Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tragedy of shopping

So I went online to this website called, within seconds I found my style under the section haute mama. Hey why not I'm a mama maybe not a haute mama but who knows... I quickly narrow down my style: modern sophisticated in other word classic chic classic but not too boring or so I wish. Finally after a quick browsing I found:

the purse I've been looking for

a really cute dress

a nice pair of shoes....

Price tags 675$, 628$ and 425$! At that point I reluctantly closed the browser and went back to my code.
Unfortunately two daycare payments and a mortgage in beautiful San Diego are taking care of most of our spare change.
And then if any desire of splurging survived the financial dilemna the voice of reason starts its little serenade do you really need a 650$ purse you already have 3 that you hardly rotate, don't you need a pair of pants a jacket and a pair of shoes etc... So I think I will revisit this beautiful site and browse the trend and then go to the sale section of my other favorite sites JCrew, Banana Republic, Max Studio and try to get the same style at a more reasonnable price...

But darn that purse was beautiful and now the Marc by Marc Jacob purse at 430$ seems almost cheap in comparison ahahahah.
The tragedy of shopping!

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