Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The battle of the triads...

I hate title so mine are really figment of my imaginations. Since I'm french I'm pretty sure they don't mean anything most of the time.
This one time though the title reflects the inner struggles that both B and I are facing every day. Being good parents, being good employees and being good to ourselves being the top ones. Why am I back to that subject of ranting... well today was Thanksgiving celebration at both MAC school and MEC daycare. This time I was planning on being a good mom and attend both events but of course I got a meeting scheduled from 10-3pm. So here goes my going to MAC thanksgiving pow wow. At least I sent B who was ranting because of his looming deadlines, the fact that the pow wow was from 10:45am until 12:30pm. I on the other hand left work at 3:15pm because MEC potluck was from 3:30pm until 4:30pm. I know we live in a neighborhood of mostly house mom and as full time (8-6pm monday through friday) working moms are a minority. But hello! Why potlucks and such can't be schedule from 5pm on so that we are not struggling between being great parents and great employees!
I came to the conclusion that B and I are somewhat different from most people. Not different as better but just different maybe just a different way to look at life.

Anyways enough ranting at least one of the parent went to each of the events. I am sure MAC pow wow was more entertaining than my potluck and I'm sad to have missed it.

This work interruption allowed me to come home earlier, drop the kids at the neighbor and go for a run with B. We were supposed to do a 3M tempo run which means a 9:15min/mile pace for me and 8:15min/miles for B. I ended up doing a 3M at 8:50 and B probably 8:15... I hate when I feel I'm hauling ass and keeping up nicely and then B tells me well I'm going to pick up the pace and off he goes as if we were just walking.

So here is the state of affairs. We have some people from work over for dinner tomorrow and for once I am preparing myself ahead of time. I am making a type of boeuf bourguignon where the mushrooms are replaced by some orange zest. This is nice and easy since it goes in the slow cooker overnight. I will be making our favorite Arugula salad to start, then the Daubes with polenta and to finish a type of Chocolate icecream with dried berries and roasted almonds... Still have to cook that one.
Anyways food is on the table.

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