Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday evening ramblings

I did it, I mustered the courage to go for a run this morning despite my lack of sleep, despite the fact that I had a piece of french toast an hour before and the heat starting to rise up. It was slow but nonetheless I ran my 3.5 miles with a little break at the end!
Besides that I was looking for a ticker since I think I'm committed in my head to run the Carlsbad half marathon. I still can't decide since I've been wanting to run a half marathon for the past 6 years without making it past the wishful thinking. Maybe this time since I'm surrounded by women who did run a half marathon I will actually be able to do it... Anyways as I was browsing the internet I stumbled on a praise to moms starting by before I was a mom .... I thought I would write a few lines about motherhood since it is a big part of my life having two wonderful children of 4 and almost 2....

So here it is
Before I was a mom I slept 10 hours straight...
Before I was a mom I only made round pancakes now they are race cars, boats, trains etc...
Before I was a mom my husband didn't make very yummy chocolate chip cookies
Before I was a mom I didn't have to sing (off key I might add) because my son demanded it every night for a few month
Before I was a mom I didn't have to leave work abruptly...
Before I was a mom we didn't have to bring the class pet rabbit home who is now running all over the house I can hear him running around and wonder if he is pooping all over the place... Hmmm I'll have to clean the floors tonight.

Since I am a mom I've still been able to shower every day, cook nice meal which turned out to be one of my creativity outlet eventhough I now start at most of the time after 8:30pm.

I love being mom eventhough it isn't always easy to juggle family, work, home and all the things I like to do.

It isn't always easy but it sure is rewarding and fun!

Now off to cooking my saussage risotto yum!

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