Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Low follows high

The high was to complete a half marathon. This victory has left me emotionally drained. I have carried that wish, toy with this idea for about 7 years and now that I've succeeded what!
On monday I had the blues and my IM buddy wasn't there to chat with me. Tuesday was a bit better but being stuck on a problem at work kindof deflated me. Today was the day though, I finally blasted through this issue at work and the blues has left me.

However my body needs to exercize I do feel really lazy not doing anything but very tired nonetheless. I will start by a bike ride on saturday or sunday then back to my crazy workout routine.

Monday rest, tuesday run, wednesday swim, thursday run, friday off, saturday bike, sunday run. My goal is to try to maintain a 15-20 mile running week!

I also have to start studying for a CS exam. Since I have an all biology education and 7 years of programming experience in an academic environment in a scripting language. In short in means not much for my career unfortunately. Thus, if I want to advance and make any progress in my field I need to educate myself. Why did I chose a field which changes so much!!!!
This only means that I have to be more productive at night. Two nights a week instead of watching our favorite show I just need to study a little.

Sometimes I just want to retire from my somewhat intelectual job and give way to my more creative side. Unfortunately I know I will miss the intelectual side of things! Are we ever happy!
Speaking of which, someone saw the wedding flowers I did for Jess and wants me to make theirs. I think I'll give them a proposal and we will see where it goes.

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