Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh My it has been a while

Wow time does go by quick! 3 months since my last post and I'm raking my brain to try to remember all the creative and non creative things I've done in the past 3 months.
Without going into details the beginning of 2012 has been a little bit more dramatic on the health department than I would have liked. No death in the family but some little and bigger hickups have happened that made life a little sadder than usual.

On the bright note I got to travel home for a week and well I'm one lucky gal that calls Paris home. Yup I grew up in Paris and I can see the third floor of the Eiffel tower from my parents kitchen. They still live in the same apartment they raised us in and well it is always a very interesting experience to go back home. This time it was even more so that I was solo weird. It wasn't a happy happy trip but I was still able to walk all over this town that I once called home. It is so amazing to see how some store are still there 14 years later and some have changed ownership countless time.

In addition to the regular store I make sure I go see during each visit to my home town I added a new one to my list: Le Marche Saint Pierre the place to buy fabric (although I'm sure there a lot of additional hidden treasures on the street of Paris).
Prior to my trip I did some online recon and was amazed to see that "Liberty of London" was sold there. I have oogling and drooling over a number of their prints but being a beginner seamstress I never quite dared spending close to 40$ on one yard of fabric.

Anyhow, I went "bras dessus bras dessous" with my mom and we found some delightful Liberty of London fabric for a mere 22$/yard a still.... In the store next door I found 4 yards of dark blue linen and 3 yards of a gray with white striped cotton.

It was really cold during this trip and now living in San Diego I have to say that my wardrobe is just not appropriate to the temperature but also the style of the city and so for one week I walked the streets of the city in my moms and sister's clothes.

Since I got back these are the projects I have been working on. MEC has been begging and in dire need of a dance bag and I decided to make the retro duffel bag from Saltwater Kids. I was going to use a dark purple canvas with some cute ballerina print for pockets and such. However she decided on a hot pink canvas and royal blue one. Missy is quite demanding, one bag was just not enough.
The one bag I actually completed turned out quite good the other one is 90% done.

We also went skiing and well living in Southern California it is quite challenging to find fleece jacket at a decent price (less than 15$) close to work or home. It was actually easier and cheaper to sew them, weird I know. I will try to write my first tutorial with those fleeces so please be patient. I made one for each kids and it took me about 3 hours for each including drafting the pattern. They turned out good if I can say so myself.

Lastly I have started back on the curtains for MEC's bedroom. I'm 70% done on the second major panel.... only 1 more panel to go and 3 little window covers.... Then we can buy the bed, clean the room and well finish up!

On the CSA front after being literally invaded by leafy greens of all kinds I decided that my fridge need rescuing and dropped to one big box every other week which I believe given our lifestyle will be more than enough for our little family.