adele - My Same
  • Adele - Cold shoulder
  • Mumford & Sons - The cave
  • Mumford & Sons - Sigh no more
  • Mumford & Sons - Little lion man
  • David Gray - Be Mine
  • Travis - Side
  • Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
  • Lady Gaga - Just dance
  • Lady Gaga - Poker Face
  • Ke$ha - Tik Tok
  • Ke$ha - Kiss N Tell
  • Ke$ha - Boots and Boys
  • Linkin Park - Waiting for the end
  • Linkin Park - Breaking the habit
  • Linkin Park - Shaddow of the day
  • Blue October - Hate Me
  • Blue October - In the ocean
  • Good Charlotte - Dance floor Anthem
  • Rihanna - Disturbia
  • Rihanna - Russian Roulette
  • Kings of Leon - Sex on fire.

Not in that order and I'm sure I forgot a lot...

Favorite songs of the moment: King B sings it beautifully, Mumford & Sons these guys are amazing, Adele again love her and finally Waiting for the end Linkin park I don't know why but I love this song.

Week end todo list review

So, I'm pretty pleased as we have done a lot of the stuff we had to do today. My car has 4 brand new tires and it cost me 400$ less than expected and they will last (I hope) 3 times longer yay! B's car got some TLC as well. The kiddos went to swimming lesson and had a play date they are now watching "Despicable Me" and they thought the lounge of Jiffy Lube was a "cool place" ;)
I went for a 8.5M run not quite as long as I wanted but 3min Hard hill repeat simply kicked my butt. B is now going running. We dropped off "Black Beauty" to be repaired from our crash last week end and she'll be ready to go for next week end.
Now I just have to figure out what to do for dinner and enjoy the evening!

On the exercise front, I have decided that first and foremost I want to have fun! I don't want to dread my workouts I want to feel like going for that run and pushing myself. Hello I'm not a professional here while being serious about it it is still for fun!
That being said I'm a bit worried for next week's half because well I signed up like that not planning on it. This is great because I didn't train for it at all I just trained like I always do. It is a bit scary because well I don't know what to expect, but it is also quite liberating.
I want to go out there and give it my best but beyond that well it is just a race.
On the mountain biking front, I am very very happy to report that my leg is very colorful. MEC actually asked me what I had on my hip and why it was colorful. When I explained that it was just a big bruise she said "cool" ;) My arm is all scabbed now.
And well I can't wait to get back on my bike! I can't wait to learn how to handle that beast better and just go out there and have fun! I will walk that hill next time, I know I will be scared again and I will fall again and hurt my self and scream and wail like a baby.
After talking to some more expert bikers I found a couple half day clinics one in Penasquitos but I have to wait until April 2nd and one a bit further away. We will see where I end up but I am like a kid waiting for christmas to happen.
I think after this half I'm gonna limit my long run the 1:30-1:45 and play more on the bike.
I did sign up for SDIT so I will have to go back in the pool... Oh swimming I haven't missed you at all.
So now post run hunger is striking so I better get downstairs and eat my post run snack!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week end plans so far

  • 9am swimming lesson kids
  • Surf B if ocean cooperates
  • 9:45am grab some breakfast
  • 10:30am playdate MAC at home
  • 2H00 run Busy Mamma
  • 2h00 run B
  • Sand & Stain bookshelf
  • Drop off moutain bike to get fixed (or tomorrow)
  • Get the tires on my car fixed
  • Watch despicable me with kiddos
  • Sleep in
  • Family breakfast
  • 1H30- 2H00 ride Busy mamma
  • 2H00 ride B
  • Put first coat of varnish
  • Unpack books
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
It would be nice to also make strawberry jam as we ran out, bake some muffins, maybe socialize a bit and who knows what else.... Maybe even relax! I promise it looks worse than it is well maybe not so much