Monday, January 19, 2009

All about the fine prints....

Since I have a hard time buying shoes in this country in regular stores I started shopping online.

My first try was a success. So I decided to do it again but this time I got reminded that I shouldn't rush into buying until I read the full description of the item I bought.

This is the shoe I chose for my daughter. Moving away from the pink or purple.

When I took the shoe out of the box the little white plug on the side surprised me but I thought hmm ventilation. Then my daughter put the shoe on and that is then I thought a- who is the moron who design that shoe, b- Dam I need to read description more carefully c- how am I going to fix this before school tomorrow without a drama....
Why you may wonder because according to the description of this lovely shoe:
" Not only does it look adorable, it sounds adorable, too. Its super-soft leather upper is embellished by scalloped trim and flower appliqu├ęs. Its cushy footbed is outfitted with a fun squeaker: She'll be over the moon every time she takes a step."
The thing they forget to mention is yes my little girl loves the squeaker whereas I can't stand it anylonger and she has had the shoe for 1 minute!!!!! A stealth commando intervention is in order tonight and the squeaker will no longer be!

I am still completely baffled by the stupidity of the designer this sound is the most annoying sound in the world. It is a dog toy on which you step every time you are walking! I am sure that the designer of that shoe won the price of the most annoying item. I thought light shoes were bad!

But the squeaker is no more. It lasted a whole 2 hours before I unplugged the damm thing and threw it in the trash. My little girl will be disappointed tomorrow but I'm sure her teacher will be delighted.
The joy of shopping online!


Bunny said...

oh my god worst invention ever!! throw it out the window!!

JV said...

OMG, once, my mom brought some of those home from the Philippines for the Bear and I thought I was gonna go crazy!!! Kids love 'em... adults... not so much.