Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I hate when I am trying to get consistent weeks of training and stuff happens. I know most of you are going to say life happens but it's hard to stay consistent.... Last week my poor little girl was super sick trust me I could have done without this one. This week I'm having a hard time with the tuna salad wrap I had for lunch! I just lost my stress outlet and I don't like that hey but now I can go get a glass of wine.
OK bitching's done for the evening.
Yesterday was a good solid run, for a change ! No no I didn't all of sudden found the button to start my jet pack and I was still huffing and puffing up an imaginary hill at 12:45 min/miles. But I was strong and steady and almost kept my HR where I wanted.
Once I got home however all the stress relief brought on by my run drained away when I looked fro MAC sharing project. The board once more disappeared and was found at the bottom on the recycling bin with a big beer stain on it. To make matter worse we had one less day to prepare for the presentation. This makes me the winner of the worse mom award!
My little guy went to school this morning ready to make his presentation and of course didn't get to present as the teacher wasn't there for the day!
So now if you'll excuse me I have to devote all my attention to the first episode of Stargate Universe. First came Stargate SG1 which was a looong show and different sets of characters and two sets of different bad aliens species. It was closely followed by Stargate Atlantis. Now we are onto Stargate Universe.
Maybe if I'm lucky enough I'll get to watch the newest episode of Castle.
To finish up this post on a good note we will be skiing this year woot woot

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