Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Beau comme un camion rouge"

From the french expression "Handsome like a red truck!" I won't attempt to explain where this expression comes from but it is often used when talking to a boy.
I try to be fair and sew something for my girl followed by something for my boy.

I have to admit that I feel I am afraid I'm reaching the boundaries of using PDF pattern straight out of the box. Most patterns I bought a while back have a max age between 8yrs and 12yrs. This means I have to master a new skillset pattern grading!

Back to our "red truck", MAC chose a bright red twill and blue stripe searsucker for his new pair of short! I used the  for a pair of shorts in a bright red twill and blue stripe searsucker pockets.

The pattern used for this pair of shorts was the Clean Slate Pant from Blank Slate Pattern. I used the size 8 tried to make it a tad more baggy and slightly longer. Every seam besides the outside edge of the pants were double top stitched in white contrast. I did not sew the zipper and button but opted for the faux zip using the technique learned while sewing MEC and MAX Oliver and S short. I did opt for a flat front.
However as usual I did underestimate the size of the elastic and the shorts are a little too big at the waist.

It was an easy sew and was whipped in a couple of hours.
The shorts a little narrower than I would like and for the next pair I have attempted to grade the pattern to size 10 and 12. However I totally went with my gut and my scientific approach to things.

However I think it is about time for me to learn a bit more about the science of grading pattern and this online class by Melly Sew may be just the thing .....

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