Monday, December 1, 2008

A little crazy...

Why do I promise the kids a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting on a monday nigh? Probably because I did promise one yesterday evening and my post run nausea kept me in no mood of cooking.
So when I got home tonight things were a little more crazy than usual. So here I am cleaning the kitchen, then starting the kids dinner and making a vanilla cake from scratch. Making the cake itself is nothing it is just the mess, the kids crying and asking for attention that is a little tough to handle. I didn't make the frosting. Since cake in France don't have frosting I never had to learn and never quite had the time. I will try very soon.
So although I cleaned my kitchen thoroughly yesterday morning it only lasted for about 2 hours and is back to a really dirty state which bugs the heck out of me.

This week's menu is going to be interesting since my trip to Von's yesterday wasn't inspired at all and I didn't even make it to the produce section! ahahah and of course I won't have time to hit the store this week so I'll make do...
We will probably have some fish one night, some pasta probably with roasted onions and porciutto, some tamales from Trader Joes, we will go out or go pick up some sushi and finally we will either have potstickers, raviolis or pirogis with a salad here and there and that will bring us to Saturday when I will go to Trader Joes for my weekly grocery trip
Tomorrow will be interval training which I will probably do in the evening since I have a parent teacher conference for Maia.
To end this random post we need to buy the kids christmas gift since we will be celebrating our christmas next friday and things need to get to the house before then.

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JV said...

What a great mommy! Honey, you don't make frosting, you BUY it. Well, I buy it, anyway. Ask Michigan, she knows how to make it!