Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just do it!

For those of you who wonder how I keep motivated.
I said a while while back that I would run a half marathon before I'm 35! That was 7 years ago. In the last year a lot of little events played a key role in my motivation first there was this doctor who simply stated that I was the perfect candidate for a Nike add, he basically said just shut up about it and just DO IT. It made me realize it was very true I was so scared of failing of not being able to run 13 miles that I didn't even try.
Then Jessica started training for the La Jolla half marathon and moreover I started going to the gym with her and that's where our friendship started, not over lunch some place but at the gym or running outside both of us listening to our tunes.
The last thing was reading a journal that I wrote 7 years ago about how I would like to run the Carlsbad half marathon.
So here I am training for the Carlsbad half marathon, however I decided to start training 20 weeks before the race itself because I want to keep it up even when the race is over. Trust me it isn't always easy to motivate to go for a 10 miles run when the kids are asleep and that a nap would be very welcome, but just thinking that Jessica will go for her run and that I said I would run at least 8 miles that day is enough motivation for me to put my sneakers and go.

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