Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gotta post

Arghhh it has been sooo long since my last post and so much happened since then that I don't know how to tackle it. I decided to get back in the groove by posting a short post on the current thoughts.
1- What is wrong with the weather??? I mean it is great and all to be able to walk around in shorts and tank top in mid january but I'm running the half marathon in Carlsbad in 13 days and I don't do well when it is hot!!!!
2- Speaking of the Carlsbad half I'm slightly anxious since I didn't run as much during the holiday break. Not because I was lazy but because I had a bronchitis and a start of a stomach flu!!! I ran twice since I got back on wednesday evening a 3 mile run with Jess on Friday which went very well. Then the next day saturday, I attempted a longer run on Saturday. That was an absolute catastrophie since I gave up at mile 1.5! I just could not run. Probably a combination of the Santa Ana winds, my body not being used to run at 76F when it got used to run at 30F , maybe some jetlag ;) So I am shooting for an easy 20 min on the treadmill tomorrow, a 4-5 miles on tuesday a 5-6 on thursday and a longer run next week end 7-10. Then two easy 3-4 miler during the week. Then we will see, at least I can say I did what I could, I don't feel like I slaked off so be it!
3- On a totally different subject, the low interest rate for mortgage threw us in a whirlpool of thoughts and ideas. One of which is to refinance our current house. It is really nice but also we know that we won't stay there forever unless something bad happens we are ready to move out in the next 5 years. The other is to look at other options in the same neighborhood. We have a house in sight so we will see what happens.
4- Lastly I don't know what happened over the holiday probably our constant activity and the good but somewhat lighter food from my mom but I dropped 2-3lbs. We will see if I can keep it off and maybe drop a little more.
5- Last but not least I delivered Jessica's flowers. From the compliments I believe that I came through. I am very very glad that I was able to bring my personal touch to this beautiful wedding. I am also very thankful for Jessica to take up an offer from someone she barely knew. This is something that I waited for for a while. I will post in more details on the day leading to the wedding with pictures and all.

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Bunny said...

everyone thought the flowers were stunning. oh and our professional pictures should be ready for viewing tomorrow!! i'm sure there will be great shots of your creations. i'm also glad i took a chance on you since not only did i get beautiful flowers but i got to be good friends with you! ok enough mushy stuff...