Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Need to post

I hate when I'm going to my friend's blog and realize that no new post will distract me from work for 5 min.
Then I realize that I haven't post since a long time either... Sometimes I'm wondering who cares about my training, who cares about what I eat how the kids are doing. But hey I love to read about other's accomplishment, hard day, partying.

So here it goes... After 10 days off training I started again but this time not for a triathlon. I decided to give the Carlsbad Half Marathon a second chance. Eventhough I did finish the race in a decent time I want to improve and also run the whole race. Maybe it will happen maybe not but at least I will prepare for it. I would like to cross the line at 2:05 which is a 9:30 min/mile.
I have to say that sunday while running at noon I was really wondering why did I chose another race, why did I set such an agressive goal.
Anyways in the mean time it will keep me in shape hopefully. So my regimen when I don't weasle my way out of a workout is:
Mon: Off
Tue: Run Interval
Wed: Strength or Swim
Thu: Tempo run
Fri: Easy run
Sat: Bike ride
Sun: Long run

Of course on week 2, I already weasled my way out of my swimming session. I can give a load of good excuses: Life is ectic, I'm tired, I have work to do etc.... But all of these are just bogus excuses!
Still on the training front, I decided to go biking with a coworker and a friend of his. A friend of mine started a website idropboys... She should have the different stages, first the iWishICouldDropBoys, then the iWannaDropBoys etc... well you are getting the picture. I think I'm at the second stage and I hate feeling like I'm just struggling to keep up and they just need to push on the pedals a little harder and I'm left in the dust. Of course my thighs are half theirs and half of mine are fat whereas they are all muscle...
Again excuses excuses but what great motivation when I feel like stopping my runs ;)

I swear training is not my whole life it is just one of the easiest thing to talk about.
Last week end was Halloween. MAC was really eager to decorate the house. I found some ideas online and so we made this big spiderweb with a bunch of black spiders. Then B carved the pumkins. One regular JackOLantern designed by MAC and the second one this weird goggly eyes goofy pumpkin with an alien exploding out of his mouth.
After my painful short bike ride, I proceeded to curl MEC's hair put a little bit of makeup to complete her fairy costume while MAC decked himself out with his Optimus Prime outfit.
We went trick or treating in the neighborhood and finished the evening sharing sushi with friends. It was awsome. No costumes, no parties very very laid back evening.
This will conclude the very exciting life of the coones family ;)

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JV said...

Still gonna do the Carlsbad half, huh? Super woman!