Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pictures are worth a 1000 words

they are ready now...

Floor pillow I made with some fabric I fell in love with a while back. I used fiberfill for this... it is very fluffy but if you weigh more than 50lb you feel like you are sitting on the floor. I will have to redo it using foam or some other filler. The kids love it though.

This is my new love or should I said renewed love since I bought this with money I got for our wedding. I made a slip cover because I couldn't stand the pattern on our hand me down couch.

This is a skirt I am making for the daughter of a friend of mine. Her favorite color is purple and she loves dragon. I'm going to finish off the skirt with some pockets and embroid a dragon for her.

This is the stack of fabric waiting for me... and I have a few more things stashed away or old clothe waiting to be cut and reused. But I have to say lots of fabric but little $$. Joann's had some fat quarter for 99 cents each and well I use two for a skirt! I found tons and tons of linen I bought 10 years ago... Along with some so so fabric I bought for making a quilt seriously what was I thinking maybe I can use that to make baby boy pants.... We shall see

This is the second skirt I made for MEC. The fabric was very flashy at the store but one the skirt made it turned out super cute. I need a bit of practice with the pockets. I also seriously need to improve my picture taking cuz well you don't really see anything here!
And voila ...
I think next I will finish the dress I started for MEC, then will decorate a white tee shirt for MAC, I want then to prepare a few gifts for baby showers and maybe make a top for myself pfff Wait I need to take a deep breath every 3 sentences or so.... I guess I should apply that on my blog as well.... So much to do ideas are popping in my head like fireworks. I have a few interesting reads that fuel my creativity and help me improve my sewing "made by Rae" and "Made" and all the other blogs I discover through them. Maybe one day I will give back, but for right now I will soak up all the tips and tricks that I can.

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tomorrow will take care of itself said...

I love the fabric in the floor cushion!