Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I hate when I am trying to get consistent weeks of training and stuff happens. I know most of you are going to say life happens but it's hard to stay consistent.... Last week my poor little girl was super sick trust me I could have done without this one. This week I'm having a hard time with the tuna salad wrap I had for lunch! I just lost my stress outlet and I don't like that hey but now I can go get a glass of wine.
OK bitching's done for the evening.
Yesterday was a good solid run, for a change ! No no I didn't all of sudden found the button to start my jet pack and I was still huffing and puffing up an imaginary hill at 12:45 min/miles. But I was strong and steady and almost kept my HR where I wanted.
Once I got home however all the stress relief brought on by my run drained away when I looked fro MAC sharing project. The board once more disappeared and was found at the bottom on the recycling bin with a big beer stain on it. To make matter worse we had one less day to prepare for the presentation. This makes me the winner of the worse mom award!
My little guy went to school this morning ready to make his presentation and of course didn't get to present as the teacher wasn't there for the day!
So now if you'll excuse me I have to devote all my attention to the first episode of Stargate Universe. First came Stargate SG1 which was a looong show and different sets of characters and two sets of different bad aliens species. It was closely followed by Stargate Atlantis. Now we are onto Stargate Universe.
Maybe if I'm lucky enough I'll get to watch the newest episode of Castle.
To finish up this post on a good note we will be skiing this year woot woot

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Last week was just a blur. To conclude a great Thanksgiving week end we took the kids for a walk/scooter stroll in Coronado. We stopped by a neighborhood park and finished off the night by grocery shopping at the TJ in PB followed by sushi at surfside sushi.
Monday was back to business, back to work, back to training well back to the routine! Well except that when I got to the gym eager to get on with my run while rummaging through my bag I realized that I didn't have socks! Well I thought that's OK I can run without socks will probably give me blisters but ah well. However when I realized that my sports bra was MIA as well I went back to my desk dejected! Luckily B was home in time for me to go to Rehab United for a tri-strength training. I was really hoping I could still walk the remainder of the week.
Lucky for me this was a bit more my alley and required a bit less coordination and I was able to keep without making a total fool of myself. However sporting my new wall of shame bruises from my mountain biking outing did get a "For god sakes" from the coach! The flavor of the week is a bit impressive although not painful anymore really.
Tuesday I decided to do my bike workout that evening since I wanted to socialize and gorge on indian food at Punjabi! I was able to do 40min of my bike workout when MEC puked on her bed and continued for half of the night. The poor thing was able to fall asleep at 3am and so did we.
We stayed home the next day and work from home while she watched Go Diego Go all day and again the following day! On Thursday we all went out for a run and well it was hotter than expected and again I was huffing and puffing while B was chatting away while pushing MEC.
Friday was back to work attempting a 30min tempo on the treadmill (kiss of death!) followed by a 1M all out yeah right I gave up after 30min dejected again. After amusing the gallery with my mountain biking adventures hey at least I'm amusing people, finished my day at work.
Saturday morning before leaving for Palmdale I managed to extract myself from our cozy warm bed to go run with a friend. I wasn't too sure how I would do but her constant chatter kept me going through my huffing and puffin, do you see a recurring theme here! I managed a 6.6M in a 1:11. I haven't looked at my HR profile I hope it isn't too depressing! Nonetheless I had fun and maybe you'll me joing the dawn crowd every once in a while. I have to say it is such a nice feeling to have your workout behind you by 8am!
After that we drove to Palmdale to visit family. It definitely isn't my favorite place in the world and the neighborhood where B's grandma leaves is really not that pleasant and doesn't feel safe. However it was great to visit family. We had a great time and the kids too. Didn't do too much which is very different from our usual week ends.
As soon as we got back home, B went for a 9M run and well I took the kids to the park for them to get some of the stored energy out. I took my mountain bike and practice some tight turns around the trees. Maybe just maybe I will handle tight turns a bit more gracefully during our next outing.
Finally I am looking at my race schedule for next year and it will probably go like:
Jan 24th Carlsbad Half marathon
Feb 6th 5K trail run in Mission Gorge
Apr 10th 5K or 15K trail run in Black Mountain
May 5th Wildflower triathlon short distance ????
June something SDIT almost olympic distance (not if I do wildflower)
Sept San Diego classic (?)
Nov Xterra triathlon (?)
Maybe some other 5K and 10K....
We shall see....