Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I don't even remember when I last blogged. But I am sure I can safely start at my training. I have spent so much time figuring out the balance of my week. How I should train, how many time I should train what etc... to finally just put it all in the trash because 1- these days I just can't get up in the morning 2- Since I'm not putting so much volume I can safely train every day and the recovery week I can give myself one or two days off.
My weekly training will look like that: Monday swim 1500yds min, Tuesday run 4-5 M, Wednesday strength training, Thursday bike 45min or 60M, Friday swim 2000yds, Saturday bike 120 min or 90 min, Sunday run 6-7M.
Every 4 weeks I will have a recovery week where I decrease all activities.
After brain stormin torturing my brain on how to improve speed, talking to people to death about that I realized that in the early stage of triathlon or any other endurance sport what matters is the best. Just get your miles in even at a slower pace and improvement will follow.
Besides that, B's brother, his girlfriend and their lab puppy came to visit us. We had a blast I love watching the kids interact with their uncle/aunt/grandparents. They also had a blast with the dog. She was the cutest thing.
B's cousin was also in town and the cousin living in San Diego spent most of the week ends with us. In short we ate a lot, drank a lot and had a great time. I did manage to get a 2H00 bike ride with a trigirl. I had an absolute blast. It was fun we chatted a lot of the way but still managed to get a good workout.
On Sunday we went surfing and after 11 years living in San Diego and multiple surfing experiments I stood up on my board. In the white water but still. B bought a new long board for the family and us and it was really fun.
Monday I went for a run with B 3.5M at 9:30 min/mile pace. I always have that 2 min where I give up on the run about half way through. This is what I have to work on.
On tuesday everyone left so we were back to our little unite and it was nice. Of course I have a ton of work and MEC was sick this afternoon. She seems to be doing OK right now but who knows how long that is going to last.
BTW I haven't been able to go swim since Solana....

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