Sunday, August 3, 2008

Drape crisis....

I haven't posted in ages, I have been swamped with work deadlines, sick kids for the past two months. Anyways after 2 months of silence my first post will be on my drape crisis.
A few months ago I repainted the wall with all the windows in a beautiful shade of blue and the other wall a nice wet sand color. I was really happy the bedroom looked way more cozy which was what we were looking for.
The only problem is that I decided to replace our rundown blinds by drapes hence the crisis.

I never realized that it would be near impossible to match both the wall light color and the blue and keep the light out.
I tried an ivory microsuede but ivory and sand don't match, then an oatmeal linen panel closer but not close enough, a dark blue but the purplish hue was awful against the blue and finally a beautiful silk stone brown which goes very well with the ligh wall but not with the blue....

If I want to keep the blue and the sand I either have to bite the bullet, buy white curtains and use blackout curtain to prevent the light to get in or start visiting the fabric store of the neighborhood for the perfect shade of navy blue.
Otherwise I guess I will have to repaint that blue wall the same sand shade than the other walls.

Drama drama drama....
Very meaningless on the grand scheme of things but stressful and frustrating at the same time...

I hope to post pictures of the completed project very soon.

So after 5 trips to

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