Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long week end

Quick recap of our long week end:
- Beach in the morning until I found myself gasping for air when engulfed by the crowds. Beautiful day though and the kids had a great time.
- First movie in the theater with the family: Cars 2 was fun, MEC spent 25% of the movie in her seat, 50% in my lap playing with her air, talking fidgetting and 25% on her dad's lap. MAC loved the movie.
- Dinner was at Brockton Villa since our favorite sushi place was packed (lack of planning on our part :(). Dinner was OK, but service was slow which on a romantic dinner wouldn't matter much but with two kids melting away from hunger not so fun. Menu was ok nothing great. So Blah....
- Ice cream at Hagen Daz

- Finish up project as in shirts for the graduation of MEC from her preschool... I know I'm late.
- Made some bread with unbleached flour yuck!
- Went for 1h00 run at noon wasn't fast it was hot but i went
- Made some mint chocolate chip ice-cream a flavor I really don't like when store bought but of course loved when made with my little hands
- Flaked for our friends kid birthday celebration, but on a lazy sunday socializing with 40 people we didn't know was too much for the introverts we are....
- Impromptu mexican dinner at the neighbors with lots of wine and margaritas staggered home at 11pm

- National History museum
- Lazy afternoon doing things around the house
- Grocery shopping
- Baked Banana chocolate chip muffins
- Finished the tee-shirts yay I can go on finishing the rest of the stuff so I can start new stuff.
- Watched Dead-zone I wasn't into it at all but it was quite good.
- Folded laundry yay!

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JV said...

You are one of the busiest mamas I know!!!