Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick recap

What has been happening in my life lately.... Lots of work, family time while my parents were visiting. Lots of sewing, dunno why all of a sudden I fell in love with my sewing machine! I mean it has been sitting there for the past 10 years! But I'm loving the feeling of creating of figuring things out! It is just so fun, I'm like a kid at Christmas time!
While I tackled the chair slip cover also known as the "vagina chair" for its color, I also decided to wrap up a few projects. So here is what I've made in the last few weeks...
- Slip cover for my super duper comfy wing-back chair first craigslist purchase thanks CG!
- Floor pillow for some of the lighter weight people in our household (need to rethink the filling)
- A dress for MEC from one side of the top part of an existing dress...
- two skirts
- One top
Pfff... Lots of projects done lots more to go and maybe some news to come if I bite the bullet!

Well you might think what happened to the training well you see creativity and training are quite mutually exclusive in my current life! So training was pretty much non-existent for the past 3 weeks. It puts me to shame when the pregnant stud ladies mind you are working out twice to three times more than me!
We are working on changing that and finding a good balance between training and creating.
Sunday I went for a ride with a friend nothing duper exciting just a little 18-20M bike ride around Rancho Santa Fe, today I went for a measly 3M confidence booster run. I will work my way back to a 5-7 day workout per week!

Finally the vegetable patch is growing, we have a few potatoes showing their foliage, about 10 yellow squash seeds have taken a lot more tomatoes and some peas too.... I will have to work on the yard as my approach was put as many seeds as possible and see what grows!

My parents have left and so the excuse of missed workouts and the laundry and cleaning up fairy!

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