Saturday, October 30, 2010

Running running running...

So I have started my crazy running regimen, crazy for me I mean!
My workout schedule now looks like Mon: strength training with running drills, Tue: 45min run usually hill workout or tempo, Wed: 45 min run of tempo intervals, Thurs 45min Bike workout like a spin class, Fri speed intervals, sat 2:00 run, Sun 1:30 bike easy spin.

So anyways I can tell you my legs are tired but Im two weeks in and I did 90% of the workouts, This week very busy work schedule shorten two runs and zapped the bike workout but that's life.
I'm slow there is no denying it but hey I'm still putting my running shoes and go for my runs. It is not always easy, last weeks two hour run was a piece candy hard but sweet today's was more like Brussels sprout healthy but not too tempting!
Maybe the route was a bit more enticing last week. I ran from my house in Carmel Valley to Solana Beach. most of it done on the beach! It was ejust beautiful! today well a bit more hilly and hotter and well not as nice.
Enough rambling on my runs!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Change is in the air

So it is 9pm, dinner has been eaten as a family, kitchen is somewhat cleaned, my strength training somewhat done and I am ready for some stretching and reading in bed!
We have decided to start having dinner with the kids. It will take some time to figure out the proper routine. So tonight was a wee bit off but I'm sure we will get the hang of it.
On the workout front, since triathlon season is done! This year I realized that you have to be a good runner to be a good triathlete and so I decided to focus on running. This means about 4-6H00 of running per week!
When I saw my new schedule I gasped! 45min speed workout on Friday which means 5x3min all out 3min easy. 2h00 easy run on Saturday and 1h30 tempo intervals on Sunday... Challenging!
Saturday for my long run since B had to go to Encinitas to buy new shoes I decided to run to Solana Beach. Meet him and the kids there go to Encinitas then he would run home. I did it and it was one of my most awesome run. Mostly on the beach at a comfortable pace 11:45-12 min/mile.
Sunday I only had time for 1h00. Today though my legs were tired so now time for stretching and foam roller!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last tri of the season

So sunday was my last sprint triathlon of the season. Since coming back from France I have had a real hard time to get back into the training groove. I know I probably worked out more than I used to a couple years back but nothing like in march through June! Needless to say that everything was slow and hard which made it very very hard to stay motivated and up beat for the upcoming race! To top it off I had an awesome race last year and I was terrified to completely and utterly suck!
A few weeks back, I was so appalled by my running performance that I had a chat with my coach. We decided to just focus on running for a little while and the most important piece to stop stressing out about performance! I believe running for 5:00 week is going to be the easy part.
So anyways with this change of focus and well being busy at work and tired I wasn't super duper motivated to get up at 4:45am on a Sunday morning.
So well since racing wasn't an option well I decided to just have fun! My coach's goal for that race was just to stay positive and be happy.
Saturday I go through the pre-race motion almost forgot my wetsuit duh go to bed early. Sunday morning up at 4:45am at the transition area at 5:35 and the bike rack is already packed. I find an OK spot set up my bike wander around because of course I can't remember how I should set up. I say hello to a few friends always nice to see some friendly faces so early in the morning. I finish setting up go for a quick warm up jog, knock my time chip off my ankle go get a new strappy thingy and add a safety pin. I say hi to my coach, and finally get my wetsuit and in the water for a warm up swim!
Finally we are off, first half of the swim is great meaning slow but steady. Second half gets croweded and I'm losing my rhythm and my orientation so I weave quite a lot. Finally the swim is over and off on the bike. That is my favorite part the triathlon. I had a bug smile the whole time. In no time I'm done with the bike and onto the run. I try to set in into a good rhythm focusing on my breathing and my rhythm. At the end of first loop I catch sight of my coach and oh boy that was the best feeling in the world! It helped my push a bit harder and I was in the zone nothing in the head just breathing and pushing and checking If I could just keep it up and well the finish line was there!
That a race went by soooo fast. Didn't know how fast or slow I went and didnt care! I gave all I had and I had fun.
So because we still care about timing I did a bit better than last year. About the same on the swim and the run and much much better on the bike!

After that it was family business as usual!
After that back to the car, then on to brunch at the beach grass cafe, then clean and play with the kids.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blah blah

Ok so I have been lost in no blogs land lately but here I am.
Training has seen some highs but mostly lows! I haven't been able to get back into my pre-summer routine. As a result my legs have been in a constant state of fatigued. My runs are slower with a high HR. So since the triathlon season is coming to an end I decided to focus on running! Ironic isn't it... I remember telling B a decade ago that I will never run, I didn't like running then a few weeks later I started my long journey! After my first half I jumped into triathlon to escape the monotony of only running. Yet two seasons later I made the decision to focus on running which with my coach means 5-7 hours of running per week! I am ready for the challenge which I believe in my case will be more mental than anything.
My main goal from now on is not to run faster but to mentally let go of all the "I should be" and enjoy and cherish the "I am"

This is starting this Sunday morning my last race of the season. Last year I ran the 5k at 8 min/mile pace. I wish I could beat that PR this Sunday but this won't be my goal! My goal is to race as hard as I can with only positive thoughts to cross that finish line with a smile on my face knowing that I gave all I had and be happy with my performance!

on the kitchen front I have discovered a new spice. Fennel seed, i am not a big licorice, celery anis taste but this seeds give a new dimension to my recipes... more on this later because B's out of this world's chocolate chip cookie is screaming for my attention! And yes my husband makes chocolate chip cookies from scratch I knew I married him for something