Sunday, October 23, 2011

Did I really need something new...

I don't know if I really needed a new sewing machine my guess is probably not. However after reading the post from See Kate Sew I indulged in that exact same machine! Yeah I tried to justify it by reminding myself that my singer was bought 12 years ago when I didn't know anything about sewing machine and spending about 140$ on it. Moreover that machine has given me a heck of hard time lately.... so well I coughed up the 170$ for this machine and it arrived last friday!

I did break the finish a project before starting a new one rule. I interrupted the curtain making, since fall did actually start in southern California, to make clothes for the kiddos.
So I got home on Friday and unveiled this baby. I was a bit am completely overwhelmed by the number of stitches, I have used about 3 of them.
So once my work was done, the kids were fed I dug out a project I started a while back. I made a tunic for MEC which is too wide of course but she likes it and it looks kindof cute... Darn McCall pattern!

On Sunday morning I dug through some more stash of fabrics to make some simple dark blue pants for MAC. I have him a choice for the color of his pockets. I think he chose the more abnoxious of all the fabric and the results is interesting. Unlike MEC tunic it is a bit too narrow and a bit too short!
Lessons, I need 1 to 2 inch to the pattern I made from his pants and I need to be careful when making clothes from a store bought pattern.
I have ePattern for my next two projects... I hope the sizing is good.

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