Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mountain Biking

I have been really itching to go Mountain biking more often. Unfortunately finding a baby sitter for the kids to go with B or finding a riding partner to go on a 30 minutes notice on a Sunday afternoon has its challenges. So two week ends ago I really tried to work up the courage to go by myself! I didn't sleep that much the night before because of 4 additional kids sleeping with us and so I chose the easier path which was to put the bike in the car and drive to the trail entrance instead of climbing this brutal street to get there!
So here I am at the parking lot by myself after getting lost on the way. I hop on my bike and I am so glad I did work up the courage to go.

Second hill I come to I of course switch gear the wrong way and so instead of easing into the climbing I struggle in the big ring. After quickly realizing that I won't get very far in that ring I down shift but then my bike feels like the chain popped of. I look at it put it back and continue on.... This happens a bit later on another hill and again on the way back followed right after by a clank and a dead stop. I look down and well I'm no bike mechanic but I didn't think my rear derailleur was supposed to dangle off the bike!
Yes my really strong little leg yay right broke the rear derailleur right through the attachement!

So my bike ride turned into a push your bike walk. I believe people thought it was a new type of exercise because not one of the biker or hiker I saw on the way back stopped and asked if I needed anything! Maybe they thought that I was soooo lazy or tired I had to push my bike on the flat! It would have been nice to have someone stop and try to turn my bike into a single speed one so I could ride along.

I have to say the day was beautiful, the hike was beautiful and it is the only time I was happy to have spent mucho $$$ on my bike to get the lighter model!

In the parking lot in order to find more partner I did harass someone, maybe we will meet to ride maybe not!

For mother's day we did manage to get out with the husband. I did walk most of the very very rocky downhills but I did practice a drop off and a bit of single tracks. Petit a petit my confidence is creeping up....

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