Thursday, August 13, 2009


I know this post is petty but I need to vent.
So if you remember a previous post, I lost my prescription sunglasses the week end of my last triathlon. I had a frustrating trip to Lenscrafters (see previous post) when I found the perfect pair of sunglasses but I had to pay the polarized lenses eventhough I wasn't going to use them. Anyhow, after a few weeks not using sunglasses I finally decided to go back to lenscrafters and buy the darn sunglasses. Well here I am with my prescription credit card in hand but of course now the model I chose is too curved (wrapped around) and thus can't be used with my prescription.
I had to spend 270$ on a frame that I only marginally liked arghhhh.
Since I have been trying to look at the bright side, I didn't spend as much money as I expected and they were ready in an hour.

My other frustrating experience is when I realized that I won't be able to go to both my company picnic party and my son's best friend birthday. One being held in mission beach with no reserved parking from 10-3pm and the other one taking place in Encinitas from 11-2pm.
We had to write a 25$ deposit check to cover the loss in case of a no show. Since I had to cancel pretty late I was expecting to lose that deposit and I was OK with that. As I was going to go pick up my tee shirts since I lost my deposit I was told that since I cancelled I couldn't get my tee shirts. Curious I asked more questions, and I was told that the tee shirts would be given to another family that was on the waiting list. So basically, they found someone to take my spot, so my early cancellation notification prevented any money loss, yet I still lost my 25$ deposit. I know it is only 25$ but on principle I don't find it fair. I shouldn't have lost the 25$ if someone is going to take my spot!

To cap it all off, I went to Von's to do a few errands. Of course I put a bottle of wine and some beers in my cart. Eventhough I will be soon celebrate my 35th birthday I get carded all the time. Of course this time wasn't an exception and I gave my ID. What I didn't expect though is because my drivers license is expired it isn't a valid ID and so my beer and wine went under the counter. I was pissed this is ridiculous it's not like I'm even close of not being 21! The cashier told me that they were open until 1AM to which I answered I wasn't that desperate ;) I know they are just doing their job but come on! I barely have time to work, do my errands, workout and do all the things that I have to do on a daily basis without having to waste 4H00 at the DMV. I did make an appointment but it isn't before like the end of this month! So what I'm going to have to send B do the grocery shopping so that I don't have to go twice!
I know I should not be affected by such petty things. Sometimes when I am tired I have a harder time to shrug things off. This week is one of those week. I do need to keep looking at the bright things because in the end it isn't worth getting depressed/sad over this.


JV said...

Cheer up, Sophie! Stinks about the $25, but on the bright side, the lady thought you looked too young to buy alcohol... That's gotta be pretty cool!

Bunny said...

haha i can't believe you got carded. that's ridiculous