Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last triathlon of season

Yeah yeah training and racing again. I swear to you have some other interest in my life. So tomorrow is my last triathlon of the season. I have been a nervous wreck for the past couple of days because of course I'm hoping and wanting to do well! Anyways I'm in the tunnel so cross your fingers.

This morning went on a playdate with the kids to see a friend in Encinitas. Always pleasant to chat with friends while sipping coffee while the kids beat on each other ;) After that we went to the new Corvette Dinner. It was really nice and we had a great time. The kids got balloons, love the new location and the ambiance. A little spaz for me but hey great afternoon.

B went surfing this morning then ran 6.3M and finished the day with a mountain bike ride!

MAC needs to do homework so 3-4 times a week we sit down together for 15 minutes and go through it. He has a journal in which he has to write entries. He can draw something and label it by sounding the letters in the word and writing them down. We are having a lot of fun. He had the halloween theme, with a ghost, a bat, and a Jack'o Lantern. It took two trys to get Lantern, then we had the charger's theme with the lightning bolt, the chargers (charjrs) and today he wrote "I sa a green corvet." I love seeing the evolution. He is learning so fast right now. He can now sound and read with a little help small words like CAKE, PIANO.
I also notice his progress in swimming. Anyways I find it fascinating.
MEC is following close behind and since she doesn't want to be left out she learns how to trace her letters while MAC does his homework. She can write A and M all over the place and she is now tracing a lot of letter pretty well.

We have been also reading a lot. We go through about 2-4 books per night. B has also started reading "Charlie and the chocolate factory". MAC loves it, every night he takes the book out so B can read another chapter. It so reminds me of the time my dad was reading us stories!
So tomorrow up at 4:00 am to be down at Fiesta Island at 5am secure a good transition spot. My wave starts at 7:12. A lot of the girls I know will be down there cheering us and it is sooo nice. B and the kids will be cheering from the house!

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