Friday, July 1, 2011

Challenge two weeks later

Well the challenge was up to a rough start and the first week nothing happened. I guess I needed to settle into the new family rhythm. B was sick as well which didn't help.
This week was much much better:
- Sunday was a mountain biking session with B and the neighbor. It was really funny to see the different approach to mountain biking between a woman and a man. Someone told me that woman are wired for self preservation. I was all about trying to keep control of my bike going down hill. Needless to say that I fell because going too slow makes things a bit more unstable.
However I made it to the bottom of the big hill with a huge adreanaline rush.
- Monday was off
- Tuesday was 35min slow run
- Wednesday was 32 min slow run
- Thursday was 1hoo Yoga
- Friday was 45min Master swimming. I never thought I was in any swimming shape. However 4 month without swimming and noodle arm today are telling me that I was indeed in an OK swimming shape.
This week end I'd like to try to go road biking, and running.... We will see where we are!
Next week more running, swimming and yogaing because this puts a smile in my heart!

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