Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sooo busy sooo little to report

I haven't posted in ages. Time has been flying by at Mach 3 or even 5 speed. So since I have been dropping the kids off and picking them up I feel like my life has all of a sudden filled up. Maybe it is because the whole family leaves at 7:50 in the morning and is home at 6:15pm! Maybe with the summer being there the kids want to either play in the park or in the pool that we have in the backyard. We bought one of those 8feet pool and it is awsome.
Maybe it is training, or all the work I have to do, or just being a mom and all.
Anyways training does keep me sain by helping me releasing all that tension.
My training is a little out of wack. I am tapering this week since my next sprint is this sunday. I was all prepared for the woopie 1/4miles swim, 9M bike ride and 3M run before B told me about this big deep swell coming. I mean come on surf has been flat since march. Like Lake Torrey Pines flat, and the day of my triathlon with ocean swim the waves may be as big as 8ft! I am just not happy about that at all. I guess we will have to play it by ear.
Dude two week ends ago I even dragged my butt out of bed at 5am for a TCSD club beginner race. I realized that I was really a slow swimmer ah well, a bike with potential and a decent runner. I have to admit as the race approaches, my high dreams of beating my times are evaporating and at this point I just want to do the best I can and just have fun! Will I improve will I not is a big question! If I do great, if I don't well at least I tried!

The next race is October 17th, and back to a bay :)
We also had a unpleasant news as the church in our backyard (well not really in our backyard but just outside of it) started the construction of their community center. When we bought the house 4-5 years ago I remember quite well that this building wouldn't affect us but of course it will. We weren't too happy to know that a big 28ft tall building would be erected right outside our windows. I believe the most frustrating thing is that we can't even pack up and leave. We simply can't sell and afford a new house at this time. I hate hate feeling trapped.
On that note I am going to bed cuz I am really really tired.

On the house side, I have been cooking a lot. I have picked a lot of tomatoes from my poor ratty looking tomato plants. I can't figure out if they have too much or too little water. My herb garden is doing really well and I have been using thyme, oregano and basil yum yum.
Next year I will try other vegetables!

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