Sunday, November 22, 2009

Go mary go...

So as I am writing this post my triathlon friends just finished Ironman Arizona also known as IMAZ. It is her second shot at the race and she finished it in 12:31:54 that is in hours! I can't believe how someone can race for that long!
Anyways she finished 32/72 in her age group and I don't remember if she finished in her goal time but she still shaved about 2:30 or 3:00 faster than her last time!.

On my training front I have been lazy and also as a weak excuse I feel like I'm getting sick. Since I'm leaving on a vacation I'd rather not be sick so I totally bailed on my workouts this week end. It is hard as I feel like a total blob!
More later....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The battle of the triads...

I hate title so mine are really figment of my imaginations. Since I'm french I'm pretty sure they don't mean anything most of the time.
This one time though the title reflects the inner struggles that both B and I are facing every day. Being good parents, being good employees and being good to ourselves being the top ones. Why am I back to that subject of ranting... well today was Thanksgiving celebration at both MAC school and MEC daycare. This time I was planning on being a good mom and attend both events but of course I got a meeting scheduled from 10-3pm. So here goes my going to MAC thanksgiving pow wow. At least I sent B who was ranting because of his looming deadlines, the fact that the pow wow was from 10:45am until 12:30pm. I on the other hand left work at 3:15pm because MEC potluck was from 3:30pm until 4:30pm. I know we live in a neighborhood of mostly house mom and as full time (8-6pm monday through friday) working moms are a minority. But hello! Why potlucks and such can't be schedule from 5pm on so that we are not struggling between being great parents and great employees!
I came to the conclusion that B and I are somewhat different from most people. Not different as better but just different maybe just a different way to look at life.

Anyways enough ranting at least one of the parent went to each of the events. I am sure MAC pow wow was more entertaining than my potluck and I'm sad to have missed it.

This work interruption allowed me to come home earlier, drop the kids at the neighbor and go for a run with B. We were supposed to do a 3M tempo run which means a 9:15min/mile pace for me and 8:15min/miles for B. I ended up doing a 3M at 8:50 and B probably 8:15... I hate when I feel I'm hauling ass and keeping up nicely and then B tells me well I'm going to pick up the pace and off he goes as if we were just walking.

So here is the state of affairs. We have some people from work over for dinner tomorrow and for once I am preparing myself ahead of time. I am making a type of boeuf bourguignon where the mushrooms are replaced by some orange zest. This is nice and easy since it goes in the slow cooker overnight. I will be making our favorite Arugula salad to start, then the Daubes with polenta and to finish a type of Chocolate icecream with dried berries and roasted almonds... Still have to cook that one.
Anyways food is on the table.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SG1 VPN and Grey's anatomy

Oh Boy,I know all my posts start the same way! I can't believe how quickly time flies by.
What's new! Well on the training front last week was good, I went on a tempo run with a coworker last Thursday, and well it was good 3M 9:05 min/miles. The next day I decided to go for an easy run with the same coworker. His concept and my concept of an easy run run are not quite the same. I should stop whining though because I'm actually seeking for that pain and suffering and feeling of accomplishment. So the easy run turned into a 4M at 9:30min/miles. That day I didn't have time for lunch so my lunch consisted of a bag of fritos, and a can of pepsi. That night we had cheese fondue for dinner. So good, so yummy.

Saturday after the swimming lesson I went with the kids for a play date. It was nice, the kids had fun, I ranted for a couple of hours on how hard life is. About the fact that out of 20 people in my group I'm the only one who is part of a household with kids and the two adults are working M-F 8-5pm. I ranted about the fact that when I pick MAC from childcare he is usually the last kindergartener to go and that he is part of the 5 out of 60 to go to childcare every day from 12:30 until 6pm... Finally I ranted about the fact that we always seem to be out of money! Enough about the ranting.
After the playdate we actually stayed quietly at home. I started knitting the kids were playing quietly mostly and B was reading. After a couple of hours we started feeling really sleepy. We decided to shake it up and go for our run. The motivation level were not super high. MAC went on his bike, MEC in the stroller and us well we ran, slowly at first because of the slight slopes then much faster. All in all it was quite pleasant not the whole 6M that was on paper but hey we went.
Sunday was spent CLEANING as in cleaning by getting rid of clutter, so rewarding but still overwhelming. Then a big blank.
This week has been completely crazy at work and my training has been subpar ;( I needed to go for a swim on wednesday and well we had a team building thing that afternoon so well here goes the workout. Today I was supposed to go for a tempo run and I had a few super important slides to prepare and pfff no time to workout.
Tomorrow I have a meeting from 8:30 until 12:30! I will take an hour in the afternoon to go for a 4M run and try to push the pace... Pffff.... so much to do so little time.
Thank god for vpn and sg1 and grey's anatomy! The first two are the best to work from home and the second to relax the brain ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Need to post

I hate when I'm going to my friend's blog and realize that no new post will distract me from work for 5 min.
Then I realize that I haven't post since a long time either... Sometimes I'm wondering who cares about my training, who cares about what I eat how the kids are doing. But hey I love to read about other's accomplishment, hard day, partying.

So here it goes... After 10 days off training I started again but this time not for a triathlon. I decided to give the Carlsbad Half Marathon a second chance. Eventhough I did finish the race in a decent time I want to improve and also run the whole race. Maybe it will happen maybe not but at least I will prepare for it. I would like to cross the line at 2:05 which is a 9:30 min/mile.
I have to say that sunday while running at noon I was really wondering why did I chose another race, why did I set such an agressive goal.
Anyways in the mean time it will keep me in shape hopefully. So my regimen when I don't weasle my way out of a workout is:
Mon: Off
Tue: Run Interval
Wed: Strength or Swim
Thu: Tempo run
Fri: Easy run
Sat: Bike ride
Sun: Long run

Of course on week 2, I already weasled my way out of my swimming session. I can give a load of good excuses: Life is ectic, I'm tired, I have work to do etc.... But all of these are just bogus excuses!
Still on the training front, I decided to go biking with a coworker and a friend of his. A friend of mine started a website idropboys... She should have the different stages, first the iWishICouldDropBoys, then the iWannaDropBoys etc... well you are getting the picture. I think I'm at the second stage and I hate feeling like I'm just struggling to keep up and they just need to push on the pedals a little harder and I'm left in the dust. Of course my thighs are half theirs and half of mine are fat whereas they are all muscle...
Again excuses excuses but what great motivation when I feel like stopping my runs ;)

I swear training is not my whole life it is just one of the easiest thing to talk about.
Last week end was Halloween. MAC was really eager to decorate the house. I found some ideas online and so we made this big spiderweb with a bunch of black spiders. Then B carved the pumkins. One regular JackOLantern designed by MAC and the second one this weird goggly eyes goofy pumpkin with an alien exploding out of his mouth.
After my painful short bike ride, I proceeded to curl MEC's hair put a little bit of makeup to complete her fairy costume while MAC decked himself out with his Optimus Prime outfit.
We went trick or treating in the neighborhood and finished the evening sharing sushi with friends. It was awsome. No costumes, no parties very very laid back evening.
This will conclude the very exciting life of the coones family ;)