Sunday, November 30, 2008

The end...

The end of a long week end, the end of november, the end of my 7.7 miles run...
This was a busy busy week end but yet relaxing.
On friday we went to Road runner sport to get us both a new pair of running shoes and browse at the cold weather gear.
We did buy shoes but could not bring ourselves to spend 100$ on gear we would use once a year in France.
After that we headed to Jasmine for Dim Sum and spent for 4 what I spent for myself on monday. But full and happy we then headed to Guitar Center for Bryan to a) gawk at guitars, b) see what is there for small kids and c) buy some strings, picks and capo.
It was a little crazy but we of course did see some really nice guitars, the kids had fun and we found all what was needed.
Then we headed back home where Solana, Amber and Chris arrived as we walked through the door and we played at the park.
Finally the kids watched a movie, ate went to bed, I made us some tomato soup one of my favorite recipe from Williams sonoma followed by the chocolate cake we didn't have the night before. Bryan made me watched pan's labyrinth which was a good movie but extremely sad and harsh.
Saturday morning Bryan went surfing, I made the kids some french toast, then we went to the park. When Bryan got back I went on my bike ride by myself and went for a long one 21 miles. It was nice except that I fell well tipped over would be more appropriate ;)
After that famished we ran to Roberto's for a quick burrito and drove home where Jessica and Ryan were waiting for us. Ryan set up his drums in the garage and Bryan played on their really nice electric guitar and tried to sing. The poor thing we could barely hear him.
Miles decided to jam with the grown up too so he borrowed some drum sticks and set us various buckets around him and banged on them. It was really cute and I think I will buy him an electronic toy set for christmas.
I took my flute out and played with Jessica and I really hope that we will be able to play but sadly I first have to have my flute fixed one of the pad isn't closing properly.
That evening was relaxing.
This morning I decided that the kitchen had to be cleaned... So I cleaned while the kids were playing and Bryan was sleeping in. Once it was all shiny I made pancakes, talked to my mom. Then we decided that we needed a christmas tree.
We came back I wipped something for lunch put the kids to bed and I was off for my run.
I broke my weekly high at 19 miles and my monthly high at 60.8 miles ! The run was a little tough maybe because I ate only 1 hour before!!!!
Now I need to stretch a little, take a hot shower. The kids are still asleep and Bryan went for his run.

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