Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Music Love

I thought I would take a minute off of work to list a few current music favorites:

  • The XX is a group I discovered a several months ago with their no-lyrics piece "Intro". I have "The XX" radio station on Pandora. I heard Fiction yesterday on Suits (awesome show btw) and it's one of my Fav!
  • Other new addition is Lana Del Rey discovered when watched MIB III. I love the song from Pitbull Back in time. One of the female singer has a similar voice than Lana Del Rey.
  • Finally if you are into fun and corky lyrics I encourage you to listen to the latest album from Train "California 37". Favorites include "Drive By", "Mermaid", "50 ways to say goodbye".
If you come by my cube and see me rock in front my screen chances are I'm listening to this music!
Happy coding.

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