Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As you may have noticed I have a blogger's block. I'm just trying to figure out what exactly I should post. I think I would like the blog to be less about me and more about my projects. I would even like to put together a couple of sewing tutorials.... Yay great idea you may think.
However it would require some organization of some sort, taking pictures of the various steps of the project and actually having the camera plugged in to the computer so these pictures are uploaded and added to the post.
That hasn't happened yet and a sewing project is a bit dry without pictures booh sorry.

To my excuse because well I have to complain or brag about something right work has been insanely busy and now that it has calmed down a bit I have ramped up the craft projects. I can only do so much and so things around the house get neglected or should I say simply ignored. I mean if  I don't look at the pile of laundry you would think it should go away right!

These are the projects to come:
 - Tutorial my very first if I ever get there to make raglan fleece jackets
 - A bedroom reveal, yes bit by bit I have worked on MEC's bedroom. It is really good that the pair of kiddos are getting along really well and they are not screaming to be separated because well it is a slow process.... But I am in the process of making some roman shades yay but forgot to take pictures of the steps booh...
 - Working on the kids summer wardrobe
 - Working on a couple tops for myself.

Pfff maybe these will all be posted in a year or so.
Thanks for stopping by, dinner is here.

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