Friday, October 2, 2009

Pain, agony but fun

Yeah why each time I have a run date with B I'm up for some pain, agony and fun. By the way you did read correctly a run date is our latest. It is actually really fun when it isn't pain and agony. So today's flavor of the month, was a 4.5M trail run, my first one.
So a little background, I am super tired. I was sick last week didn't train for a week, started again on Monday and worked out every day since then. I got home and promptly changed in my running gear before I changed my mind. We dropped off the kiddos at the neighbor and started running. Oh boy the first 5 min are always so painful when you are tired. Of course as we approach the trail B tells me oh this run is going to be good for you lots of short, steep hills nothing long. The trail is sandy and I know this is going to be somewhat painful. I tried to get into my groove but it isn't easy on a trail as your rythm changes constantly with the terrain.
Anyways the first hill was painful but I didn't have to stop, the flat was not as forgiving though. I made the mistake to ask B what was our pace the answer 11:15 min/mile pace stopped me on my track. Unfortunately my perceived effort was more like a 9:30min/mile pace. I stopped depressed and a little crushed caught my breath and went back at it. I didn't ask how fast we were going I didn't care I just tried to keep up with B. I had to stop on a couple hills in the middle of the Grand Del Mar golf course but yeah I did complete my 4.5M run.
The run was painful but it was also the most amazing run because it was just plain beautiful. This is why I just love San Diego, I am in a city all day and then paf we are running in nature and then we are on a beautiful private golf course.
Anyways we got rained on at the end of the run which was also great.
Evening ended with a delicious dinner of fresh tomato sauce, olive, cream and mozarella.
Then I went down memory lane and put together three more photobook of our life, one for our amazing trip to Yellowstone, one of our trip to New York and lastly one of our trip to Seattle. The three trips we took besides visiting Montana, Northern California and France!
After a marathon of Stargate and Grey's anatomy yup we gave up Dexter for Greys anatomy. I guess we were just tired of crime shows.

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