Sunday, December 9, 2012

Patterns, tweaking and working on the fabric stash

A little while ago I swallowed my pride and put my ego in my pocket and bought a couple of patterns for the kids. After a fail attempt at making the knotted shorts for my little girls, and botching another couple project I decided that well I didn't have the time to learn how to make kids patterns properly. I just have a limited amount of time to sew.
So after browsing etsy for a while I purchased three patterns from lily bird studio.

After a long break from sewing I decided to make the Summer Blouse with some Anna Maria Horner voile I bought a while back. MEC likes indigo blue.

The pattern was easy to print and follow. I will definitely purchase other patterns from her and I have to say it was quick to make and thus very rewarding.

Since I am not the best at sticking with direction or what someone tells me to do, I decided to tweak the pattern a bit and make a night gown using the same pattern. The inspiration was a night gown I saw at a pottery barn kids.

I had some Princess Tianna Flannel and could either make a pj or a night gown. MEC asked for a night gown. 
This is what I had to do:
  • I had to make a shirt placket (didn't know the name at the time) instead of the button down front
  • I had to lengthen the sleeves
  • I had to make a round collar instead of the ruffles.
  • I had to lengthen the bottom part of the shirt to be a night dress
Not overly complicated but not a straight sew either.
Sew a Straight Line sewing series provided the explanation I needed to figure out the shirt placket and the collar. I made up the pattern for those two pieces so they weren't perfect. I also didn't remove the 1inch of the front piece used to make the button holes and button side in the original shirt pattern.
I was going to attempt my first tutorial but I'm sorry to say I didn't take enough pictures and I don't have the time to put the post together. Maybe one day soon.

It came out a bit crooked at the collar but not bad for a first tweak. She loves it because it flannel and thus really comfy.

The next project was a knit shirt with a contrasting collar and shirt placket. It had the original puffy sleeves although I'll make a pleat next time. For this shirt, I made the necessary adjustment to the front piece after my oversight on the night gown. I also adjusted the collar and the placket pieces.
She loved it so much that I didn't get a chance to add the buttons.

What I like about sewing with a pattern is that I can really easily whip multiple size of the same project.
Yes I won't lie even though I'm pretty stoked with the result it wasn't one of my creation. I'm weird that way ah well.
That didn't stop me from purchasing a bunch of basic patterns from Blank Slate Patterns so stay tuned for some more sewing......

In the works: The blazer from Blank Slate Patterns, coming up a bunch of flannel pjs and then more..... I'm happy I'm going through my stash of fabric which means only one thing I get to buy more fabric !!!!!
The best of all is that MEC is totally excited and she is actually asking for stuff now. I think I got her at the if I make you clothe I spend less on clothe and I can buy some more shoes ;)

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