Thursday, August 6, 2009

Short maybe long summary

So what has been happening in my life those past few days. I still haven't replaced my sunglasses. As I mentionned earlier I saw the perfect pair of Oakleys but the color I like is only available in polarized and I hate to spend an extra 55$ for lenses that I'm not gonna use anyways.

On top of it I have been thinking about doing Lasik for my eyes to avoid spending a fortune each time I need a new look or I misplace/break my glasses. I haven't made a decision and I do really need a new pair of sunglasses.
Last thursday I took my day off hoping to be able to fit in a 2H00 ride ahahah if running around packing is considered a ride then yes. I did manage to go to a bike store and talk to one of the guys. I felt like I had a big $ sign tattooed on my forehead kindof like I show up at a mechanics. I was asking about upgrading my bike a little and putting aerobars. I have talked to a lot of people and they all recommend it. Now I'm all excited.
So we left that day to visit my father in law in the Shasta Valley which is just off the 5 freeway about 13H00 from here. We flew to Redding arrived there at 10pm. We spent most of our time there in the swimming pool. The kids had a total blast and spent some quality time with their grandfather, the cats, looking at the vegetable garden (so jealous) and the chickens. On the last day we went to the Shasta mountain to go walk a little bit and we saw the end of a century ride... The end was going up the mountain about a 14M climb but so beautiful. I was drooling with envy. I don't think I'm in good enough shape to make that climb just yet but it looked very appealing.
Then we went to dinner in the best Thai/Vietnamese/Laos place ever smack in a small town. We flew back the next day, arrived at home after 11pm.
Since then life is back to its crazy self. After a week off training, I'm trying to figure out my training strategie for my next event in October. I was all about improving my speed like every single person out there. After bending a few peoples ear about how to train to get faster yadi yada I decided to just focus on building up the pace and strength. If I do all this then speed will come. This is what I am going to attempt:
week 1: 1-2Swim/3Bikes/2Runs/1Strength
week 2: 1-2Swim/2Bikes/3Runs/1Strength

My schedule is going to look like that:
Week 1:
Mon Off or easy swimm
Tue Bike AM
Wed Strength (swim AM if not done on Monday)
Thu Bike AM / Run Lunch
Fri Swim
Sat Long Bike
Sun Long Run

Week 2:
Mon Off or easy swim
Tue Run Lunch
Wed Strength (swim AM if not done on Monday)
Thu Bike AM/ Run lunch
Fri Swim
Sat Long Bike
Sun Long Run

If I am very couragous and I feel good I could probably double up both tue and thur and thus have 3B/3R but we will see. For now I would like to do a hill repeat on the weeks I have 3 bike workout and same for the run.
That's the plan. So this morning I got my butt out of bed at 6am to go ride. I did an easy ride because I was dog tired (didn't sleep very well) and thus I was sluggish. I still logged in 11M in 42min. Yesterday strength session left me really really sore. I can't barely move my pecs, bicepts. My inner thighs and abs are sensitive!
Finally to wrap up this lengthy post, we sent the kids to the circus with their uncle. We weren't too sure about this since it is at night, it is their first show besides Seaworld and Disneyland, which were both too loud. They seemed to be all excited and we haven't heard the phone yet.
We are also expecting my brother in law, his girlfriend and their puppy tonight. They will be staying with us through the week end.
Tomorrow I will try to go to the pool (probably at lunch time) saturday I am super excited since I'm going riding with a girl I have been wanting to ride with for a looong time and who has been so supportive and helpful. Yay MK!
Unfortunately other of my friends won't be there but another time RD & Bex.
I am not girlfriend type of girls. I mean I like to talk clothe and fashion but I am so much happier in an art store and now bike store. Bunny was awsome to train with but she went to the dark side of Yoga (jk) where I couldn't follow her and I miss our runs side by side huffing and puffing listening to our music, running together but still in our zone. I think I found a new running partner at Illumina JE and some riding and swimming partners that are into their training but who I can still follow.
One last funny annecdote, on tuesday I was planning on running with JE and I grabbed my sports bra, my running shoes and a towel. As I was looking for my stuff in the car before heading to the gym and change I realized I didn't have shorts! I asked all the girls around for a pair of something Michigan's full trunk only offered a pair of slacks. I wasn't about to give up my run for a forgetful event. As I was heading to Sports Chalet to buy a pair of shorts, a guy that I knew was just finishing his run. Shamefully I asked him if he didn't have any pair of shorts. He offered me a clean pair (not the one dripping off sweat) saying jokingly I hope they will stay on your body. I go to the gym victorious, put the shorts on and to my dismay they fit perfectly!
Some of the Solana Beach pix
This is me coming out of the water after 17min swim for 0.25M 80/88 looking exhausted

This is me on the bike chanting you can do this you know how to do this. I was able to maintain a 16.8mph avg speed.

Finally me crossing the finish line 49/88 and 9:06 min/miles pace for the run!

Stay tune.

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Bunny said...

nice pics!! congrats on the race. you'll be doing an ironman in no time :).