Monday, July 27, 2009

quick update

I have been wanting to post but it is late and I'm tired... So just a very quick post to say, I finished my second triathlon Solana Beach tri. The swim was brutal, of course after 4 month of flat ocean a big swell had to appear out of nowhere just in time for the triathlon. Surf entry and exit in 4-5 foot wave not fun at all. Thanks to Brian Long for being my swim buddy that day and dragging my butt out and then back to the beach. The rest went decently well, I am waiting for the splits and more time for a more in depth report! I manage to finish 49/88 of my age group at 1:20:34 I wouldn't be surprise if I got out of the water 78/88.
I am taking the week off, I'll try to go run once or twice. After that I will get ready for the last triathlon of 2009, thank god it is in the bay, no chance of a big swell right ;)

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