Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From the garden to your plate

From the garden to your plate is something I like to do or at least try. Last year I grew peas in our pocket side garden (this is the space allocated for veggies). I had enough peas for two risottos made with fresh peas and saussage yum yum. MEC even started liking pea after helping me harvest them. Even the gopher enjoyed some too! This year I chose the "blast" or "sink or swim"approach or sink or swim. I also decided to increase the diversity of veggies.... After throwing a germed finger potatoes into the ground and getting these! Aren't they cute, eventhough my mom promised me 1lb of potato for every potota planted I'm not great at estimating weight but I'm pretty sure these don't weigh 1lb. I decided to plant 4 ot 5 bigger germed potatoes, then I threw some yellow squash seeds next to the fence, in hope that they will climb it and decorate it and feed us all in one swoop. Next I threw three different kind of tomato seeds and finally two rows of peas. Behind my herbs (oregano, thyme and sage) will go some swiss chard and probably something else... I will throw some arugula as well as butternut squash... In the meantime, using the herbs in my garden I prepared this pork loin

Here is the recipe:

  • 1 pork tenderloin open in the middle (not cut through but more like butterflied)

  • mushroom (white, or portobello or crimini)

  • blue cheese

  • bunch of oregano

  • bunch of sage

  • bunch of thyme

  • bunch of rosemary

  • 1 glass of white wine

  • garlic choped.

Cut the tenderloin in the middle to open it NOT to cut it in half. Dice the mushrooms, then mix them with some blue cheese (you don't need much), the herb all chopped and the garlic. Put the herb mixture on top of he pork, add a bit of olive oil and a glass of wine and cook it in the oven until done (about 45min at 390)...

Serve with some roasted potatoes like the little one above cooked as such

Quarter the fingerling potatoes skin on, put in an ovenproof dish, sprinkle with coarse salt or normal salt and some olive oil and cook in the oven until crispy.

Enjoy with a glass of white wine or red.

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