Monday, July 6, 2009


Too late to post! Short version of the week end. We left Thursday early afternoon, after b hooked us up with iPhone. 6 hours later 20 are we there yet, about 300 miles of straight, deserted roads and 40 degrees later we arrived in havasu city. After putting the kids to bed we kicked off a week end of leasure, food and beers. Because of the heat 114 during the day and 90 at night we could be either found in the pool, reading by the side of the pool or reading inside! The kids enjoyed themselves. Watching them jump from the diving board their floaties making them pop out of the water like bobbers was priceless.
40 degrees cooler rested and a few pounds heavier we are back to the grind and training and healthy eating! Although since it is midnight morning trainer session has been moved to the evening. Just so I can hear MEC saying while touching my bike pants " you going on a ride" when I answer yes she continues in the backyard? Yes I have been putting my trainer in the backyard!
It is late, my eyes are watering from fatigue and I can't type ony phone anymore so good night!

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JV said...

I love the mental image of kids diving popping up with floatees... truly priceless!