Monday, June 20, 2011


Last week as I was trudging along on my 3M run I decided that I needed to put focus back into my workout life! Yes I am ashamed to admit that as soon as I stopped working with the coach well I stopped working out all together. The only excuse I was able to come up with is that I lost direction, I lost the passion that was driving me. All of sudden I was deflated, racing totally lost its appeal and thus training had no purpose.
I guess this year is the year of finding a new balance. Maybe playing the game "who is Sophie?" is the purpose of my life it sure feels like it most of the time.
This year though has been a bit different, I crossed to the dark side of the 30is.. I know I am not old and gosh I hope I look half as good as most 40+ year old I know but working with people who graduated from high school the year I got married doesn't do much for feeling young!
I think the harder part was to have my daughter leave daycare. A school we have been going to every single day for the past 7 years. Leaving people who saw and took care of both of my kids from 3month old until 5!
So back to my challenge and lack of gusto in training. I decided to try something new. I obviously don't feel like racing these days the mental pressure I put on myself is simply too much. But I thought what about challenging my self to do the following for the next 12 months:
- Monday Yoga/Off
- Tuesday 30-45 min run
- Wednesday 30-45 min run
- Thursday Yoga
- Friday 30-45 min run
- Saturday 1:30-2:00 bike (alternating between road bike and mountain bike)
- Sunday 60-90 min run.
3 weeks on 1 week lighter so on and so forth.
I don't worry about mileage or speed I just want to get out there challenge myself with the terrain and the consistency.
I am only allowed to miss a workout for another workout and only 1 run/week unless sick!
This is my challenge lets see if I can do it.
Today: - 41min run
The other challenge that I think every other woman has is to lose those damned 5-10lbs. I won't bore you with the details but I decided to really try this time...
Tonight I cooked:
- Ono steak which is a Hawaiian fish much like sword fish B cooked it on the BBQ (yes we did have fish tonight)
- Green pea sauce
- Orzo pasta
- Cherries
- 1 glass of white wine.
Now it is time to shower and go read.... Good night
BTW I'm still sewing although I have to move my stuff back downstairs and I need to post on those said projects

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

quick updates

Finally my crunch time at work is over although it will probably pick up again soon. I had a very nice brain dead relaxing week. I did take some time off work, took the kids off school for an afternoon, caught up with some projects.
Last week end we took the kids camping at Cuyamaca and it was awesome. We slept fairly well the kids did too we woke up at a reasonnable hour of 7:30am.
I want to plan another trip soon but in a relatively more remote area, in other word I want to see less people.
I have started and almost finished a few sewing project and will be posting pictures soon.