Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Projects

One of my goal this year was to post more of my sewing projects. Unfortunately, I find myself more often than not at my desk to write a post and then scrambling to get the pictures of my phone etc...
So until I streamlined the process you won't have many posts.

However I thought I would share some of the patterns I have already purchased and some I'm planning to purchase.

A few month ago I bought a bunch of the Blank slate patterns and started making projects. I am almost done with a blazer for my son, I used her vintage tee pattern as a starting point to make fleece for the kids. I am using it again to make PJ top along with the PJ bottom from the christmas pj pattern.
Unfortunately I haven't mastered the neck quite yet.

Just a couple of weeks ago I have expanded my kids pattern collection.
First I purchased two patterns at Clever Charlotte. I chose the summery ones as we are exiting the cold here in Southern California.

Then, I splurged over at Oliver and S and bought the following 4 patterns, I would not be surprised if I have another one lurking in my inbox that I completely forgot about.

Next step I'd like to start sewing for myself and will shortly buy the following patterns from WikstenSewhaholic and make it perfect, I saw a lot of versions of those tops on the various blogs I follow and I really like how they turn out. Now we will see how it works for me.

Now I have to finish the christmas pj I was supposed to give a month ago and maybe I will be able to start on some of those projects soon!

Also a lot of babies are popping around me so I think there will be some baby gifts as well.

Now if I could only figure out how to easily post the pictures that I take of the project I make along with the post that will be grand!

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