Thursday, August 20, 2009

runner's high

So last week I had an awsome run with my friend. I have the cooler temperature in the evening are so welcomed by me. I am definitely a cooler weather runner. This week I diligently went back to my training. I decreased the load though because I honestly cannot get up at 6am when going to bed at 11:30pm. I can't go to bed earlier when the kids are in bed at 8:30 and we don't have dinner until 9pm.
So I decided instead to spread it out therefore I have something to do every day and if I'm courageous well I can always to a double day. So Monday I went back to the pool after a 4 weeks stop. I think the Solana Beach triathlon and the awfully hard swim somewhat scared me and I have been avoiding the water. I think I was low on sugar eventhough I had a small (tiny some may say) before going. When I got out of the water I was seriously nauseous. I managed to swim 1200 yards in 30min.
Tuesday I was planning on going for a run with JE. She bailed on me and Pawel invited me to celebrate his birthday at his favorite mexican place with other coworkers. Since I'm usually totally asocial by lack of time I decided to postpone my run to thursday and do a trainer workout that evening instead. So here I am eating like a pig instead of working out but it was really nice. I couldn't believe that place though, they serve california burrito the size of someones head! I settled for one carne asada taco a little bit of bean.
That evening I was only able to put in 35min of my planned 45min session but my heart beat was in the 90% Heart rate zone most of the time.
In the meantime I got convinced to sign up for an aquathlon on thursday night. An aquathlon consists of 1000 meter swim at La Jolla Shores followed by a 3Mile run. I didn't feel like going but I know that in order for me to get better I need to get out there. Force myself out of my comfort zone. On the bright side I was going to be with some of my trigirls friend. Since thursday was going to be a swim and a run I decided to take the day off especially because I was going to have lunch with my friend D. Unfortunately she cancelled on me and I was going to go to the gym for a strength session when Bunny walked in my cube and invited me to lunch. Since she moved out of the "guetto building" I have barely talked to her so I eagerly accepted the evite and had a great sushi lunch! Late last night Mec woke up with a fever so I knew my aquathlon was jeapordized since I would have to share the day with B. I ended up working from home the whole day. B wanted to go for a run so we decided that we would go together and he would push the double stroller. Then we decided that it was time for Mac to bike while we run. So the caravan started B in the front with Mec in the stroller. Mac followed on his bike chattering away and I closed the procession. We started at a good pace of 9:15-9:30 min/miles. We ended up running 3.5M at probably 9:30-9:45 min/miles pace. It was awsome not only I didn't feel that tired but it was so awsome to be with the whole family. I think we are going to make that a weekly routine! Did I mention that today I really didn't want to go for a run, I was really tired and sluggish. I don't know what kind of day tomorrow will be since I don't think Mec will be ready to go back to school all I know is that I will make the time to do something for 30-60 minutes ;)
On another note, a friend of mine from work gave me a set of wheels for my bike and since I rather have an extra back wheel to use on my trainer. I bought a rear cassette which arrived on monday. Of course I don't know anything about bikes I needed tools to be able to install the darn thing on the wheels and then the wheels on the bike. I think I'm going to bring the whole thing to a bike store and have the guy show me and teach me a little bit more. In the mean time I'm going to have to fix my first flat before this week end bike ride. I will also try to make an appointment to look into putting aerobars on my bike!
All in all my training is puttering along. I'm keeping the consistency trying to add volume when I can but foremost I try to enjoy myself while pushing myself a little and live that busy life of ours in harmony. All I can say is that when I feel tired, cranky, depressed it usually happens the day I haven't worked out and it means I need to go do something anything!

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JV said...

It seems that you ARE getting faster and building a ton of endurance... good job! I feel like I haven't seen you in person in ages... Girls' lunch soon?