Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KCWC Day 1 and 2

Over the week end I was so excited about the challenge that I actually did quite a lot of sketches and looked at fabric and such... these will be posted later. I also did make a skirt for MEC but more on this later....
Today lets talk about KCWC Day1:
I wish I could say that Monday night I was all giddy with excitement and raced to my overflowing dining room table sewing table. After a full day of work followed by the usual evening routine mayhem I wasn't super motivated. Nonetheless I did go grab two pants and transformed them on long shorts. One of the pair comes from the Childrens Place the other I made a while back. The first time I washed them I learned the hard way why it is always recommended to prewash the fabric. They lost about 2 inches in length

Since this project wasn't much of a challenge I decided to give the double needle a try

Since I didn't plan very well I had to do two hems. I do like the resulting look. MAC liked it a lot too

Day 2: Repurposing a pair of cords into longer shorts for MAC and repurposing a Naartje dress into a dress for MEC.
I was able to grab an old pattern I drafted to make MAC shorts. Of course since I plan really poorly I will have to be a bit creative with the bottom hem. But at least the shorts are cut and pinned. I just need to sew just a bit tomorrow since I was able to keep most of the existing hems.

No I wasn't wrapping present. I use old wrapping paper to draft my pattern. The rest of the evening was spent drafting and cutting the pieces for the dress. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the process but here is a sketch.

Bouquet of roses from my front yard are perfect to finish this post.

 Stay tuned for more projects...

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